Blender Philips HR3655.Photos, specifications, reviews, pros and cons.


Sta­tion­ary mod­el from a high price cat­e­go­ry. A capa­cious jug is suit­able for a large fam­i­ly, the nom­i­nal vol­ume is 2.2 liters, the use­ful one is 1.8 liters. Steel body. The speed is man­u­al­ly adjustable from low to tur­bo.


4 pre­set pro­grams: vac­u­um, ice crush, smooth­ie, self-clean­ing. The mod­el copes with prod­ucts of var­i­ous degrees of hard­ness. The pack­age includes a recipe book with the num­ber of ingre­di­ents and cook­ing time.

Blender Philips HR3655


  • Vac­u­um tech­nol­o­gy keeps the con­tents of the flask fresh­ly pre­pared, it will not exhale, will not exfo­li­ate. The mass comes out with­out foam and bub­bles.
  • The bowl is made of tri­tan — shock-resis­tant heat-resis­tant poly­ester. It does not become cloudy after pro­longed use, retains shine, is envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly, and does not absorb odors. The bowl is not infe­ri­or in qual­i­ty to glass, while weigh­ing less.

Impor­tant! Vac­u­um tech­nol­o­gy draws air out of the tank before start­ing work, the absence of oxy­gen pre­vents oxi­da­tion.


  • Vac­u­umiza­tion brings the con­sis­ten­cy to creamy.
  • High palata­bil­i­ty of the prod­ucts crushed in vac­u­um.
  • Con­ve­nient pre-installed pro­grams.
  • Cook­ing in large vol­umes, pre­serv­ing the use­ful prop­er­ties of food.


  • There is a non-remov­able part on the engine block, which com­pli­cates the stor­age of the device.
  • Noisy in vac­u­um mode.


  • The speed of rota­tion of the blades is 35,000 rpm.
  • Motor pow­er 1400 W.
  • ProB­lend 6 3D blend­ing tech­nol­o­gy gets the most out of each ingre­di­ent and ensures thor­ough blend­ing.

Philips HR3655


I am sat­is­fied with the pur­chase of a blender, because I know that it will not gath­er dust idle. There was a recipe book in the pack­age, I study it and intro­duce new good­ies into the menu. Smooth­ies are obtained with­out foam, the col­or of fruits is pre­served.

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