How to Quickly Organize Your YouTube Subscriptions


YouTube has replaced the TV for many mod­ern users, but its inter­face can hard­ly be called ide­al. If you sub­scribe to hun­dreds of chan­nels, find­ing a spe­cif­ic one can be a real chal­lenge.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Google itself does not pro­vide any tools that would allow you to put things in order in YouTube sub­scrip­tions. This is where brows­er exten­sions come in. Per­haps the best of them — Pock­et­Tube.

The exten­sion is avail­able for all mod­ern browsers. More­over, the plu­g­in even works on Android and iOS mobile sys­tems as an appli­ca­tion.

After installing the exten­sion, a new cat­e­go­ry “Sub­scrip­tion groups” appears in the YouTube menu. When switch­ing to it, the user gets the oppor­tu­ni­ty to man­age groups and chan­nels.

First, in the “Groups” tab, you need to cre­ate groups to which you will then dis­trib­ute sub­scrip­tions. Then we go to the “Chan­nels” tab and man­u­al­ly dis­trib­ute the chan­nels into the cre­at­ed groups.

The exten­sion has a paid ver­sion avail­able by sub­scrip­tion through Patre­on. It allows you to cre­ate sub­groups and mark chan­nels with tags. But, as our per­son­al expe­ri­ence shows, even the basic free ver­sion is enough to com­fort­ably man­age sev­er­al hun­dred sub­scrip­tions.

We high­ly rec­om­mend Pock­et­Tube to all those for whom YouTube has become one of the main sources of video con­tent.







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