TOP 7 best built-in dishwashers Electrolux



Built-in dish­wash­ers of the Swedish brand Elec­trolux dur­ing their exis­tence on the world mar­ket have man­aged to estab­lish them­selves as high-qual­i­ty, roomy, mul­ti­func­tion­al and afford­able.

Entrust the care of dish­es to mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy, and leave more time for your­self.

Features of built-in dishwashers Electrolux

Elec­trolux has a wide range of dish­wash­ers with a vari­ety of fea­tures and dif­fer­ent cost class­es.

All embed­ded appli­ances have such com­mon fea­tures and pleas­ant tech­no­log­i­cal moments as:

  • con­ve­nience and ease of use. Built-in Elec­trolux machines have a sim­ple mechan­i­cal con­trol and a con­ve­nient dis­play. The most inex­pen­sive mod­els have indi­ca­tor lights and a con­trol lever;
  • spa­cious­ness. The advan­tage of good dish­wash­ers is their capac­i­ty, and a bas­ket equipped with sev­er­al com­part­ments for dish­es, hold­ers for glass­es and guides for plates. Built-in machines can hold up to 15 com­plete sets of dish­es in 1 load;
  • moder­ni­ty and ergonom­ic appear­ance. Built-in dish­wash­ers include ful­ly inte­grat­ed mod­els that can be hid­den behind a fur­ni­ture front. The sec­ond vari­ety is prod­ucts with an open pan­el that remains out­side;
  • func­tion­al­i­ty. Each Elec­trolux dish­wash­er has sev­er­al basic wash­ing modes. Pre­mi­um mod­els are equipped with addi­tion­al use­ful fea­tures that great­ly sim­pli­fy the process of wash­ing, car­ing for the prod­uct and free­ing you up more free time;
  • a very impor­tant fea­ture of the entire range of dish­wash­ers from the Swedish man­u­fac­tur­er is afford­able price range (com­pared to Bosch, Siemens, Pyra­mid tech­nol­o­gy).


Advantages and disadvantages

Elec­trolux built-in dish­wash­ers boast the fol­low­ing advan­tages:

  • good build qual­i­ty of each mod­el;
  • a wide range of prod­ucts for every taste and bud­get;
  • despite their com­pact size, dish­wash­ers can boast of their capac­i­ty, and are not infe­ri­or in this indi­ca­tor to stand-alone mod­els;
  • For each prod­uct, the man­u­fac­tur­er gives a guar­an­tee for 12 months;


  • not all mod­els are equipped with a child lock and pro­tec­tion against over­flow / leak­age;
  • work noise. In stan­dard mod­els, it ranges from 46 to 49 dB;
  • the man­u­fac­tura­bil­i­ty and num­ber of func­tions of Elec­trolux dish­wash­ers are much less com­pared to devices from oth­er high-qual­i­ty man­u­fac­tur­ers.

How to choose and what to look for?

The prac­ti­cal­i­ty of oper­a­tion depends on many fea­tures of the mod­els and their char­ac­ter­is­tics. When buy­ing a dish­wash­er, con­sid­er the area of ​​​​the kitchen, the num­ber of peo­ple in the fam­i­ly, the fre­quen­cy of wash­ing dish­es and its vol­ume.

What to look for:

  • ener­gy con­sump­tion. Most of the built-in mod­els have an ener­gy con­sump­tion class of “A” or “A +”. Water con­sump­tion depends on the vol­ume of equip­ment and the capac­i­ty of the crock­ery. The indi­ca­tor varies from 7 to 13 liters per cycle;
  • dimen­sions. Installing a stan­dard size built-in dish­wash­er will require 60 cm of free space. If the quad­ra­ture of the kitchen does not allow the use of such a place, com­pact mod­els with a width of 45 cm will come to your aid. If you need an even more com­pact option, the range includes adap­tive mod­els whose height is less than 50 cm;
  • crock­ery capac­i­ty. When choos­ing a dish­wash­er, remem­ber that a dish­wash­er with a capac­i­ty of 12–14 sets of dish­es is suit­able for large fam­i­lies. For 3–4 peo­ple there is enough capac­i­ty for 6–9 sets. Up to 6 sets are enough for one per­son;
  • noise lev­el. The noise lev­el ranges from 37 to 48 dB, depend­ing on the mode;
  • addi­tion­al use­ful options — Delay start timer, night qui­et mode, mixed load and express mode.


TOP‑4 narrow built-in dishwashers Electrolux

What is the best Elec­trolux built-in dish­wash­er in your opin­ion? You can vote one once.

ESL 94585RO

One of the best built-in Elec­trolux mod­els, with an ener­gy sav­ing class of “A ++” and a width of only 45 cm.four

By choos­ing this mod­el, you can turn on the machine as often as you need, with­out wor­ry­ing about an impres­sive amount of util­i­ty bills.


  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — class “A ++”;
  • wash­ing and dry­ing — class “A”;
  • noise lev­el — 44 dB;
  • capac­i­ty — up to 9 com­plete sets of dish­es;
  • water con­sump­tion — 9–9.7 l;
  • satel­lite water sprin­kler;
  • 7 basic wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 4 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • inno­v­a­tive invert­er type motor;
  • water trans­paren­cy sen­sor;
  • hose with Aqua­Con­trol sys­tem;
  • delay start timer (1–24 hours);
  • rinse aid and regen­er­at­ing salt pres­ence sen­sor;
  • addi­tion­al func­tions — My Favorite, Time Man­ag­er, XtraDry;
  • auto­mat­ic recog­ni­tion of deter­gents 3 in 1;
  • sound noti­fi­ca­tions about the end of pro­grams;
  • a beam with trans­la­tion to the floor;
  • the screen with indi­ca­tion of time and tem­per­a­tures of pro­grams;
  • auto­mat­ic door open­ing AirDry;
  • Silent Plus;
  • dry­ing — con­den­sa­tion;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — 0.7 kW per hour;
  • slid­ing type of fas­ten­ing of the facade.


  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the height of the bas­ket for dish­es;
  • bas­kets for dish­es are equipped with coast­ers for cups and plates;
  • con­trol pan­el type — closed.


  • noisy oper­a­tion of the machine;
  • lack of pro­tec­tion from chil­dren.

ESL 94321

Nar­row built-in dish­wash­er Elec­trolux, con­tain­ing up to 9 full sets of dish­es in 1 cycle.5


  • ful­ly built-in, nar­row dish­wash­er;
  • box capac­i­ty — up to 9 com­plete sets of dish­es;
  • con­trol type — elec­tron­ic;
  • noise lev­el — 49 dB;
  • dis­play;
  • man­u­fac­tur­er’s war­ran­ty — 1 year;
  • autostart delay timer — from 1 to 24 hours;
  • dry­ing and wash­ing — class “A”;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — class “A +”;
  • 5 basic dish­wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 4 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • Ther­mo Effi­cient sys­tem;
  • beep alert;
  • full pro­tec­tion against over­flow and leak­age;
  • pow­er — 1950 W;
  • rinse aid and regen­er­at­ing salt indi­ca­tor;
  • con­sump­tion of water resources — 10 liters per 1 cycle;
  • dry­ing — AirDry Tech­nol­o­gy.


  • styl­ish design, metal­lic col­or;
  • com­pact size;
  • mid­dle price seg­ment;
  • auto-off after the com­ple­tion of the wash­ing and dry­ing process;
  • the pos­si­bil­i­ty of deter­min­ing the lev­el of water hard­ness and its con­trol with the help of regen­er­at­ing salt.


  • no pro­tec­tion from chil­dren;
  • there is no del­i­cate mode for wash­ing frag­ile items.

ESL 94511LO

Mul­ti­func­tion­al built-in Elec­trolux dish­wash­er. Opti­mal ratio6

val­ue and qual­i­ty, suc­cess­ful­ly embod­ied by the man­u­fac­tur­er in the ESL 94511 LO mod­el.


  • wash­ing and dry­ing — class “A”;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — class “A +”;
  • box capac­i­ty — up to 9 com­plete sets of dish­es for 1 cycle;
  • 5 basic wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 4 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • water con­sump­tion — up to 10 l, depend­ing on the mode;
  • addi­tion­al func­tions — Favorite pro­grams, Time Man­ag­er, XtraDry;
  • trans­la­tion of time until the end of the launch, two-col­or beam;
  • ful­ly embed­ded type of instal­la­tion;
  • noise lev­el — 47 dB;
  • ther­mal effi­cien­cy sys­tem;
  • auto­mat­ic door open­ing AirDry;
  • con­den­sa­tion dry­ing;
  • elec­tron­ic con­trol pan­el;
  • delayed autostart timer (1–24 hours);
  • dis­play of the remain­ing time on the dis­play;
  • auto­mat­ic deter­mi­na­tion of the amount of loaded dish­es and selec­tion of the opti­mal pro­gram;
  • water trans­paren­cy sen­sor;
  • rinse aid and regen­er­at­ing salt pres­ence sen­sor;
  • broad­cast time on the floor, two-col­or;
  • musi­cal noti­fi­ca­tion;
  • ergonom­ic bas­kets for dish­es Flex­iLift;
  • full pro­tec­tion against over­flow and leak­age even in idle mode;
  • pow­er — 1 950 watts.


  • auto­mat­ic shut­down of the machine imme­di­ate­ly after the end of the wash­ing pro­gram;
  • pre-rinse;
  • sep­a­rate shelf for small cups, fold­ing guides for plates;
  • con­trol of the height of the upper com­part­ment.


  • no child lock
  • there is no gen­tle clean­ing mode.

ESL 94200LO

Built-in nar­row dish­wash­er from with five dish­wash­ing pro­grams, water hard­ness sen­sors7

and the pres­ence of salt will become an indis­pens­able assis­tant for you and will wash all the dish­es for you, sav­ing you time and resources.


  • wash­ing and ener­gy effi­cien­cy — class “A”;
  • dry­ing — class “D”;
  • econ­o­my, inten­sive and express mode;
  • full pro­tec­tion against leaks and over­flow of water;
  • dry­ing type — con­dens­ing;
  • clean­ing 9 com­plete sets of dish­es in 1 load;
  • inlet hose with Aqua Con­trol sys­tem;
  • salt and rinse aid sen­sor;
  • pow­er — 2 200 W;
  • water con­sump­tion — 9.5–10 liters per cycle;
  • musi­cal noti­fi­ca­tion about the end of the device;
  • elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion — 0.88 kW;
  • war­ran­ty peri­od — 12 months;
  • noise lev­el — 51 dB;
  • 5 stan­dard wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 3 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • recog­ni­tion and use of deter­gents 3 in 1;
  • con­trol type — elec­tron­ic.


  • pre-rinse;
  • bas­kets for dish­es are height-adjustable, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to load tall pans;
  • excel­lent result of work regard­less of the type of deter­gent;
  • inten­sive and express mode;
  • water hard­ness con­trol with spe­cial regen­er­at­ing salt;
  • afford­able price seg­ment;
  • mod­ern, styl­ish design.


  • there is no child pro­tec­tion mode;
  • no floor indi­ca­tion.

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TOP‑3 full-size built-in dishwashers Electrolux

What is the best full-size Elec­trolux built-in dish­wash­er in your opin­ion? You can vote one once.

ESL 95321LO

Full-size dish­wash­er Elec­trolux ESL 95321 LO, which boasts not only a longeight

ser­vice life, but also the most sim­ple and com­fort­able use of the device dur­ing oper­a­tion.


  • con­tain­er capac­i­ty for dish­es — up to 13 com­plete sets in 1 cycle;
  • stan­dard wash­ing modes — 5;
  • tem­per­a­ture con­di­tions — 4;
  • con­sump­tion of water resources — 9.5–9.9 l;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — 0.94 kWh;
  • noise lev­el — 49 dB;
  • rinse aid and regen­er­at­ing salt indi­ca­tor;
  • pro­gram autostart delay (3–9 hours);
  • elec­tron­ic con­trol;
  • con­den­sa­tion type dry­ing — AirDry Tech­nol­o­gy;
  • wash­ing and dry­ing — class “A”;
  • ener­gy effi­cien­cy — class “A +”;
  • new gen­er­a­tion invert­er motor;
  • ergonom­ic con­trol pan­el;
  • auto-shut­down after com­ple­tion of the work cycle;
  • water trans­paren­cy sen­sor. If all para­me­ters are met, water is reused for the pur­pose of max­i­mum sav­ings;
  • musi­cal noti­fi­ca­tion;
  • full pro­tec­tion against water over­flow and AquaStop leaks;
  • spe­cial mode for dis­in­fect­ing dish­es at a tem­per­a­ture of 70 degrees;
  • closed con­trol pan­el;
  • facade fas­ten­ers — slid­ing type.


  • ful­ly built-in dish­wash­er, easy to hide behind a fur­ni­ture facade;
  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the height of the com­part­ments inde­pen­dent­ly;
  • there are hold­ers for glass­es, guides for plates and a sep­a­rate shelf for small cups;
  • low price, acces­si­ble to every­one;
  • cut­lery bas­ket.


  • no timer;
  • there is no child lock func­tion.

ESL 95324LO

Capac­i­ty — 13 com­plete sets of dish­es. Ide­al for large fam­i­lies or lovers9

hol­i­days and home gath­er­ings with guests.


  • box vol­ume — 13 sets of dish­es for 1 cycle;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — class “A +”;
  • wash­ing and dry­ing — class “A”;
  • elec­tron­ic type of con­trol;
  • pow­er — 1 950 W;
  • elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion for 1 cycle — 0.92 kW;
  • noise lev­el — 46–48 dB, depend­ing on the select­ed mode;
  • water con­sump­tion — 9.7–10 liters per cycle;
  • type of dry­ing — con­den­sa­tion;
  • 5 basic wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 4 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • pro­gram autostart delay timer (1–24 hours);
  • full pro­tec­tion against leaks and over­flow — AquaStop;
  • pre-soak mode;
  • water trans­paren­cy sen­sor;
  • auto-off after wash­ing and dry­ing;
  • sound noti­fi­ca­tion after the end of the pro­gram;
  • indi­ca­tion of the pres­ence of rinse aid and regen­er­at­ing salt;
  • 12 months man­u­fac­tur­er’s war­ran­ty.


  • express and inten­sive pro­gram;
  • guides for plates and hold­ers for glass­es.


  • no dis­play;
  • no half load;
  • there is no auto­mat­ic deter­mi­na­tion of the lev­el of water hard­ness;
  • no child pro­tec­tion.

ESL 95360LA

Dish­wash­er with the most effi­cient ener­gy effi­cien­cy class A +++. Great option for thoseten

who do not want to over­pay for util­i­ties, but want to make the most of the dish­wash­er.


  • dry­ing and wash­ing — ener­gy effi­cien­cy class “A”;
  • ener­gy con­sump­tion — class “A +++”;
  • elec­tron­ic con­trol;
  • ergonom­ic, bright dis­play;
  • type of dry­ing — con­den­sa­tion;
  • con­sump­tion of water resources — up to 10 liters per cycle;
  • noise lev­el — 40–42 dB;
  • box capac­i­ty — up to 13 com­plete sets of dish­es;
  • type of switch­es — sim­ple, push-but­ton;
  • pro­gram autostart delay timer (1–24 hours);
  • full pro­tec­tion against over­flow and leak­age;
  • water puri­ty sen­sor;
  • indi­ca­tion of rinse aid and salt residue;
  • beam on the floor, two-col­or ice-back­light;
  • door with auto­mat­ic open­ing — AirDry;
  • 6 basic dish­wash­ing pro­grams;
  • 5 tem­per­a­ture modes;
  • Time Man­ag­er — pro­gram accel­er­a­tion by 40–50% with­out loss of wash­ing qual­i­ty;
  • sound noti­fi­ca­tion of the end of work.


  • there is a pre-rinse;
  • del­i­cate mode for wash­ing glass­es and oth­er frag­ile items;
  • eco­nom­i­cal, express and inten­sive mode.


  • no auto­mat­ic deter­gent 3 in 1;
  • no child pro­tec­tion.





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