How to hang the Indesit refrigerator door: instruction + video


You can hang the door on the refrig­er­a­tor with just a few steps. To remove the refrig­er­a­tor door and awnings, you will need very few tools and the abil­i­ty to use them. After remov­ing the door and hinges (canopies), you need to fix the hinges on the oth­er side, rearrange the han­dle, adjust the gaps, and you can use the unit.

What tools will you need:

  1. Flat and Phillips screw­drivers or screw­driv­er.
  2. You may need open-end wrench­es 8x10, 9x11, 12x14, 11x13 or 13x15 (depend­ing on the mod­el of the device).

How to remove the door

Before start­ing the pro­ce­dure, free all cam­eras from prod­ucts so that they do not inter­fere, turn off the device from the mains and let it thaw. This is nec­es­sary so that the rub­ber seal on the door straight­ens and takes on its nat­ur­al shape — this will play a big role when adjust­ing the door in a new posi­tion.

Inde­sit refrig­er­a­tor doors are mount­ed on a swiv­el hinge with slight vari­a­tions in the loca­tion of the hard­ware for dif­fer­ent mod­els:

refrigerator loop

But how to hang the refrig­er­a­tor door so as not to dam­age or break the appli­ance itself? To remove it, you will need a screw­driv­er or a screw­driv­er. Dec­o­ra­tive caps are removed with a knife or a flat screw­driv­er, and slots for a Phillips screw­driv­er must be pro­vid­ed in the bolt heads. If they are not there, select a wrench of the right size.

The false pan­el of the refrig­er­a­tor com­part­ment is removed first so that you can get to the wiring har­ness con­nect­ing the dis­play on the door to the automa­tion of the house­hold appli­ance (if there is a dis­play). After remov­ing the false pan­el, loosen the har­ness so as not to break the wires when remov­ing the door. You can com­plete­ly detach the pan­el with the dis­play (it must be con­nect­ed using a con­nec­tor) — this will make it much more con­ve­nient to work.

wiring harness

Then remove the han­dle (more on this below) and loosen the bot­tom door fas­ten­er, then the top one. After that, you can com­plete­ly unscrew the low­er canopy and, hold­ing the door, release the low­er hinge from the fas­ten­ers. The door is removed from the upper canopy by lift­ing it up. Now set the door aside and look for places to fas­ten the hinges on the oppo­site side. Tech­no­log­i­cal holes for a new fas­ten­ing must be closed with plas­tic dec­o­ra­tive plugs or a dec­o­ra­tive plate.

Technological holes

In some Inde­sit mod­els, when rear­rang­ing the doors, you need to use addi­tion­al parts. The com­plete set of these parts is pro­vid­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er — they must be in the pack­age with instruc­tions.

Move the door to the opposite side

Before hang­ing the refrig­er­a­tor door, you need to fix the hinges in a new place. After remov­ing the dec­o­ra­tive plugs, you will see thread­ed holes — this is where you need to attach the canopies. Do not tight­en the bolts too much at first — you may have to adjust the posi­tion of the door.

Also on the body (in its upper part) there may be a clos­ing sen­sor, and when the door is hung, it will also need to be rearranged to a new place — fas­ten­ers must be pro­vid­ed for it. If the sen­sor is in the cen­ter, then you do not need to rearrange it. The sen­sor may be absent alto­geth­er — if it is made on a reed relay, then it can be locat­ed inside the unit, under the cas­ing. The same applies to the light switch — in some mod­els it can be locat­ed inside, and you don’t have to rearrange it at all.

lower canopy

Door hinges should have guide pins, so it will be easy to insert them into a new place. But it can be the oth­er way around — the pins can be on the door, and not on the canopies, which does not affect the sequence of oper­a­tions. The awnings can also be adjust­ed in height. Hav­ing insert­ed the low­er hole of the door fas­ten­ing into the pin of the low­er canopy, pro­ceed to fas­ten the upper hinge.

top canopy

The upper canopy also has a guide in the form of a pin — it must be insert­ed into the hole on the door and the canopy is bolt­ed.

Adjust­ment of the door con­sists in check­ing the tight fit of the seal around the entire perime­ter, as well as check­ing the ver­ti­cal­i­ty and hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion of the door. It is not nec­es­sary to check with a lev­el — check the par­al­lelism of the door and the body visu­al­ly, or mea­sure the dis­tance between the door and the body at the top and bot­tom with a ruler and adjust the bolts to make it the same.

Tilt the refrig­er­a­tor back slight­ly after hang­ing the door. The door will close itself, and it will be pos­si­ble to adjust it much eas­i­er and faster.

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Change the position of the handle

If the han­dle is made in the form of a hous­ing ele­ment (pressed inward), then noth­ing will have to be done. But usu­al­ly the han­dles con­sist of two parts, one part is attached to the door and car­ries the load, and the sec­ond is a dec­o­ra­tive over­lay. If you need to rearrange the han­dle at the top of the door, you will have to reat­tach the har­ness going to the dis­play. At the top of the door there should be anoth­er hole for this — it will be closed with a plug. Dis­con­nect the con­nec­tor from the wires, pull the har­ness through the new hole and secure the wires to the door.

The han­dle is removed with a screw­driv­er, and plugged holes are pro­vid­ed for a new mount on the door. It is enough to remove the han­dle, remove the plugs in a new place, and screw the han­dle again. All old mount­ing holes (both for han­dles and for door awnings) are closed with plugs.

Video instruction

How to hang refrig­er­a­tor doors: step-by-step video instruc­tions show what tools you will need, what oper­a­tions you will have to do and in what order. In order not to call the mas­ter, arm your­self with a screw­driv­er, keys, and in half an hour you will be able to use the refrig­er­a­tor with a door on the oth­er side.





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