The multicook function in a multicooker: what is it and how to use the mode?


Do you want to know what kind of mode it is — a mul­ti­cook­er in a mul­ti­cook­er? Let’s fig­ure it out togeth­er. Note that some mod­els already have a built-in mul­ti-cook mode in the device, and it is called more sim­ply — “man­u­al”.

How the multicooker expands the capabilities of the standard multicooker

The mul­ti­cook­er func­tion turns a stan­dard mul­ti­cook­er into a mul­ti­func­tion­al device that also includes a grill, steam­er, pres­sure cook­er and bread mak­er. You can con­trol all these modes your­self — change the tem­per­a­ture and cook­ing time, set sev­er­al modes, turn­ing them on in sequence.

Work­ing with a mul­ti­cook­er is more like manip­u­lat­ing gas or elec­tric burn­ers — you con­trol the appli­ance by adjust­ing the tem­per­a­ture or cook­ing time right in the process of mul­ti­cook­er oper­a­tion. More­over, you do not need to keep track of the cook­ing time. The fact is that, unlike oth­er kitchen appli­ances in a mul­ti­cook­er with such a func­tion, it is enough to imme­di­ate­ly set the val­ues ​​u200bu200brequired for cook­ing.

With this set of options, you can not only reheat a sec­ond course or cook soup, but also deep-fry pota­toes, stew meat, bake any bak­ery prod­uct or cook some­thing for a cou­ple. The choice of cook­ing method is car­ried out by set­ting the required pro­gram in man­u­al, auto­mat­ic or semi-auto­mat­ic mode.

The main advan­tage of a mul­ti­cook­er is the abil­i­ty to set all the modes that are need­ed in cook­ing.

Why does the multi-cook function make cooking so much easier?

For cook­ing many dish­es, the mul­ti-cook func­tion is real­ly indis­pens­able. For exam­ple, to cook por­ridge in auto­mat­ic mode, the mul­ti­cook­er pro­gram is set to 50 min­utes. Of course, this time will not be enough to cook buck­wheat or pearl bar­ley — you will have to turn on the unit again, peri­od­i­cal­ly look­ing into the pan to check the readi­ness of the cere­al. For oth­er cere­als, this time can be a lot, and you will have to turn off the slow cook­er man­u­al­ly.

Man­u­al mode allows you to imme­di­ate­ly set the required time, even frac­tion­al (depend­ing on the mod­el), and not mon­i­tor cook­ing. The same applies to the cook­ing tem­per­a­ture.

Multi-cook function

In a con­ven­tion­al mul­ti­cook­er, semi-auto­mat­ic and auto­mat­ic cook­ing pro­grams are built-in. On the machine, you sim­ply load the prod­ucts into the cham­ber and select the desired pro­gram. Based on the prod­uct, your kitchen assis­tant inde­pen­dent­ly choos­es the cook­ing method — time and tem­per­a­ture.

Mul­ti­cook adapts cook­ing modes for recipes of any com­plex­i­ty, and you can cook even the most com­plex recipes. The main thing is not to cross the bound­aries of the tem­per­a­ture regime. So, if the max­i­mum cook­ing tem­per­a­ture in a slow cook­er is 1600C, set­ting a larg­er val­ue will dam­age the body of the instru­ment.

On a semi-auto­mat­ic device, you can only set the cook­ing time for the dish your­self. That is, in a slow cook­er that is not equipped with the “mul­ti-cook” func­tion, you can­not cook, bake or fry every­thing you want. You will have to be con­tent only with what the man­u­fac­tur­er rec­om­mends to you in the instruc­tions with ready-made recipes. Note that the sim­plest mod­els, for exam­ple, Scar­lett, are pre­pared only in auto­mat­ic mode.

How to use the multi-cook function?

The mul­ti­cook func­tion in the mul­ti­cook­er works very sim­ply: press the Mul­ti­cook but­ton (in some devices, the Man­u­al mode but­ton), set the required cook­ing time, spec­i­fy the tem­per­a­ture increase / decrease step and you can relax!

Multicook features

The new mul­ti­cook­er func­tion in the mul­ti­cook­er offers step-by-step con­trol of time and tem­per­a­ture, down to units of min­utes, sec­onds and degrees. The only advice on how to use this func­tion­al­i­ty is to first gain expe­ri­ence with stan­dard recipes and func­tion­al­i­ty so as not to spoil the dish.

More about the possibilities of multicooking

What is a mul­ti­cook­er in a mul­ti­cook­er, we fig­ured it out. But many kitchen appli­ances have more com­plex set­tings — “Mul­ti-cook +”. What is this pro­gram? It is based on the same con­trol scheme as in the mul­ti­cook.

This fea­ture is fea­tured in the pop­u­lar Polaris mod­el. It will allow you to com­bine man­u­al set­tings. This means that you can pro­gram the acti­va­tion of sev­er­al modes for the prepa­ra­tion of one recipe. The pro­gram might look like this:

  1. the tem­per­a­ture ris­es with­in half an hour;
  2. the tem­per­a­ture drops with­in 5 min­utes;
  3. the tem­per­a­ture is fixed until the end of cook­ing.

You can repeat­ed­ly set the tem­per­a­ture and time modes at the same time. So, you cre­ate a pro­gram with step-by-step cook­ing, and each step can have its own adjust­ments. This func­tion can be used when prepar­ing any dish, whether it is bak­ing or roast­ing meat.


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Advantages and disadvantages of a multicook

To an inex­pe­ri­enced user, it may seem that the dis­ad­van­tage of the man­u­al cook­ing mode lies in the large num­ber of unfa­mil­iar modes. They are quite dif­fi­cult to use at first. How­ev­er, this dis­ad­van­tage dis­ap­pears after cook­ing one or two dish­es. The advan­tages of a mul­ti­cook are many, and above all, these are:

  1. Mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty.
  2. Wide tem­per­a­ture range — step from 5–100From to 10C in the range from +5 to +1600FROM.
  3. The abil­i­ty to change the cook­ing mode direct­ly in the process.
  4. Unlim­it­ed list of dish­es.
  5. The abil­i­ty to com­bine recipes or cre­ate your own.

Best-selling multicooker models with multicook function

Mod­el Pana­son­ic SR-MHS181WTQ

Panasonic SR-MHS181WTQ

The device has 11 pro­grams (of which three are auto­mat­ic), a mul­ti-cook func­tion, a wide range of adjust­ments, plus the abil­i­ty to cook yoghurts.

Mul­ti­cook­er pres­sure cook­er Our­soon mp5005

Oursoon mp5005

This mod­el is able to cook any dish much faster than a con­ven­tion­al machine, and also offers 12 auto­mat­ic and semi-auto­mat­ic cook­ing modes.

Mod­el REDMOND M 70


It has a set of auto­mat­ic modes (42 pro­grams). The mod­el is equipped with pilaf and milk por­ridge sub­modes (cook­ing func­tion).

Video instruction: how to use new functions in multicookers?

There are many ques­tions about how to use the advanced mul­ti­cook and SMARTCOOK func­tions that the 5201 and 5202 mul­ti­cook­ers are equipped with. What fea­tures and capa­bil­i­ties these devices have, and how to use the new func­tions, you will learn in the fol­low­ing video:

The mul­ti­cook­er in the mul­ti­cook­er is a man­u­al mode that will allow you to cook a vari­ety of dish­es with­out lim­its, and with­out spend­ing a lot of effort. The best mul­ti­cook­er mod­els with man­u­al mode can become your indis­pens­able assis­tant in the kitchen.





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