Which is better: air grill or electric grill? Tips for buyers on choosing an appliance


Home appli­ance man­u­fac­tur­ers today offer many options for cook­ing in a vari­ety of ways. These include air grill and elec­tric grill. To decide which unit of these two is bet­ter to choose, con­sumers should study the fea­tures of such equip­ment.

The principle of operation of the air grill and electric grill

Air grills and elec­tric grills are sim­i­lar in that both devices are pow­ered by elec­tric­i­ty. In both cas­es, you can cook food with a deli­cious gold­en brown. The prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion of the units is dif­fer­ent.

Aerogrill and electric grill

How does an airfryer work?

Cook­ing in aero­grills is car­ried out due to expo­sure to hot air. The device is a glass bowl or flask mount­ed on a stand. The con­tain­er is closed with a lid, which can be sep­a­rate or com­bined with a stand. A heat­ing ele­ment (tubu­lar) and a fan are built into the cov­er, and a con­trol pan­el is usu­al­ly locat­ed on it.

In the includ­ed device, thanks to the heat­ing ele­ment and the fan, hot air cir­cu­lates, due to which the food is cooked. The tem­per­a­ture and time are set by the con­sumer.

For more infor­ma­tion about the prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion of the air grill and its advan­tages, see the video:

Host­esses will be inter­est­ed to know what and how to cook in an air grill.

The action of the electric grill

In elec­tric grills, food is cooked only by heat­ing ele­ments. The design resem­bles elec­tric stoves, but above the heat­ing ele­ment there is a grate on which prod­ucts are placed.

Elec­tric grills can be dou­ble-sided, then the heat­ing ele­ments are also locat­ed above the grate. This speeds up the cook­ing process and con­tributes to its uni­for­mi­ty. Such units are also called grill press­es, as the prod­uct is clamped between the ele­ments of the device.

Anoth­er vari­a­tion of elec­tric grills is con­tact­less devices. They are often called skew­ers.

For more infor­ma­tion about the func­tion­al­i­ty and types of elec­tric grills, see the video:

Read also about a grill pan, as an ana­logue of an elec­tric grill: https://sovetexpert.ru/vibor-elektrogril-skovoroda-gril.html ‎.

Instrument functions

Con­sumers are inter­est­ed not so much in the prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion of the device as in its func­tion­al­i­ty. The more options a tech­nique has, the more it is in demand.

Air grills have the fol­low­ing fea­tures:

  • prepa­ra­tion of first cours­es, cere­als, side dish­es;
  • fry­ing;
  • bak­ery prod­ucts;
  • steam cook­ing;
  • ster­il­iza­tion;
  • dry­ing (fruits, veg­eta­bles, berries);
  • hot smok­ing;
  • heat­ing food;
  • mak­ing yogurt;
  • defrost­ing prod­ucts;
  • can­ning (prepa­ra­tions).

When choos­ing a device, it is impor­tant to con­sid­er its con­fig­u­ra­tion. To ful­ly use the capa­bil­i­ties of the unit, you need to have sev­er­al grills, a bak­ing sheet, a dou­ble boil­er (a con­tain­er with holes), a grill attach­ment, skew­ers and spe­cial tongs.

Airfryer cooking

The elec­tric grill has a small­er set of func­tions. This appli­ance can fry, bake or stew food. It can also be used to reheat or defrost food.

Advantages and disadvantages of aerogrill

Before buy­ing any device, you need to study its pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive sides.

Air­fry­er ben­e­fits include:

  • a large selec­tion of cook­ing meth­ods;
  • no need to use oil or fat;
  • uni­form pro­cess­ing of prod­ucts;
  • trans­par­ent con­tain­er — no need to lift the lid to see the dish being pre­pared;
  • safe­ty: when the lid is opened while the device is on, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly turn off; switch­ing on is also auto­mat­ic;
  • ease of care: the glass bowl is easy to wash, and to clean the heat­ing ele­ment, you need to pour water with deter­gent and briefly turn on the device;
  • rapid heat­ing of the device;
  • no spe­cial uten­sils required (any heat-resis­tant con­tain­ers are suit­able);
  • no human pres­ence is need­ed — you just need to choose the tem­per­a­ture and cook­ing time;
  • auto­mat­ic shut­down (timer);
  • heat preser­va­tion: the bowl of the appli­ance has a low ther­mal con­duc­tiv­i­ty, so if you do not open the lid, the food does not cool for a long time;
  • min­i­mum smell — food is cooked in a closed con­tain­er;
  • the abil­i­ty to cook two dish­es at the same time, for exam­ple, meat and a side dish for it.

Air grill at home

There is no tech­nol­o­gy that is per­fect in every respect. The dis­ad­van­tages of air­fry­er include:

  • work­ing time (some dish­es are faster to cook in a dif­fer­ent way, for exam­ple, on the stove);
  • elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion;
  • large dimen­sions of the struc­ture;
  • heavy and bulky bowl.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric grill

The pros and cons of elec­tric grills depend on the type of con­struc­tion. There are sev­er­al gen­er­al ben­e­fits to high­light:

  • cook­ing with­out oil;
  • min­i­mum odor (for dou­ble-sided mod­els);
  • mobil­i­ty;
  • the pos­si­bil­i­ty of using in the apart­ment;
  • low noise lev­el.

electric grill

The dis­ad­van­tages of an elec­tric grill include:

  • lit­tle func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • high con­sump­tion of elec­tric­i­ty;
  • chil­dren in mod­els with an open spi­ral.

When choos­ing an air grill or elec­tric grill, it is nec­es­sary to con­sid­er for what pur­pose the device will be used. Then you will know for sure which option is best for you. To replace sev­er­al kitchen units, an air grill is bet­ter, and for cook­ing, like on a fire, you should choose an elec­tric grill.





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