Overview of the Weissgauff TDW 4017 dishwasher: photos, reviews, specifications


The best-sell­ing mod­el of this man­u­fac­tur­er in 2022–2023. Com­pact, stand­alone. Designed for load­ing up to 6 sets of dish­es. Ener­gy class — A+, con­sumes less than 0.7 kWh of elec­tric­i­ty for one full cycle of wash­ing dish­es.

Functionality Weissgauff TDW 4017

Func­tions sup­port­ed in Weiss­gauff TDW 4017:8963

  1. 4 dish­wash­ing pro­grams.
  2. 3 tem­per­a­ture heat­ing modes (max­i­mum — 60 degrees).
  3. The case is her­met­ic, pro­tect­ed from leaks.
  4. Inten­sive wash.
  5. Half load. Del­i­cate dish­wash­ing.
  6. Inten­sive dry­ing (con­den­sa­tion).


Although very com­pact, it is adapt­ed to the “dimen­sions” of com­mon dish for­mats. For exam­ple, even a 28 cm fry­ing pan fits eas­i­ly into it. There is an eco-wash­ing mode, when the con­sump­tion of deter­gent is reduced, and water sav­ing is turned on, but it is not rec­om­mend­ed to use it for glass­ware (streaks may remain, espe­cial­ly if the dish­wash­er is heav­i­ly loaded).

Pros and cons of the model

The fol­low­ing advan­tages of the Weiss­gauff TDW 4017 can be dis­tin­guished:

  1. Com­pact yet qui­et. Oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers often in this case “save” on the sound­proof lay­er.
  2. There is an infor­ma­tive large dis­play.
  3. There is an accel­er­at­ed wash mode, it takes up to 60 min­utes.


Weiss­gauff TDW 4017 dish­wash­er spec­i­fi­ca­tions:

  1. Pow­er — 1380 watts.
  2. Water con­sump­tion — up to 7 liters in one com­plete cycle.
  3. Noise dur­ing oper­a­tion — up to 49 dB.
  4. Weight — 21 kilo­grams.
  5. The total dura­tion of wash­ing dish­es in the stan­dard mode is 175 min­utes.



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