Blender review REDMOND RSB-3460: photos, reviews, pros / cons


This blender is dis­tin­guished by its com­pact size and styl­ish design. It has 2 main work­ing com­part­ments. The blender also has a whisk attach­ment in its arse­nal. For its oper­a­tion, the device is equipped with two speeds.

Functionality REDMOND RSB-3460

The device is equipped with 2 work­ing sec­tions. They are made of high qual­i­ty durable plas­tic. The appli­ance is easy to use and due to its com­pact dimen­sions it is suit­able for any kitchen…7896


  1. Com­pact dimen­sions.
  2. Smooth speed con­trol.
  3. Auto pow­er off but­ton.

Distinctive features

  1. Remov­able stain­less steel blade.
  2. High engine pow­er.
  3. Comes with a whisk attach­ment.

Pros and cons of the model

  1. Com­fort­able han­dle.
  2. Excel­lent build qual­i­ty.
  3. Reli­a­bil­i­ty and dura­bil­i­ty.


  1. A bit noisy.


  1. Type: portable.
  2. Con­trol type: mechan­i­cal.
  3. Rat­ed pow­er: 40W.
  4. Max­i­mum pow­er: 50W.
  5. Bat­tery capac­i­ty: 1600 mAh.
  6. Case mate­r­i­al: plas­tic, stain­less steel.
  7. Num­ber of speeds: 1.
  8. Pitch­er: yes.
  9. Jug mate­r­i­al: plas­tic.
  10. Jug vol­ume: 350 ml.
  11. Blade mate­r­i­al: Stain­less steel SUS304.
  12. Pro­tec­tion against elec­tric shock: class I.
  13. Over­heat pro­tec­tion: yes.
  14. Over­load pro­tec­tion: yes.
  15. Pro­tec­tion against inclu­sion at the wrong assem­bly: yes.
  16. Indi­ca­tion: LED.
  17. Wire­less: yes.
  18. Auto-off func­tion: yes






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