Every woman strives to look attractive, beautiful, irresistible. In addition to a stylish outfit, fashionable accessories and a modern make-up, it is important to pay attention to the hairstyle. A hair styler will help to make strands smooth or create romantic curls. This gadget is a novelty, made using the latest technologies and working in a gentle mode.

How to choose a hair styler?

This styling gadget is considered multifunctional, therefore it is used not only for curling, but also for straightening curls. At the same time, the styler is easy to use – using the device, you can create the most fashionable hairstyle without resorting to the services of hairdressers. The device is used for different types of hair. It evens out tough and naughty strands, gives extra volume to thin ones. Outwardly, such a gadget looks like a familiar curling iron, however, additional attachments are included with the device, with the help of which fashionable hairstyles are created. Some stylers have a drying function.

To choose the best hair styler, you should first familiarize yourself with the varieties in detail. There are such types:

  • Multifunctional. Option for home use. The kit includes a set of nozzles with which you can straighten and wind your hair, create curls of the required size and shape, and make additional volume.
  • Monofunctional. A device equipped with only 1-2 modes. This type of styler is considered professional and highly specialized, therefore it is more often used by masters in hairdressing salons.
  • Auto. An advanced, multifunctional gadget that is able to perform operations with curls on its own. You just need to select a nozzle, wind a strand around it, turn it on and slowly move it from top to bottom.

The nuances of choosing a hair styler

To choose the best styler for hair straightening and curling, you should pay attention to the material from which the heating plates are made. Ceramics are considered reliable and safe. The styler with ceramic plates does not harm curls, keeping them healthy and attractive.

For home use, a styler with a power of 0.1 kW is suitable. Anything above is considered a professional instrument. Another point is mobility. During the selection and purchase, you should pay attention to the length of the wire. Unwind the cord to its full length and evaluate how comfortable it will be to use in certain conditions. If there are no extra outlets in the room where you are used to styling, it is recommended to purchase a wireless styler. Such a device is battery operated, so it is convenient to take it with you on a trip or a trip.

Other nuances that are important to pay attention to:

  • Variety of nozzles. Lovers of different shapes and sizes of curls should pay attention to the stylers, which come with different nozzles. More often, nozzles for hair straightening, corrugated plates, a styling brush, tongs are sold with the device to create the required size and diameter of curls.
  • Temperature regime. It is better to buy a styler equipped with a temperature control function in the range of 80-230 degrees. Thanks to this function, it will be possible to create the perfect hairstyle, while preventing overheating and damage to the structure of the hairs. The latest novelty models are able to automatically set the temperature, taking into account the type of hair and the type of styling.
  • Cold blow. A useful feature that helps to cool and fix the curls, close the scales of the hair, make it smooth and radiant.
  • Ionization. Removes electrification, gives hair softness and silkiness, makes them obedient.
  • Infrared radiation. A function similar to ionization. Helps smooth curls, give elasticity, health, radiance.

The best hair styler

Straighten curls, make a classic or curly curl will help forceps Rowenta CF 4132. The device consumes 44 W, heating up to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. The model is easy to use, endowed with a cord that rotates around the axis. The device is equipped with a set of nozzles.


For convenience, the gadget is equipped with a loop for hanging. The length of the power cord is 1.9 m.

Included with the device are:

  • ceramic nozzles;
  • curling and straightening tongs;
  • hair clips;
  • brush;
  • case;
  • user manual.


  • Laying is stable, neat.
  • The appliance heats up quickly.
  • The set is rich.
  • Nozzles are easy to replace quickly.


  • Cools down for a long time.
  • There is no temperature control.
  • The best stylers with ionization function

Best volume styler for short to medium length hair

Rowenta CF 9220 – the best styler for short hair and curls of medium length. This brush has 2 flow speeds and is designed to create extra volume. The cold air mode securely fixes the styling, and the ionization mode will help prevent tangles and electrification.


Device power – 1000 W, control type – mechanical. The gadget is equipped with the function of nozzle rotation, ionization and cold blowing. The number of temperature modes – 2, the number of speeds – 2. The kit includes 2 brush nozzles with a diameter of 30 and 50 mm. The material of the brushes is artificial bristles.


  • The brush is covered with ceramic, which protects the hair from damage.
  • Laying curls in the cold air mode.
  • Ionization function, thanks to which the hairstyle is not electrified.
  • Used for short hair and medium length hair.


  • Needs regular cleaning as it gets clogged with hair and dust particles.
  • It is convenient to use only for styling. Drying your hair after washing is problematic.
  • Makes a lot of noise during operation.
  • There is no storage case included.

best hair straightener

Philips HP8372 – the best hair straightener equipped with an innovative sensor that maintains natural hydration and does not overdry curls.


The device is equipped with 3 digital temperature settings that maintain stable heat for a perfect haircut. The sensor checks the hair and adjusts the temperature to maintain normal moisture levels. Other Features:

  • Moisture Protect Technology.
  • The presence of the ionization function.
  • floating ceramic plates.


  • It heats up to 200°C in a few seconds.
  • Ceramic coated plates.
  • It does not dry out the curls, which makes the hair look shiny and smooth.
  • Equipped with 3 temperature settings, allowing you to use the device for any type of hair.
  • Straightens even tight natural curls.


  • The light body of the device is easily soiled, so you will need to constantly monitor cleanliness.

best steam hair styler

Braun ASS 1000 Designed for drying and styling both short and long hair. The steam generated by the device during styling helps to retain natural moisture, thereby minimizing the risk of hair damage. Heat is evenly distributed during styling, effectively and at the same time safely affecting the curls.


Styler power – 1000 watts. The device is equipped with an overheating protection function, another function is the supply of cold air and steam humidification. The number of temperature modes and airflow speeds is 3. In addition, the gadget is equipped with a loop for hanging, and a rotating cord is provided for easy installation. The kit includes:

  • volume nozzle;
  • big and small brush.


  • The device is easy to use and comfortable to hold.
  • Thanks to the steam humidification function, the curls do not dry out, while maintaining natural moisture and health.
  • The swivel cord prevents tangling.


  • After working for 10-15 minutes, the device overheats.
  • Nozzles are weakly fixed, so they often slip off during use.
  • To ensure cold blowing, the button should be held with your finger.
  • For some users, the cord at the base wears out quickly.
  • It is inconvenient to use the steam button due to the location at the end of the nozzle.

The best automatic hair styler

Model Ritelli W200 Equipped with nine modes, with the help of which you can make salon-quality styling yourself, without spending a lot of time. The device is additionally equipped with a steam humidification function, which allows you to maintain natural hydration and health of curls. The nozzles are covered with ceramics, which also creates additional protection during use.


The maximum heating temperature is 230 °C. The device is equipped with 3 timer and curl direction modes. Cord swivel for ease of use. The curling iron included in the kit has a diameter of 18 mm, the weight of the product is 650 g.


  • Thanks to the steam function, the styling process is accelerated.
  • The swivel cord prevents twisting and tangling, making this appliance much more convenient to use.
  • The forceps have a ceramic coating that preserves the structure and health of each hair.
  • Curls curl evenly.
  • The finished strand is easily released, does not get tangled.
  • The tongs are equipped with an on indicator.


  • To achieve the ideal result, you will need to practice several times and gain experience.
  • The styler is not suitable for long hair below the waist.
  • The device is expensive.

The best cordless hair styler

Model pin up from US Medica helps you create the perfect hairstyle for every occasion. The device creates styling on curls of any type and length, acting on the strands carefully and delicately, while maintaining structure, health and natural shine. The styler works without a cord, powered by a 2000 mAh Li-ion battery that takes three hours to charge.


The power of the model is 20 W. The device warms up to the maximum temperature in 20 seconds, you can continuously use the product for 25-30 minutes. The plates are covered with tourmaline, after heating they transfer a negative charge to the strands, thanks to which it is possible to exclude electrification.

The set with the device includes:

  • thermal protective cover;
  • wire for recharging;
  • user manual.


  • Unique wireless technology that allows you to use the styler anywhere.
  • The presence of 3 heating modes, thanks to which the device is suitable for hair of any type.
  • Floating plates for perfect styling.
  • The styler straightens and curls the strands.
  • Light indication.
  • The product heats up and cools down quickly.
  • Lightweight and compact device can be charged from any external device.


  • Styler builds expensive.

Before you buy a hair styler, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its varieties, study the technical specifications, and find out what advantages and disadvantages users have identified. Some devices are easy to use and do not require specific skills. Others will need to get used to in order to create a fashionable styling daily.

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