How to write hidden messages in Telegram chats


Not every­one knows that when com­mu­ni­cat­ing in a Telegram chat, a user can send a mes­sage to a spe­cif­ic list of inter­locu­tors. Oth­ers will not see this mes­sage.

The fea­ture in ques­tion works as a “per­son­al guide” on the forums. It hides a spe­cif­ic mes­sage from pry­ing eyes, pro­vid­ing access to it only to the marked peo­ple.

The func­tion is imple­ment­ed using the Hide­This­Bot bot. Turn­ing to the bot, in gen­er­al chats you can write pri­vate mes­sages to a large num­ber of peo­ple at once. Oth­er chat par­tic­i­pants, includ­ing mod­er­a­tors, will not be able to view or for­ward the sent text.

To send such a tar­get­ed mes­sage to a group of users, you need to use the fol­low­ing for­mu­la:

@hidethisbot ***** @user1 @user2 @user3

Here @hidethisbot — bot acti­va­tion com­mand, ***** - the text of your mes­sage, @user1 @user2 @user3 — a list of users to whom you write. Note that for­mu­la ele­ments are sep­a­rat­ed by reg­u­lar spaces. The @ sign before the name of the bot is required, with­out it the com­mand will not work and your mes­sage will be seen by all those present in the chat.

After enter­ing the for­mu­la, a pop-up dia­log will auto­mat­i­cal­ly appear above the input field, prompt­ing you to select one of two modes — For or Except:

In mode For Only the list­ed peo­ple will be able to see your mes­sage. And in the mode Excepton the con­trary, the mes­sage will be vis­i­ble to every­one except the spec­i­fied peo­ple.







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