How to search for files in someone else’s Google Drive storage


Few peo­ple know that the Google Dri­ve ser­vice can be used not only as an indi­vid­ual cloud stor­age, but also as a giant file shar­ing ser­vice with tons of pub­lic con­tent. It is only impor­tant to be able to find this con­tent.

Google Dri­ve stores bil­lions of pub­lic files, but the built-in search only lets you dig into your own stor­age. He does not have access to pub­lic fold­ers of oth­er users.

To fix this, a spe­cial search engine was devel­oped They Dig­gerwhich looks for shared files on all for­eign dri­ves.

It is impor­tant to note that this search engine does not have the intel­lec­tu­al abil­i­ties of Google. That is, it looks for exact­ly what you spec­i­fied, up to one char­ac­ter. So for a pro­duc­tive search, you should not only know what exact­ly you need, but also rough­ly imag­ine how it can be called in the fold­ers of oth­er users.

For exam­ple, if you are look­ing for Pho­to­shop tuto­ri­als, you should enter the query “Pho­to­shop course” — the search engine will return a lot of results. Also De Dig­ger is very con­ve­nient for search­ing for spe­cif­ic soft­ware. Design­ers can use it to find free logos or illus­tra­tions.

Also, from the advan­tages of the search engine, one should high­light a sim­ple inter­face, the pres­ence of fil­ters by file for­mat and search hints (true, Eng­lish).

All in all, De Dig­ger is anoth­er use­ful tool that every­one can use.







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