Functionality Beko DIS 26012 2000.Photos, reviews, specifications, pros/cons


This dish­wash­er has a built-in clean­ing sys­tem. The clean­ing sys­tem allows you to remove food residues, dirt and deter­gent par­ti­cles from the dish­wash­er body.

Functionality Beko DIS 26012 2000

The dish­wash­er is equipped with the AquaStop sys­tem, which auto­mat­i­cal­ly stops the water sup­ply in case of over­heat­ing. The dish­wash­er is also equipped with an EcoFeed­back func­tion built into the con­trol pan­el.8965

Use­ful fea­tures:

  • auto­mat­ic bal­anc­ing;
  • leak­age pro­tec­tion;
  • child pro­tec­tion.


  • dish­wash­er Beko DIS 26012 2000 is equipped with a dis­play for easy and intu­itive con­trol of all func­tions. The capa­cious bowl holds up to 26 sets of dish­es;
  • the EcoFeed­back func­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly changes the water flow depend­ing on the degree of load­ing.

Distinctive features

  • the dish­wash­er is char­ac­ter­ized by increased reli­a­bil­i­ty, dura­bil­i­ty and ease of use;
  • for con­ve­nient load­ing and unload­ing of dish­es in the dish­wash­er, an upper inlet of the water sup­ply hose is pro­vid­ed.

Pros and cons of the model


  • the pres­ence of a sound sig­nal about the end of the wash­ing cycle;
  • the delay timer allows you to start the dish­wash­er at a con­ve­nient time;
  • The bas­ket is loaded from above.


  • lack of AutoDry func­tion;
  • there is no addi­tion­al func­tion “Inten­sive wash­ing”.


  • dis­play: LED;
  • noise lev­el: 48 dB;
  • dimen­sions (HxWxD) 82x45x55 cm;
  • built-in height: 820 mm;
  • embed­ding width: 450 mm;
  • embed­ding depth: 550 mm.



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