Functionality Candy CDCP 8/E‑07

Ultra-com­pact free­stand­ing dish­wash­er. It is only 55 cen­time­ters in height, so you can com­pare it with an oven. But in terms of load­ing it is designed for as many as 8 sets of dish­es. That is, in terms of spa­cious­ness it is not infe­ri­or to nar­row built-in dish­wash­ers. One of the most afford­able mod­els of this man­u­fac­tur­er, there­fore it is in demand among buy­ers.

Func­tion­al­i­ty Can­dy CDCP 8/E‑07

Fea­tures sup­port­ed by this dish­wash­er:

  • capac­i­ty — 8 sets;
  • con­trol — elec­tron­ic, there is a mini-dis­play, which dis­plays infor­ma­tion about the cur­rent­ly select­ed wash­ing mode;
  • 5 pro­grams to choose from, you can sep­a­rate­ly set the desired tem­per­a­ture;
  • con­den­sa­tion dry­ing;
  • there is no leak­age pro­tec­tion (only an audi­ble sig­nal turns on if a leak is detect­ed);
  • eco­nom­i­cal con­sump­tion of deter­gent and salt;
  • you can change the inter­nal lay­out (the loca­tion of the bas­ket, tray).

Dishwasher Candy CDCP 8E-07

Pros and cons of the model

Key advan­tages of this dish­wash­er:

  • ultra-com­pact, can be installed even on the win­dowsill;
  • there is a dis­play with the out­put of the cur­rent set­tings;
  • very eco­nom­i­cal con­sump­tion of elec­tric­i­ty.


  • takes a long time to “warm up” before start­ing the wash;
  • noisy (since there is no sound­proof­ing lay­er).


Declared tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions:

  • pow­er con­sump­tion — up to 1500 W;
  • water con­sump­tion — up to 9 liters with an inten­sive pro­gram (in the stan­dard — about 7 liters);
  • noise dur­ing oper­a­tion — up to 49 dB;
  • weight — 21 kilo­grams;
  • the dura­tion of the dish­wash­ing cycle is from 150 min­utes.

Candy CDCP 8E-07






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