Selection of bouquets of flowers according to the sign of the zodiac


Selection of bouquets of flowers according to the sign of the zodiac

There are few peo­ple who are not inter­est­ed in who they are accord­ing to the horo­scope, and what the stars promise them in life. In books devot­ed to horo­scopes for dif­fer­ent signs of the zodi­ac, you can find infor­ma­tion about which col­or is the main one for a par­tic­u­lar sign, which stone can be worn by rep­re­sen­ta­tives of dif­fer­ent signs, and which flower will bring them good luck.
Know­ing which flow­ers are pre­ferred by rep­re­sen­ta­tives of a par­tic­u­lar zodi­ac con­stel­la­tion, you can eas­i­ly choose a bou­quet or com­po­si­tion as a gift and order flower deliv­ery in Odessa, indi­cat­ing the address, date and best time for deliv­ery of the order to the addressee in the appli­ca­tion.


  • Aries
  • Tau­rus
  • Twins
  • cray­fish
  • Lioness­es
  • Vir­gin
  • scor­pi­ons
  • archers
  • Capri­corn


One of the fiery signs, and they them­selves are pas­sion­ate and very char­ac­ter­is­tic natures, tem­pera­men­tal and deci­sive. And it is bet­ter for them to give flow­ers bright, fiery — yel­low and orange, hot pink, bur­gundy, scar­let. Pref­er­ence should be giv­en to ros­es, ger­beras, tulips, anemones, lilies. For a gift on a date, you can present a bou­quet of vio­lets. Aries will be dis­ap­point­ed if they give him flow­ers that are too sim­ple — ordi­nary daisies, dahlias or asters.


They like large flow­ers, which should have a not too intense, but quite per­cep­ti­ble aro­ma. Flower col­or — red, white, pink. Suit­able ros­es, chrysan­the­mums, glad­i­oli. Lilies of the val­ley, for­get-me-nots or snow­drops are also an option for gift­ing flow­ers to Tau­rus. But do not buy bou­quets with dark-col­ored orchids and tulips.


There will be no prob­lems with the choice of flow­ers as a gift for Gem­i­ni, if you know that any flow­ers that are a sym­bol of friend­ship and love will suit them, and there are many such flow­ers. These are pop­pies, daisies, vio­lets, peonies, car­na­tions and ros­es. The col­or range of flow­ers is quite wide. These are white, light yel­low, blue, pur­ple flow­ers. And only orchids are exclud­ed from the list of pos­si­ble gifts.

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Very thin and very sen­si­tive and vul­ner­a­ble crea­tures. They will like the pres­ence of water lilies, callas, lilacs, lilies in bou­quets. A charm­ing bou­quet of del­i­cate snow­drops will also be received with grat­i­tude. But peonies or car­na­tions will be rough for Can­cers.


You should not approach the roy­al Lioness with sim­ple bells, daisies, sun­flow­ers. At best she will be sar­cas­tic, at worst she will be offend­ed. But one huge Ecuado­ri­an rose on a meter stem, dec­o­rat­ed with a sim­ple rib­bon, will be accept­ed by her. A lioness will appre­ci­ate a bou­quet of orchids, and will be delight­ed with trop­i­cal rar­i­ties. The col­or of the flow­ers is fiery: yel­low, orange, red. No ros­es and orchids? Chrysan­the­mums, majes­tic glad­i­oli or bright ger­beras will do.


But Vir­go will pre­fer grace­ful small flow­ers. And again it will be ros­es, only much small­er, as well as car­na­tions, asters. The col­or of the flow­ers should be light: white, blue and even green. A gift of orchids in a pot is pos­si­ble, as well as oth­er beau­ti­ful indoor plants. You should not give Vir­gos bou­quets of glad­i­oli, dahlias, ger­beras.
Libras are ele­gant, no strangers to romance. Pre­fer bou­quets of flow­ers of the light­est and most del­i­cate col­ors. They will be delight­ed with their favorite lilies and chrysan­the­mums. But you can choose bou­quets with glad­i­oli, hybrid tea ros­es, orchids, gar­de­nias. But iris­es, for­get-me-nots and lilies of the val­ley are banned for them.


Scor­pio loves every­thing dynam­ic and extrav­a­gant. He loves bright­ly col­ored flow­ers. A com­bi­na­tion of scar­let ros­es, yel­low chrysan­the­mums and blue del­phini­ums is quite suit­able. Daf­fodils and iris­es will also be wel­come. But Scor­pio will not tol­er­ate too sim­ple flow­ers: for­get-me-nots, dahlias.


Big lover of beau­ti­ful flow­ers. There­fore, he will always appre­ci­ate a bou­quet of ros­es, tulips. chrysan­the­mums of bright col­ors and shades: blue, blue, pur­ple, red. Flow­ers should be on a tall stem.

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Capri­corn is tra­di­tion­al in every­thing. This also applies to bou­quets. Their form should be clas­sic. Flow­ers are prefer­ably light-col­ored. Suit­able bud­get tulips and car­na­tions, chrysan­the­mums. Restrained Capri­corn does not tol­er­ate waste. But, nev­er­the­less, he will not under­stand the per­son who pre­sent­ed him with a bou­quet of blue­bells.

Guid­ed by the predilec­tions of rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the signs of the zodi­ac, it will not be dif­fi­cult to make the right choice.
A rep­re­sen­ta­tive, and even more so a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of any of the twelve signs, will be quite flat­tered by the atten­tion.







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