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The BDW 4004 dish­wash­er is capa­ble of wash­ing up to 14 sets in one wash cycle. The dish­wash­er has many pro­grams for dif­fer­ent types of dish­es, as well as the abil­i­ty to adjust the rins­ing tem­per­a­ture.

Functionality Weissgauff BDW 4004

To date, this is the most afford­able dish­wash­er with a set of use­ful fea­tures. In par­tic­u­lar, this will not only save ener­gy, but also take care of the safe­ty of the dish­wash­er. The machine has a spe­cial sen­sor with which you can deter­mine the wear. If it is above the allow­able lim­its, then the machine is blocked until this is cor­rect­ed.

Dishwasher Weissgauff BDW 4004


  • a capa­cious vol­ume that allows you to wash large pots or pans in the car;
  • var­i­ous pro­grams, includ­ing a wash­ing mode for frag­ile dish­es;
  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the tem­per­a­ture dur­ing rins­ing;
  • the pres­ence of a wear sen­sor that pre­vents dam­age to the machine;

Distinctive features

  • The mod­el has a high capac­i­ty and at the same time has a fair­ly mod­est size. At the same time, she has 15 wash­ing pro­grams and three lev­els of wash­ing inten­si­ty adjust­ment.
  • on the case there is a sep­a­rate com­part­ment for cut­lery, thanks to which the dish­es can be eas­i­ly found.
  • there is a back­light of the inner cham­ber, which allows you to mon­i­tor the wash­ing process.

Pros and cons of the model


  • styl­ish design;
  • high lev­el of wash­ing qual­i­ty;
  • avail­abil­i­ty of all nec­es­sary pro­grams;
  • half load mode.


  • aver­age ener­gy con­sump­tion.


  1. the pres­ence of a front pan­el: no;
  2. num­ber of placed sets: 9 sets;
  3. water con­sump­tion per cycle: 9 l;
  4. pow­er con­sump­tion per cycle: 750 Wh;
  5. invert­er motor: no;
  6. dry­ing type: con­dens­ing.

Weissgauff BDW 4004





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