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The com­pact dish­wash­er Ler­an CDW 42–043 W is suit­able for fam­i­lies of 1 — 2 peo­ple. It takes up a min­i­mum of space in the kitchen (it can even be inte­grat­ed into a head­set). Eco­nom­i­cal, but at the same time with full dry­ing (con­den­sa­tion).


The Ler­an CDW 42–043 W pro­vides the fol­low­ing func­tion­al­i­ty:

  • 3 modes of oper­a­tion (includ­ing for light­ly soiled and heav­i­ly soiled dish­es);
  • delayed start (up to 24 hours);
  • con­trol — elec­tron­ic (dig­i­tal dis­play is not pro­vid­ed, mode switch­ing is per­formed using the built-in but­tons);
  • there is a hold­er for glass­es (can be removed when not in use);
  • you can set the tem­per­a­ture of the water.

Dishwasher Leran CDW 42-043 W

Pros and cons of the model

Buy­ers point out the fol­low­ing advan­tages of this dish­wash­er:

  • very com­pact;
  • con­sumes a min­i­mum of elec­tric­i­ty and water;
  • as many as 6 tem­per­a­ture set­tings.


  • too noisy (sound­proof­ing too thin);
  • no indi­ca­tor of salt or deter­gent;
  • not com­pat­i­ble with 3 in 1 prod­ucts.


Tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics of Ler­an CDW 42–043 W:

  • capac­i­ty — up to 4 sets;
  • elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion — up to 950 W;
  • water con­sump­tion — up to 5 liters per cycle;
  • ener­gy class — A (for dry­ing — B);
  • dry­ing — con­den­sa­tion.

Leran CDW 42-043W





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