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Some time after the birth of a child, every young moth­er asks her­self about the intro­duc­tion of com­ple­men­tary foods, which should be healthy, bal­anced and have the right con­sis­ten­cy for the child to assim­i­late.

In the peri­od up to a year, you can, of course, use ready-made com­ple­men­tary foods in the form of homog­e­nized puree in jars.

Then, in any case, the child needs to be grad­u­al­ly accus­tomed to prod­ucts from the “adult” table.

In the prepa­ra­tion of baby food with a homo­ge­neous con­sis­ten­cy, a blender will be an excel­lent assis­tant.

Rating of the TOP 9 best blenders for making baby food in 2022–2023

What you need to know about blenders

One-year-old babies still can­not chew food nor­mal­ly on their own, which is why it needs to be chopped well.

The ide­al food tex­ture option for a small child is mashed pota­toes, for this you need a good blender that will do the job per­fect­ly.

To choose the right blender, each poten­tial buy­er should rely on their pref­er­ences:

  • if you only need a blender to pre­pare baby food, a good option would be mini blender. It does not take up much space, copes with its main task with a bang and has an afford­able price;
  • immer­sion mod­els are suit­able for per­form­ing a wider range of tasks. With it, you can not only grind food for the child, but also pre­pare cock­tails, mashed soups, creams and sauces, and oth­er dish­es. The immer­sion blender is easy to clean and use. By pur­chas­ing such a mod­el, you can cook large por­tions for this fam­i­ly or a small snack dish for a baby;
  • the blender-steam­er will not only feed the baby with deli­cious and healthy food, but also take care of prop­er nutri­tion for the whole fam­i­ly, max­i­mal­ly pre­serv­ing vit­a­mins and nutri­ents in each dish. This mod­el will be use­ful to you even after the baby begins to chew food on his own. It belongs to the sta­tion­ary type of blenders, which in every­day life are sim­pler than sub­mersible mod­els. The device does not need super­vi­sion and con­trol by an adult. Your task is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble — fill a spe­cial con­tain­er with prod­ucts and press the but­ton that starts the cook­ing process.


Important points when choosing

Going to buy an indis­pens­able kitchen assis­tant, pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing impor­tant para­me­ters:

  • pow­er. It is on this para­me­ter that the speed of work and the qual­i­ty of grind­ing prod­ucts depend. The high­er the pow­er rat­ing, the more homo­ge­neous the con­sis­ten­cy of the out­put mass will be. Blenders with a good pow­er rat­ing are able to grind any sol­id food such as nuts, dried fruits, frozen fruits and raw veg­eta­bles. If you plan to use the blender to work with meat, you need a pow­er of at least 400 watts;
  • device func­tions. At this point, you can deter­mine the num­ber of noz­zles in the kit, modes, pow­er adjust­ment. The best option for full-fledged work with prod­ucts is a blender with sev­er­al noz­zles and at least 2–3 speeds and oper­at­ing modes;
  • blender mate­r­i­al. When buy­ing a device for grind­ing food, pay atten­tion not only to the reviews of real cus­tomers and char­ac­ter­is­tics, but also to the mate­r­i­al from which the equip­ment is made, it should be as safe as pos­si­ble for human health. Try to give pref­er­ence to a white device, it does not con­tain dyes. Met­al mod­els have a high cost, and are also more reli­able and durable than cheap­er plas­tic mod­els;
  • food bowl vol­ume. This para­me­ter is only impor­tant if you are pur­chas­ing a blender not only for mak­ing baby food. Choose the capac­i­ty of the con­tain­er depend­ing on how many peo­ple you will be prepar­ing dish­es with a blender.


Types of blenders

A blender will help every house­wife save a lot of time and effort by prepar­ing healthy food with max­i­mum preser­va­tion of ben­e­fits and juici­ness. The device of good qual­i­ty with high pow­er indi­ca­tors in a mat­ter of sec­onds will turn any prod­ucts into a ten­der mass with a uni­form con­sis­ten­cy.

The main task of a blender for prepar­ing baby food is a uni­form tex­ture of food with­out large pieces and lumps.

The best option is a blender with a min­i­mum num­ber of col­lapsi­ble parts, because after prepar­ing the puree, it will be nec­es­sary to thor­ough­ly rinse the device and every detail, which will take a lot of time.

The pow­er of a good blender for prepar­ing baby food should be enough not only for veg­eta­bles and fruits, but also for liv­er, chick­en, and meat.

To pre­pare food for the baby, you can use var­i­ous blenders, includ­ing:

  • mini blenders;
  • steam blenders;
  • immer­sion blenders.

Let’s con­sid­er each option in more detail.



Such a blender-pres­sure cook­er can not only grind food into puree, but also heat up dish­es, or defrost food with steam.

Every adult knows that steamed food retains vit­a­mins and ben­e­fi­cial prop­er­ties as much as pos­si­ble. It is with such a gen­tle type of heat treat­ment of prod­ucts that the baby will be able to get all the nec­es­sary trace ele­ments and a com­plex of vit­a­mins, which is so nec­es­sary for the full devel­op­ment of a grow­ing organ­ism.

To get a puree with a uni­form tex­ture, you will need to fill a spe­cial con­tain­er with prod­ucts and turn on the timer, then the device will do every­thing for you. There will be no more need to cook food, then trans­fer it to anoth­er con­tain­er, take it out, cut it, and so on.

After cook­ing, you need to turn on the blender mode, which will help you not only grind all the ingre­di­ents in a few sec­onds, but also mix them thor­ough­ly. The grind­ing lev­el can be con­trolled inde­pen­dent­ly.

In addi­tion, you will not need to stand and wait for the end of the process to turn off the steam­er blender. All mod­els of this type have an auto­mat­ic shut­down sys­tem.



Anoth­er type of blender for prepar­ing baby food is a mini blender (or, as they are also called, road blender), which dif­fers from its coun­ter­parts in more com­pact dimen­sions and mod­est char­ac­ter­is­tics.

The food con­tain­er in such devices is designed only for the prepa­ra­tion of small por­tions. This is ide­al for moms who only need a blender to pre­pare baby food.

Excess mashed pota­toes now do not have to be scraped off the walls of the bowl and trans­ferred to anoth­er con­tain­er, and car­ing for such a device is eas­i­er com­pared to any oth­er mod­els.

The only dis­ad­van­tage of such mod­els is that they will be use­ful to mom only for that peri­od of time until the child begins to ful­ly chew food on his own.

That is, after a few months, such a blender will remain gath­er­ing dust on the far shelf of the kitchen cab­i­net, since it is not intend­ed for oth­er use in the future. This is due to its low pow­er and the small size of the food con­tain­er.



The most con­ve­nient and ver­sa­tile option on our list is the immer­sion blender. It is these mod­els that most moth­ers pre­fer, who need to chop food in small vol­umes.

The advan­tage of such a blender is its com­pact­ness. It is a hand-held device that will grind any kind of prod­uct in a spe­cial con­tain­er.

Mod­ern immer­sion blenders are equipped with a vari­ety of attach­ments and modes, which are com­ple­ment­ed by the good pow­er of the device. Such mod­els deserved­ly come as close as pos­si­ble to the title of a mini-food proces­sor.

Regard­less of the pow­er of the immer­sion blender, any device will cope with the prepa­ra­tion of a homo­ge­neous puree for the baby. Imme­di­ate­ly before prepar­ing com­ple­men­tary foods, it is nec­es­sary to thor­ough­ly rinse the prod­ucts, boil or bake, then grind with a blender.


Which species is best for preparing complementary foods?

It is dif­fi­cult to answer the ques­tion of which blender is the best. But if you choose a mod­el exclu­sive­ly for prepar­ing baby food, the answer is obvi­ous.

The best option would be a steam­er blender. It is bet­ter than its coun­ter­parts to cope with the orga­ni­za­tion of baby food, pre­serv­ing the vit­a­mins and ben­e­fi­cial prop­er­ties in each indi­vid­ual prod­uct as much as pos­si­ble.

TOP 3 immersion blenders for baby food

What is the best immer­sion blender in your opin­ion? You can vote one once.

Bosch MSM 66110

One of the most pop­u­lar Bosch mod­els from the bud­get price seg­ment.eight

Despite this, the device has excel­lent char­ac­ter­is­tics, which are enough to pre­pare com­ple­men­tary foods for your child. This mod­el is high­ly reli­able for 2022–2023.


  • immer­sion blender with a pow­er of 600 W;
  • 1 speed;
  • mechan­i­cal con­trol;
  • the vol­ume of the mea­sur­ing cup is 600 ml;
  • the sub­mersible part of the blender is a durable met­al that is resis­tant to defor­ma­tion and cor­ro­sion process­es. The body of the device is high qual­i­ty food grade plas­tic;
  • tur­bo mode;
  • cord — 1.4 m.


  • ease of oper­a­tion and clean­ing;
  • com­fort­able han­dle and con­trol but­tons.


  • not the bud­get cost of the device.

Bosch MSM 14100

A good qual­i­ty immer­sion blender that has earned the trust of many young moth­ers.9


  • device pow­er — 400 W;
  • man­age­ment — mechan­ics;
  • mea­sur­ing cup 700 ml;
  • the body is made of food-grade plas­tic, safe, made of envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­ri­als;
  • light weight — 0.8 kg.


  • mode of split­ting ice and sol­id prod­ucts;
  • styl­ish col­or scheme — white with red;
  • war­ran­ty peri­od — 12 months;
  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the oper­a­tion of noz­zles;
  • anti-slip coat­ing, ergonom­ic shape of the prod­uct.


  • lit­tle pow­er.

Braun MQ 5077

Anoth­er sub­mersible blender mod­el, which has col­lect­ed a lot of pos­i­tive feed­back from real con­sumers,ten

who man­aged not only to pur­chase the device, but also to “play” it.


  • capa­cious bowl, vol­ume 1.5 l; 21 oper­at­ing modes of the device;
  • mea­sur­ing cup 500 ml;
  • in the kit there are noz­zles for knead­ing dough, slic­ing and vary­ing degrees of grind­ing prod­ucts;
  • stain­less steel whisk.


  • com­fort­able grip, the blender does not slip out of the hands;
  • mod­ern design in a clas­sic style;
  • mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty of the device;
  • cook­ing a large por­tion at a time;
  • all attach­ments are easy to remove and clean;
  • dish­wash­er safe;
  • sil­i­cone coat­ed han­dle.


  • takes up a lot of space;
  • do not grind food for a long time.

TOP‑3 steamer blenders for baby food

What is the best blender in your opin­ion? You can vote one once.

Philips AVENT SCF870

This blender from the Avent series is a great option for those who have small chil­dren, or for adher­entseleven

healthy lifestyle and prop­er nutri­tion. This is one of the high­est qual­i­ty mod­els for 2022–2023.


  • device pow­er 400 W;
  • one speed and one noz­zle;
  • capa­cious, deep con­tain­er for load­ing prod­ucts;
  • sim­ple con­trol;
  • sev­er­al modes of cook­ing and grind­ing.


  • there is a func­tion of cook­ing prod­ucts with a heat­ing ele­ment;
  • you can not only cook any kind of food, but also heat up dish­es;
  • takes up min­i­mal space in your kitchen;
  • ease of clean­ing after cook­ing and oper­a­tion;
  • ergonom­ic shape, rub­ber­ized coat­ing of the body of the prod­uct.


  • lack of tur­bo mode, pulse mode and plan­e­tary rota­tion.

Philips AVENT SCF862

Mod­el char­ac­ter­is­tics:

  • blender pow­er 330 W;12
  • oper­at­ing modes — cook­ing, grind­ing, mix­ing;
  • food con­tain­er — 1050 ml;
  • mea­sur­ing cup — 0.4 l;
  • cord — 0.8 m;
  • water tank — 180 ml;
  • in the basic con­fig­u­ra­tion — a con­tain­er for prod­ucts, a blender-steam­er, a spat­u­la.


  • safe use due to the lock on the jug;
  • a unique tech­nique of cook­ing steamed dish­es with max­i­mum preser­va­tion of vit­a­mins and nutri­ents;
  • it is pos­si­ble to use a blender not only for cook­ing homo­ge­neous cere­als and mashed pota­toes, but also for more “adult” dish­es.


  • not light weight — 1.4 kg;
  • the cost of the device.

Happy Baby Fusion

A blender-steam­er with excel­lent per­for­mance, which is use­ful not only in the kitchen, but also when trav­el­ing.13

With the help of such a device, any host­ess will be able to pre­pare baby food and please the house­hold with healthy and tasty food.

Prod­uct Fea­ture:

  • safe­ty sys­tem. The device works only with the cor­rect instal­la­tion of all parts;
  • steam­er blender 2 in 1;
  • war­ran­ty peri­od — 12 months;
  • pow­er 600 W;
  • fast grind­ing of any prod­ucts;
  • capa­cious con­tain­er for load­ing food.


  • dou­ble cut­ting noz­zle;
  • easy clean­ing of all parts;
  • max­i­mum preser­va­tion of the use­ful­ness of all prod­ucts;
  • homo­ge­neous tex­ture of baby food with­out lumps and large pieces;
  • sim­ple and mul­ti­func­tion­al steam­er blender;
  • com­pact­ness, light weight.


  • not detect­ed.

TOP 3 mini blenders for baby food

Which mini blender do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

RAWMID Dream miniBDM-07

Not such a small device, as stat­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er, but its char­ac­ter­is­tics and para­me­ters make the blenderfourteen

An excel­lent option for a kitchen assis­tant for any host­ess.


  • mini blender with a pow­er of 500 W;
  • war­ran­ty peri­od — 12 months;
  • mechan­i­cal, sim­ple oper­a­tion;
  • 20,000 rpm;
  • over­heat­ing pro­tec­tion sys­tem, auto-off;
  • 2 speed modes;
  • triple knife made of high qual­i­ty stain­less steel;
  • capac­i­ty 1.2 l;
  • sports bot­tles 0.57 l and 0.4 l;
  • cord — 100 cm.


  • hous­ing made of safe food-grade plas­tic;
  • styl­ish sil­ver case.


  • there is no pulse mode, smooth switch­ing between speeds.

RAWMID Dream MiniBDM-08

A per­son­al blender from a man­u­fac­tur­er that has been test­ed by time and thou­sands of users.fifteen


  • war­ran­ty — 1 year;
  • sta­tion­ary, per­son­al blender with a pow­er of 350 W;
  • hous­ing made of food-grade plas­tic, safe for health;
  • high qual­i­ty stain­less steel knives;
  • glass­es with a sealed lid — 2 pcs;
  • food con­tain­er — 0.6 l with a lid;
  • sports bot­tle — 600 ml;
  • 2 speed modes;
  • cord — 100 cm;


  • styl­ish design, 2 col­ors — black and white;
  • com­pact­ness;
  • mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • There is a recipe book includ­ed.


  • you can cook only small por­tions;
  • lids do not close tight­ly.

Philips HR2874 Daily Collection

One of the best blenders in its price seg­ment. Char­ac­ter­is­tics will allow you to cook baby food,16

smooth­ies, soups, purees and sauces.


  • pow­er 350 W;
  • bowl vol­ume — 0.6 l;
  • in the com­plete set — a jug, a blender, a sports bot­tle “On the Go”;
  • high qual­i­ty food plas­tic;
  • 1 speed mode;
  • cord 1.5 m.


  • design in white and red;
  • cord com­part­ment;
  • a glass made of impact-resis­tant plas­tic;
  • easy clean­ing and oper­a­tion;
  • can be loaded into the lit­ter box.


  • no ice break­ing mode;
  • no grinder.

Conclusion and Conclusions

As a result, it can be not­ed that any blender mod­el is suit­able for grind­ing baby food prod­ucts with a uni­form tex­ture.

The best option for prepar­ing healthy food for the baby and the whole fam­i­ly is a steam­er blender. Hav­ing giv­en pref­er­ence to such a mod­el, you can cook with it for many years, delight­ing the whole fam­i­ly with healthy dish­es.

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