Yogurt with coffee or cocoa

How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker: homemade recipes with and without sourdough


Dairy prod­ucts are extreme­ly use­ful for both chil­dren and adults. In an effort to eat right, refus­ing junk food with fla­vor­ings and var­i­ous sus­pi­cious addi­tives, you need to know how to cook yogurt in a yogurt mak­er accord­ing to all the rules so that you get an appe­tiz­ing and healthy dessert.

Yogurt makers and homemade yogurt: the nuances of making treats

Now you can pur­chase var­i­ous mod­els of yogurt mak­ers, which dif­fer in the brand of the man­u­fac­tur­er, pow­er, the pres­ence of addi­tion­al func­tions (indi­ca­tors, timer), vol­ume. How­ev­er, the gen­er­al tech­nol­o­gy for prepar­ing a home­made sour-milk dessert will be the same for fer­ment­ing yogurt in a Mulinex yogurt mak­er, and for any oth­er.

When using a device with one con­tain­er, designed for 1–1.5 liters, all the milk cul­ture is poured into this bowl. If there are sev­er­al small plas­tic or glass jars in the yogurt mak­er, usu­al­ly there are from 6 to 12 of them with a vol­ume of 100–220 ml, then the milk starter is poured into them in equal pro­por­tions. At the same time, in both cas­es, the con­tain­ers have lids, which do not need to be screwed at all. Their pres­ence or absence will not affect the final result.

Yogurt makers and homemade yogurt

Look­ing for an answer to the ques­tion of how to make yogurt your­self, you need to take into account a num­ber of nuances that are rel­e­vant for Tefal, Delfa, Red­mond, Moulinex yogurt mak­ers and for any oth­er sim­i­lar devices from oth­er brands.

  1. The pow­er of the yogurt mak­er, usu­al­ly in the range of 6 W to 20 W, direct­ly affects the fer­men­ta­tion time and ener­gy con­sump­tion.
  2. The process of how to make yogurt in a yogurt mak­er usu­al­ly takes 6 to 10 hours. The longer the con­tain­er with milk starter is heat­ed, the thick­er and more sour the prod­uct can end up.
  3. When set­ting the right time on a timer or set­ting an alarm, it is impor­tant to remem­ber that, if you over­do it, you can end up with not yogurt, but cot­tage cheese, fer­ment­ed baked milk, yogurt. After all, with the help of this house­hold appli­ance at home, it is pos­si­ble to cook var­i­ous fer­ment­ed milk prod­ucts.
  4. The milk cho­sen for yogurt should be fresh and heat­ed to 35–45 degrees. Pas­teur­ized milk will need to be boiled and then cooled slight­ly to suc­cess­ful­ly cre­ate home­made yogurt in a yogurt mak­er. If the tem­per­a­ture of the liq­uid is high­er, then all the nec­es­sary and ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria will sim­ply die.
  5. Pow­dered milk is not suit­able for mak­ing home­made sour-milk dessert.
  6. Do not add sug­ar to yogurt in advance, this can pro­voke unnec­es­sary fer­men­ta­tion, absorp­tion of sucrose by bac­te­ria and, as a result, cook­ing yogurt in a yogurt mak­er will end with an incom­pre­hen­si­ble mass at the exit. For the same rea­son, fresh fruits or berries should not be added in advance; it is per­mis­si­ble to use dried fruits, soaked or boiled berries and fruits, as well as con­cen­trat­ed foods and sug­ar syrup.
  7. Before start­ing the pro­ce­dure, it is imper­a­tive to ster­il­ize a sin­gle bowl of a yogurt mak­er or small jars in it. This is nec­es­sary in order to destroy path­o­gen­ic and unnec­es­sary microor­gan­isms that can adverse­ly affect the process and result of prepar­ing home­made treats.
  8. If you use a yogurt mak­er designed for sev­er­al jars, then you should always fill all of them with future yogurt. Inside the device, dur­ing the entire cook­ing time, the con­tain­ers should fit as tight­ly as pos­si­ble to each oth­er.
  9. While home fer­men­ta­tion is tak­ing place, the house­hold appli­ance must not be touched, moved, rearranged.
  10. Store the result­ing yogurt at home is required in the refrig­er­a­tor, under a tight­ly closed lid and no more than 5–8 days.

Sterilization and starter selection

If you are going to make yogurt in a yogurt mak­er, you not only need to wash and dry the entire device well, but also ster­il­ize the con­tain­ers at home. How to do it? There are sev­er­al options.

  1. Tak­ing jars or a bowl, pour hot boiled water inside up to half. Then put the con­tain­er (or con­tain­ers) in the microwave, choos­ing not the high­est heat­ing pow­er. As soon as the water boils, giv­ing steam, remove the bowl or jars, get rid of the liq­uid and leave to dry for 30–40 min­utes. It is not nec­es­sary to wipe the ster­il­ized con­tain­ers; it is also not nec­es­sary to close them with a lid, send­ing them to the microwave.
  2. The eas­i­est way: pour boil­ing water over the desired con­tain­ers sev­er­al times and leave to dry.
  3. You can also use a dou­ble boil­er by plac­ing a bowl or jars in it, blow­ing hot steam for 10–15 min­utes.

When all the nuances of how to make yogurt are tak­en into account, and the ster­il­iza­tion process is left behind, it is nec­es­sary to deal with the options for starters that can be used for home­made treats.

Pop­u­lar starter options for fer­ment­ed milk dessert

  • Nat­ur­al yogurt or kefir, sour cream.
  • Activia.
  • Nat­ur­al curd.
  • Vita­lact, aci­dolact, sym­bi­lact.
  • Strep­tosan.
  • Bifiv­it.
  • aci­dophilus milk.

Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tions are suit­able as the desired acidic ingre­di­ent:

  • “Lineks”;
  • “Bifi­form”;
  • “Nar­ine”;
  • “Ace­pol” and oth­er means with live bac­te­ria.

Depend­ing on which option of the fer­ment­ing prod­uct is cho­sen, the final taste of home­made sour-milk treats will dif­fer. Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tions, the use of which helps to make yogurt in a yogurt mak­er, will give a more sour or bland taste to the prod­uct.

Classic yogurt at home: what you need and how to make it

The clas­sic ver­sion of a fer­ment­ed milk prod­uct can be made in absolute­ly any yogurt mak­er, using a num­ber of essen­tial com­po­nents and with­out adding sug­ar or sug­ar syrup.

Classic yogurt at home

How to make home­made yogurt: the right ingre­di­ents

  • A liter of select­ed milk with a fat con­tent of at least 3.5%.
  • One pack­age of dry or liq­uid sour­dough.

Step by step instruc­tions for clas­sic sour yogurt

  1. Pour milk into a saucepan or ladle, put on the stove, heat to the desired, most often room tem­per­a­ture.
  2. Add one small spoon­ful of warm milk to a bot­tle of sour­dough, shake well. If the com­po­nent is used in sachets, then pour the fer­ment­ing pow­der into a small con­tain­er, pour a spoon­ful of milk, beat.
  3. Pour the pre­pared fer­ment­ing agent into a saucepan or ladle with milk. Mix well.
  4. Care­ful­ly pour the result­ing mix­ture into a con­tain­er or con­tain­ers.
  5. Put the jars or bowl on the tray of the yogurt mak­er, close the device with a lid.
  6. Set the desired amount of time on the timer (from 6 to 10 hours) or set an alarm.
  7. Leave the yogurt to cook.
  8. As soon as the peri­od expires, remove the bowl or jars with ready-made sour milk from the house­hold appli­ance. Cool with lids on. And then put in the refrig­er­a­tor for 2.5–4 hours.

When using phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tions for fer­men­ta­tion, they must be dilut­ed with 2–3 tea­spoons of warm milk, insist­ed for 10–12 hours inside the yogurt mak­er turned on at min­i­mum pow­er. Then you need to cool the exist­ing mix­ture and send it to the refrig­er­a­tor for anoth­er 1.5–2 hours. Only then apply in order to pre­pare yogurt your­self.

Homemade flavored yoghurts

Com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent prod­ucts can be used as addi­tion­al fla­vor­ing ele­ments that get rid of the sour taste and make home­made yogurt a sweet dessert. How­ev­er, most of them are added at the last stage, before send­ing the cooked prod­uct to infuse in the refrig­er­a­tor. Or the fla­vor­ing addi­tive is knead­ed into yogurt imme­di­ate­ly before use.

What can be added to home­made sour-milk desserts?

  1. Fruits and berries in dif­fer­ent form.
  2. Nuts, cere­als, bran.
  3. Hon­ey, cof­fee, melt­ed choco­late, cocoa.
  4. Con­densed milk.
  5. Jams and jams.
  6. Vanil­la, vanil­la sug­ar, vanillin.
  7. Fruit puree and nat­ur­al juices, syrups.
  8. Can­died fruit.

Some recipes for delicious sour-milk desserts

choco­late yogurt

You can choose both white and milk or dark choco­late, but it is bet­ter with­out addi­tion­al fill­ing.

The process of mak­ing yogurt is the same as in the clas­sic ver­sion. Only pre-melt 1–2 choco­late bars, and then add this ingre­di­ent at the time of mix­ing warm milk and sour­dough.

Such a dessert is pre­pared for up to 8 hours in a yogurt mak­er.

thick yogurt

In addi­tion to the clas­sic ingre­di­ents, you will need to use heavy cream in an amount of 200–250 ml.

This recipe will show you how to make thick yogurt with your home appli­ance. Cold cream is poured into the milk heat­ed to the desired tem­per­a­ture, the mix­ture is well mixed. Next, the already pre­pared sour­dough is added and again all the com­po­nents are thor­ough­ly mixed so that the mass is homo­ge­neous. The result­ing mix­ture is sent to the yogurt mak­er for 6.5–7 hours.

After that, it is nec­es­sary to insist the result­ing thick prod­uct in the refrig­er­a­tor for 2–3 hours.

vanil­la yogurt

For one liter of milk, you need 1–2 bags of vanillin or vanil­la sug­ar, which must first be melt­ed.

Before pour­ing sour­dough into warm milk, vanil­la is added to it. Every­thing is mixed up. Then the fer­ment­ing agent is poured in, the mix­ture is knead­ed again. And then it is poured into con­tain­ers and left in the house­hold appli­ance for 6–8 hours.

Yogurt with coffee or cocoa

Recipe for mak­ing yogurt in a yogurt mak­er with cof­fee or cocoa

Cooked cof­fee or cocoa in a warm form is poured into warmed milk. Mix until a homo­ge­neous con­sis­ten­cy is obtained. Then the leav­en is poured into the mix­ture, every­thing is stirred again. Such yogurt should be infused in a house­hold appli­ance for 8 hours.

How to make yogurt in any type of home­made yogurt mak­er is described in the video below:


Oth­er nuances of using a yogurt mak­er — read here.

Yogurt is a tasty and healthy del­i­ca­cy that is best con­sumed in its nat­ur­al form, with­out starch, dyes, sweet­en­ers. There­fore, a yogurt mak­er in the house can become an indis­pens­able house­hold appli­ance. The sim­ple process of mak­ing a fer­ment­ed milk dessert will allow you to exper­i­ment and delight fam­i­ly mem­bers with new tastes.





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