8 best hazel trees — Rating 2022

But progress does not stand still, and home appli­ance man­u­fac­tur­ers are con­stant­ly improv­ing appli­ances, devel­op­ing new mod­els to facil­i­tate work in the kitchen. Among such con­ve­nient devices is an elec­tric hazel­nut. The host­ess no longer needs to stand at the stove and wait for the dough to fry. A “smart” device will do almost every­thing for her. It is equipped with many use­ful fea­tures to make the del­i­ca­cy tasty and opti­mal­ly fried.

In elec­tri­cal devices, it is pos­si­ble to adjust the heat­ing tem­per­a­ture. They can be both minia­ture and quite func­tion­al with the abil­i­ty to bake up to sev­er­al dozen cook­ies at a time. The appli­ance beeps as it cooks. The hazel­nuts are easy to use. After use, spe­cial care is not required. Thought out safe­ty. Many mod­els are equipped with an auto-shut­off func­tion in case of a short cir­cuit or over­heat­ing. Also a use­ful option in a house with small chil­dren is an addi­tion­al latch that will pre­vent open­ing and pro­tect the child from burns.

What elec­tric hazel­nuts are the best and com­bine all the qual­i­ties of safe­ty and effi­cien­cy? We ana­lyzed the kitchen appli­ances mar­ket and iden­ti­fied 8 appli­ances that received the most pos­i­tive feed­back from house­wives. Pro­fes­sion­al experts also agreed with them.

Rating of the best nuts

Hazelnut Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker

Rat­ing: 4.9

Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker

The hazel­nut of the famous Polaris brand is in the lead. Ease of use made it the best among the many oth­er mod­els pre­sent­ed. The tem­per­a­ture regime is already set, so all that remains is to lay the dough, and in a few min­utes you will get 12 gold­en nuts, ready for the fill­ing. Large pan­els with non-stick lay­er are very con­ve­nient dur­ing the process. The lid opens as much as pos­si­ble, so it is easy to both lay the dough and take out the cook­ies.

The device is equipped with auto­mat­ic tem­per­a­ture con­trol. Dur­ing pow­er surges, the cook­ing process is sta­bi­lized. The case is made of heat-resis­tant plas­tic. It with­stands mechan­i­cal shocks. The design in black with a met­al insert looks very styl­ish, so the device will dec­o­rate any kitchen.

The rub­ber­ized legs will exclude unwant­ed slid­ing on a work­ing sur­face. Indi­ca­tion of the hazel­nut state will always allow you to con­trol the process. The latch will secure the two parts of the appli­ance and pre­vent chil­dren from open­ing it. The host­esses were sat­is­fied with a sim­ple but very effec­tive hazel­nut. With it, any mem­ber of the fam­i­ly can cook fra­grant cook­ies, even when mom is not at home.


  • auto­mat­ic tem­per­a­ture con­trol;
  • a large por­tion in one cycle;
  • Biotore non-stick coat­ing;
  • heat-insu­lat­ed han­dles;
  • mod­ern design.

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Hazel Miracle EV‑2

Rat­ing: 4.8

Miraculous EV-2

The sec­ond prize win­ner is a device that pre­pares 6 serv­ings of nuts in one cycle. The quick bak­ing time of the dough allows it to be used both for ordi­nary home tea drink­ing and when many friends should come to vis­it. Sim­ple con­trol does not cause dif­fi­cul­ties. The indi­ca­tion informs about the inclu­sion in the net­work and the state of heat­ing. The tem­per­a­ture regime is reg­u­lat­ed mechan­i­cal­ly.

The coat­ing of the molds is non-stick. Ready-made cook­ies are easy to remove, the dough does not stick. The lid opens com­plete­ly, mak­ing the process eas­i­er. The case is made of high qual­i­ty met­al. He is shock resis­tant. Under any mechan­i­cal influ­ences, dents are not formed. The sur­face is eas­i­ly cleaned of dirt with­out the use of spe­cial deter­gents.

The han­dles are ther­mal­ly insu­lat­ed. Accord­ing to the reviews, the mod­el copes with its tasks per­fect­ly. The house­wives were espe­cial­ly pleased with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to inde­pen­dent­ly select the tem­per­a­ture regime, mak­ing the shells more fried or, con­verse­ly, light, depend­ing on the pref­er­ences of the house­hold. A strong fix­a­tion of the lid was con­sid­ered an undoubt­ed advan­tage. The design was also liked by many buy­ers.


  • built-in ther­mo­stat;
  • high-qual­i­ty non-stick lay­er;
  • ready-made dish in a few min­utes;
  • not heat­ed han­dles;
  • con­ve­nient extrac­tion.

Hazel Holt HT-NM-001

Rat­ing: 4.7

Holt HT-NM-001

On the third line is a con­ve­nient mod­el that will always be at hand when guests unex­pect­ed­ly appeared or house­hold mem­bers want­ed some­thing tasty. It is com­pact and does not take up much space. At the same time, 4 nuts are cooked at the same time. The case is made of heat-resis­tant plas­tic. It does not heat up at all, so injury is exclud­ed. The design is styl­ish, it will per­fect­ly fit into the inte­ri­ors of mod­ern and clas­sic kitchens.

The bak­ing plates are coat­ed with a non-stick lay­er. It pro­vides high-qual­i­ty fry­ing of the dough and easy extrac­tion. There is no food left­overs in the molds, so clean­ing is sim­ple and has­sle-free. On the cov­er there is a ther­mo­stat with mechan­i­cal con­trol and 2 lev­els of adjust­ment. When turned on, the pow­er indi­ca­tor lights up, when the cook­ies can be tak­en out — the readi­ness indi­ca­tor.

The device has a small weight and dimen­sions, so it is easy to car­ry it in the kitchen, as well as take it with you on trips so that you can cook your favorite cook­ies at any time. The hazel has non-slip rub­ber feet. The long cord is stored away in a spe­cial com­part­ment.


  • not heat­ed sur­face;
  • infor­ma­tion about the state of the device;
  • mobil­i­ty and ease of stor­age;
  • branch for a net­work cord;
  • sim­ple con­trol.

Hazel Olto WA-2017

Rat­ing: 4.6

Olto WA-2017

The fourth is the device, which is equipped with 12 half-moulds for obtain­ing 6 nuts in one bak­ing. Its light weight and sim­ple oper­a­tion have made it very pop­u­lar among buy­ers. Anoth­er def­i­nite plus is the afford­able price. A high-qual­i­ty pan­el has high non-stick prop­er­ties. The dough does not stick, does not burn. Cook­ies come out smooth and gold­en.

The device is equipped with an indi­ca­tion sys­tem for turn­ing on and heat­ing. In the pro­duc­tion, impact-resis­tant plas­tic was used that does not con­duct heat, so the risk of get­ting burned is min­i­mized. The case and han­dles always remain cold. When closed, the device is fixed with a lock. It is quite easy to care for, does not require pre­lim­i­nary prepa­ra­tion.

The man­u­fac­tur­er took care of safe­ty by equip­ping the hazel with an auto-shut­down func­tion in case of over­heat­ing. Accord­ing to reviews, she ful­ly sat­is­fies the needs of the most demand­ing host­ess with high culi­nary skills. It is also suit­able for inex­pe­ri­enced users, since every­thing is extreme­ly clear and sim­ple, you do not need to con­fig­ure any­thing your­self.


  • high-qual­i­ty coat­ing of forms;
  • easy cleans­ing;
  • light weight;
  • over­heat pro­tec­tion;
  • heat resis­tant plas­tic.

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Hazel nut Vasilisa VA-202

Rat­ing: 4.5

Vasilisa VA-202

Fifth place is occu­pied by a device that will cook 9 halves of nuts in a few min­utes. It will appeal to those house­wives who are used to con­trol­ling the process and set­ting up the work at their dis­cre­tion. For this, a mechan­i­cal tem­per­a­ture adjust­ment is pro­vid­ed. The fry­ing sur­face is coat­ed with a lay­er that pre­vents the dough from burn­ing. The body is made of plas­tic and stain­less steel. It does­n’t heat up. Han­dles also always remain cold.

In the mod­el, when turned on, the indi­ca­tor light lights up. Also, as it heats up, the device will inform the host­ess. It is sta­ble, equipped with spe­cial non-slip rub­ber feet. The design is quite clas­sic. The cook­ing process takes a min­i­mum of time. The lid leans back as much as pos­si­ble, mak­ing putting the dough into all the cells more com­fort­able. Ready nuts are eas­i­ly sep­a­rat­ed with­out the risk of get­ting burned on the hot pan­el. The latch pre­vents chil­dren from open­ing on their own.

Buy­ers leave pos­i­tive feed­back about the device. It is sta­ble with fre­quent use, break­downs and defects were not observed. The hazel is easy to care for, com­pact enough, can be safe­ly trans­port­ed to the coun­try house or to anoth­er place.


  • smooth tem­per­a­ture con­trol;
  • indi­vid­ual pow­er set­ting;
  • auto shut­down in case of over­heat­ing;
  • heat-resis­tant sur­face;
  • facil­i­tat­ed care.

Hazel magio MG-391/393

Rat­ing: 4.4

Magio MG-391

The sixth is a kitchen appli­ance that stands out among sim­i­lar ones with its strik­ing design. In addi­tion to the fash­ion­able appear­ance, it has good per­for­mance char­ac­ter­is­tics. A pow­er­ful heat­ing ele­ment grad­u­al­ly warms up, even­ly bak­ing all the forms in the pan­els. After a few min­utes, 6 even, crispy nuts are ready, and you can lay the next batch of dough.

Light indi­ca­tors are locat­ed on the lid for easy mon­i­tor­ing of the process. The body and han­dles are made of heat-resis­tant plas­tic that is safe for humans and does not affect food prod­ucts. Thanks to a con­ve­nient lock, the device has pro­tec­tion against chil­dren. It can also be stored in any posi­tion, includ­ing ver­ti­cal, with­out the risk of self-open­ing and dam­age.

The easy-to-han­dle mod­el has been high­ly acclaimed. Bright col­ors delight lovers of mod­ern style. The device is very light and com­pact, does not take up much space, and can be eas­i­ly car­ried if nec­es­sary. The cook­ies bake even­ly. Book­mark­ing the dough and remov­ing the fin­ished prod­uct is not dif­fi­cult.


  • high-qual­i­ty non-stick lay­er;
  • small dimen­sions and weight;
  • rapid heat­ing;
  • light indi­ca­tion;
  • bright trendy col­ors.

Hazel Energy EN-285

Rat­ing: 4.3

Energy EN-285

The sev­enth place goes to the device with simul­ta­ne­ous prepa­ra­tion of 12 half-forms. They can be used as mini-plates, or you can fill them with boiled con­densed milk, jam, cream and treat house­hold mem­bers and guests with a treat. The lacon­ic design in white exe­cu­tion will suit all kitchen inte­ri­ors. Once pre­pared, hazel­nut can be stored in any com­part­ment or head­set draw­er with­out requir­ing a lot of space.

There is noth­ing super­flu­ous in the mod­el. The opti­mal tem­per­a­ture regime has already been set accord­ing to the clas­sic recipe. Body and han­dles do not get hot. The plas­tic is durable and can with­stand mechan­i­cal stress. High-qual­i­ty non-stick coat­ing will pre­vent any trou­ble. The dough does not burn, ready-made nuts are sep­a­rat­ed eas­i­ly with­out residues in the molds.

The mod­el is com­pact and easy to main­tain. Many note that, hav­ing tried it in prac­tice and eval­u­at­ing its qual­i­ty, they buy the same device as a gift to rel­a­tives and friends. Anoth­er sig­nif­i­cant advan­tage is the rea­son­able cost.


  • sta­ble uni­form heat­ing;
  • inter­change­able pan­els for cook­ing;
  • heat-resis­tant sur­face;
  • light indi­ca­tion;
  • con­ve­nient stor­age.

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Hazelnut Galaxy GL 2952

Rat­ing: 4.2

Galaxy GL 2952

The review is com­plet­ed with a hazel­nut with an opti­mal com­bi­na­tion of price and qual­i­ty. The ther­mal­ly insu­lat­ed hous­ing is made of com­bined mate­ri­als: plas­tic and steel. The design is con­cise, the dimen­sions are com­pact, the weight is small. Bak­ing time varies from 1.5 to 3 min­utes. At one time, 12 half-forms are pre­pared, which can be used as bas­kets on a ban­quet table, or as 6 stan­dard nuts.

Alu­minum pan­els with a high qual­i­ty non-stick sur­face elim­i­nate stick­ing, are easy to clean, with­stand tem­per­a­ture extremes and mechan­i­cal shock. The mod­el meets all safe­ty require­ments. The han­dles have a spe­cial ther­mal pro­tec­tion, so there will be no injury upon con­tact.

For con­ve­nience, a light alert is pro­vid­ed: when turned on and when the heat­ing tem­per­a­ture is reached. Hazel not only does not take up much space on the desk­top, but can also be stored in any kitchen draw­er in both ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal posi­tions. The house­wives not­ed that the device quick­ly and even­ly bakes the dough, result­ing in cook­ies accord­ing to the clas­sic recipe: uni­form, gold­en, not break­ing.


  • heat-resis­tant safe plas­tic;
  • light indi­ca­tion;
  • reli­able non-stick coat­ing;
  • max­i­mum safe­ty at work;
  • minia­ture sizes.

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