How to clean the inside of the microwave from fat at home


The microwave oven becomes dirty with fre­quent use. Both spe­cial­ized deter­gents and folk recipes will help clean the inter­nal walls of the device: vine­gar, lemon or cit­ric acid, laun­dry soap. In this arti­cle, we will take a detailed look at how to deal with dried fat and food residue.

How to clean the inside of a microwave oven correctly?

For a long ser­vice life of the microwave oven, you need to fol­low a few sim­ple rules when clean­ing the device:

  1. A pre­req­ui­site is to turn off the microwave oven from the pow­er sup­ply before wip­ing, open the door, let the device cool down.
  2. Met­al wash­cloths, brush­es, brush­es, oth­er sharp hard objects must not be used in the clean­ing process. The inner sur­face of the device has a spe­cial coat­ing. This thin lay­er reflects microwaves. If it is sub­ject­ed to hard objects, scratch­es may appear on the out­side and inside of the device, which will lat­er lead to cracks.
  3. Aggres­sive house­hold chem­i­cals, which include chlo­rine, acid, alka­li, abra­sive coarse prod­ucts are not rec­om­mend­ed.
  4. Clean the exter­nal and inter­nal sur­faces of the appli­ance using a min­i­mum amount of water to pre­vent mois­ture from pen­e­trat­ing into the ele­ments of the device. It is best to wash the microwave inside from grease and oth­er con­t­a­m­i­nants with a clean, damp cloth, foam sponge or cloth.
  5. If dirt gets into hard-to-reach places, you should not try to dis­as­sem­ble the kitchen assis­tant your­self. To get rid of crumbs and food debris, you can use a vac­u­um clean­er with a spe­cial nar­row noz­zle or entrust the microwave oven to a spe­cial­ist.

Cleaning inside

To clean the out­side of the device, you just need to wipe it with a damp sponge with the addi­tion of any deter­gent.

How to clean a microwave in 5 minutes

The eas­i­est and fastest way to get rid of non-old and not very stub­born dirt is to use ordi­nary liq­uid or dish­wash­ing gel.

  1. Pour water at room tem­per­a­ture into a glass con­tain­er, add the prod­uct.
  2. Place the dish­es with the liq­uid in the microwave, turn on at full pow­er for 1 minute (until steam is formed).
  3. Remove the dish­es, wipe the inside sur­faces and the appli­ance door with a damp cloth.

Steam will soft­en old dirt, so the microwave oven will be washed off with­out dif­fi­cul­ty. For a bet­ter effect, bak­ing soda can be added to a con­tain­er of water.

How to clean the device with household chemicals

When choos­ing clean­ers for microwave ovens, choose gel or spray. Terms of use and clean­ing method are writ­ten on each pack­age.

When clean­ing the microwave oven, you should strict­ly fol­low the instruc­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions of the man­u­fac­tur­er of the prod­uct. It is nec­es­sary to avoid get­ting spray or gel on spe­cial grat­ings that cov­er the mag­netron.

To get rid of grease and stains, it is nec­es­sary to apply a pur­chased prod­uct to the inner sur­face, bot­tom and door of the device. If it is a gel, then even­ly over all the walls, if it is a spray, gen­tly spray it. Leave the microwave oven for a few min­utes accord­ing to the attached instruc­tions, then wipe thor­ough­ly with a damp sponge, then with a soft and dry cloth.

sponge cleaning

You can clean the microwave oven with the usu­al means that are always at hand.

Getting rid of pollution in folk ways

Expe­ri­enced house­wives do an excel­lent job with drops of fat with­out the use of pur­chased house­hold chem­i­cals. You can clean your microwave oven with:

  • vine­gar;
  • lemon
  • cit­ric acid.

These meth­ods are safe and inex­pen­sive.

How to clean a microwave with vinegar

Vine­gar is the sim­plest and most pop­u­lar method. It will help to cope with dirt inside the microwave oven, with an unpleas­ant smell and rust.

  1. Pour warm water (200 ml) into a glass con­tain­er.
  2. Add vine­gar essence (3 table­spoons).
  3. Place the dish­es in the microwave oven, turn on the pow­er of 500–800 W for 10 min­utes.
  4. After the required time, wipe the inter­nal sur­faces of the device with a damp cloth.

Steam with vine­gar will per­fect­ly cor­rode stub­born dirt and cope with an unpleas­ant odor. To improve the aro­ma dur­ing such pro­cess­ing, a few drops of any essen­tial oil should be poured into the solu­tion.

How to clean a microwave oven with lemon

The most enjoy­able way to cleanse is with fresh cit­rus fruits. It can be lemon, grape­fruit, lime, orange.

  1. Fruit (1 large or 2 small) cut into pieces, low­er into a suit­able plate.
  2. Add water (200 ml) to the con­tain­er, put in the oven, turn on at max­i­mum pow­er for 5–15 min­utes.
  3. After the end of the oper­a­tion of the device, do not open the doors imme­di­ate­ly, let the dried dirt stand and soft­en for about 15 min­utes.
  4. Remove grease with a soft, damp cloth, then wipe dry all the walls of the microwave.

We clean the microwave oven with lemon

This method is also good if you do not clean with whole cit­rus fruits, but only with the peel. The skins should be fine­ly chopped. In addi­tion to get­ting rid of traces of fat, the room will smell pleas­ant­ly of cit­rus.

How to remove contaminants with citric acid

This method is not entire­ly safe — there is a risk of dam­ag­ing the microwave. It is impos­si­ble to reg­u­lar­ly use cit­ric acid for enam­eled inter­nal sur­faces of the device.

  1. Pour warm water (200–250 ml) into a bowl, add 1 sachet of cit­ric acid (25 g).
  2. Place the plate in the oven, turn on for 5–15 min­utes (depend­ing on the degree of con­t­a­m­i­na­tion) at full pow­er.
  3. After com­ple­tion of work, do not open the oven for 10 min­utes, then wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.

Cit­ric acid per­fect­ly dis­solves fat and soot, soft­ens old dirt.

Other effective ways

The old laun­dry soap, for­got­ten by many, does an excel­lent job with numer­ous house­hold con­t­a­m­i­nants. For clean­ing, it is worth­while to lath­er well with a sponge or soft cloth, lath­er and even­ly apply to the inner walls of the microwave oven. So leave the device for half an hour, then care­ful­ly wipe the rem­nants of soap and food.

If the soap solu­tion is not com­plete­ly removed from the walls, an unpleas­ant smell of organ­ic burn­ing is pos­si­ble when the microwave oven is first turned on.

Anoth­er no less effec­tive and sim­ple method is the “steam room” with ordi­nary water. But it is suit­able for mild pol­lu­tion.

  1. Pour water (200 ml) into the dish­es, place in the device.
  2. Turn on the oven at full pow­er for 5–8 min­utes. Leave the doors closed for 20 min­utes to soft­en the dirt, then wipe with a damp sponge and a dry, clean cloth.

Dirty microwave

Such meth­ods will allow you to quick­ly clean the microwave from the inside.

Helpful Hints

First, study the rec­om­men­da­tions on how to prop­er­ly use the microwave. And in order for the stove to stay clean longer and delight the house­hold, you need to fol­low some rec­om­men­da­tions:

  • use a spe­cial plas­tic cap — this will help pro­tect the cam­era of the device from splash­es and drops of fat from heat­ed food;
  • if there is no cov­er for the microwave oven, then cling film, parch­ment paper will do;
  • it is advis­able to wipe the inner walls every time after use;
  • it is worth leav­ing the oven door open for a cou­ple of min­utes after work in order for the smell of food to dis­ap­pear and the microwave to dry.

Fol­low­ing these sim­ple tips, the microwave oven will shine much longer, the host­ess will not have to wipe off the stub­born old grease drops.

Home ways to deal with pollution in the microwave (video)

The video shows sim­ple and cheap meth­ods for remov­ing grease, car­bon deposits and stains on the inside of a microwave oven.

Keep­ing your microwave oven per­fect­ly clean will help house­hold chem­i­cals and home meth­ods. Vine­gar, cit­rus fruits, cit­ric acid, laun­dry soap will cope with pol­lu­tion no worse than expen­sive com­mer­cial sprays and gels. Reg­u­lar care of the kitchen assis­tant will save time on clean­ing it.






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