Sofa, ottoman and other furniture for the hallway: convenience and practicality


Sofa, ottoman and other furniture for the hallway: convenience and practicality

It is the entrance hall that meets and escorts home and guests. This room should imme­di­ate­ly, as soon as you enter the house, evoke a feel­ing of com­fort and cozi­ness. You can achieve such a “home­ly” feel­ing by arrang­ing this room in such a way that it would be com­fort­able and beau­ti­ful in it. For exam­ple, by plac­ing a sofa or ottoman in it, on which you can sit down to put on shoes.


  • Size does­n’t mat­ter
  • Fur­ni­ture is dif­fer­ent
  • Wardrobe — roomy and capa­cious
  • Sofa or ottoman — stuffed
  • Chest of draw­ers and shoe rack — a tri­fle, but nice
  • Mir­rors and light are mag­ic tools

Size doesn’t matter

Well, when the hall­way is spa­cious. But, unfor­tu­nate­ly, often not too much space is allo­cat­ed to this room in the house, and in some apart­ments it gen­er­al­ly resem­bles a clos­et some­where under the stairs. But what­ev­er the area, you can make it so that it would be com­fort­able to use it and cre­ate the impres­sion of a cozy home.

Furniture is different

The main func­tion of the hall­way is to meet and see off the own­ers and guests of the house. It should have a place where you can hang out­er­wear and put out­door shoes or indoor slip­pers. And also it is used as a place to store some things, clothes out of sea­son, shoes. Fur­ni­ture for the hall­way is var­ied. These are oblig­a­tory all kinds of wardrobes, sofas or poufs, chests of draw­ers, hang­ers, shelves, mir­rors. It is clear that each own­er will arrange the first room in his house accord­ing to his taste and in accor­dance with his con­cepts of com­fort and prac­ti­cal­i­ty. But still, you can fol­low some tips to use them to equip the hall­way.

Wardrobe — roomy and capacious

Wardrobe — a manda­to­ry attribute of the hall­way. Agree that you want to store things and shoes that are worn on the street, and even in the rain, slush, some­how more closed. In addi­tion, there can be a lot of things intend­ed for all fam­i­ly mem­bers, and a sim­ple hang­er will be hung with them, like a rasp­ber­ry bush with berries in a har­vest year. Yes, and it is also nec­es­sary to put away sea­son­al items for stor­age some­where, and box­es with shoes, coats and jack­ets hang­ing in the bed­room are not very good. There­fore, the clos­et for the hall­way should be roomy and capa­cious. The most suit­able for this is a built-in wardrobe. It will have the dimen­sions that are suit­able for a par­tic­u­lar room — from floor to ceil­ing in the size of the pro­vid­ed wall open­ing, if there is a choice, then slid­ing doors in such a cab­i­net are the best option, they will save a lot of space in the hall­way, which is impor­tant if it small in area.

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Sofa or ottoman — stuffed

A piece of fur­ni­ture on which you can sit down to put on or take off your shoes, you can choose a fold­ing camp­ing chair. But, I think that a sofa for a hall­way or an ottoman is a more suit­able option. They will not only have their intend­ed pur­pose, but will be used as a mini-pantry. You can buy a pouffe in St. Peters­burg. After all, a fold­ing seat can hide under it a place to store a shoe brush and cream, for exam­ple. And if you can put a small, nar­row sofa in the hall­way, then it will be easy to put chil­dren’s toys for the street or, for exam­ple, skates into it. In addi­tion, a pouffe or sofa cov­ered with leatherette is very prac­ti­cal, because it is easy to take care of them, bring­ing clean­li­ness and order, and this is impor­tant for a room that wel­comes every­one from the street.

Chest of drawers and shoe rack — a trifle, but nice

You can find quite a few options for com­bined fur­ni­ture for a small hall­way. For exam­ple, a com­bined chest of draw­ers for stor­ing small items, such as gloves and umbrel­las, and a shoe rack for the shoes that are cur­rent­ly in the sock. Such pieces of fur­ni­ture seem to be option­al, but very prac­ti­cal. After all, putting gloves, mit­tens, a scarf some­where, the nec­es­sary things that should be at hand, is also nec­es­sary. And the shoes that are worn this sea­son should be placed some­where when every­one is at home. Name­ly, the shoe rack will allow you to remove shoes out of sight, and do it right so that it does not dete­ri­o­rate.

Mirrors and light are magic tools

The hall­way is most often a room with­out nat­ur­al light. But the much-need­ed object of this room is a mir­ror, as well as arti­fi­cial light­ing can become mag­i­cal means that will help push the walls of the hall­way, visu­al­ly increas­ing its space. If there is no sep­a­rate place for the loca­tion of the mir­ror, then it can be placed on the cab­i­net doors. It will be in full growth, which will allow you to metic­u­lous­ly exam­ine your­self before going out into the street. And a well-lit mir­ror, reflect­ing the sur­round­ing space, will become a visu­al con­tin­u­a­tion of the hall­way, cre­at­ing a feel­ing of air even in a small room. There may be sev­er­al lamps in the hall­way. This is both a gen­er­al over­head light and local lamps oppo­site the mir­ror. By the way, they are very con­ve­nient to take a good look at your­self in the mir­ror and touch up your make­up, for exam­ple. It would also be nice to place a wall lamp near the entrance, so that when you come home, you do not have to go to the switch in the dark.

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Even a small but prop­er­ly orga­nized entrance hall will become a cozy and com­fort­able room at home, where you always want to return as soon as pos­si­ble.
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