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Find out how to choose and buy the best petrol grass trimmer. We’ve rounded up the top 10 grass trimmers for 2022 for you. Rating of the best trimmers price – quality, based on user reviews and expert opinion.

10 best gas trimmers - Rating 20210

The demand for lawn mowers with a gasoline engine is on average 25-30% higher than for electric ones (mains and battery models). To be convinced of this, it is not at all necessary to be a consultant in a garden equipment store: it is enough to refer to publicly available statistics, in fact, this is logical. The models on our list of the best lawn mowers of 2022 are much more efficient and powerful. The only significant drawback of such equipment is the high noise level. In particular, this rule applies to the segment of economical models, the noise figure of which can reach and even exceed 110 dB. But ceteris paribus, including cost, this technique allows you to quickly and efficiently remove thickets in the garden, lawn, and even on uneven areas. For work, there is no need to run annoying wires or periodically resort to recharging the battery. However, there are a number of “pitfalls” that we will try to talk about at the end of our publication. In the meantime, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our subjective list of leaders in the corresponding segment of garden tools.

Best Inexpensive Gasoline Grass Trimmers

The first category includes lawn mowers with a power of up to 1.8 kW, positioned as household and semi-professional devices for personal lawns and gardens. Such inventions are generally recommended for use on flat surfaces to remove small build-ups. In some cases for shrubs. Previously, it was found that the main disadvantage of such garden equipment is the high level of noise and vibration.

PATRIOT PT 553 (1+1)

10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20211

This year, the top 10 PATRIOT PT 553 (1 + 1) gasoline lawn mowers are launched, positioned as semi-professional lawn mowers. At the same time, customer reviews indicate that this technique really effectively copes with undergrowth only on flat areas. Among the advantages, it is necessary to highlight the quick start system called Easy Start, as well as a reliable primer for powering the power supply. Ease of use is due to the presence of a bicycle handle for precise control of the device. Hardy weeds can be cut smoothly with a sharp and strong three-blade knife. In combination with a powerful power supply, optimum brush removal efficiency is also achieved. In addition, the tool weighs only 7 kilograms.


  • two-stroke engine;
  • cutting width 44 cm;
  • large tank of 1.1 l;
  • good knife.


  • noisy model.

Caliber BK-1800

Top 10 Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20212

Caliber recently settled on a good gas trimmer at an affordable price. The VK-1800 model has a fairly durable unit, the power of which, in addition to simple control, is due to the name. The 1800 W power plant is enough to cut small growths and even bushes. In addition, the engineers of a well-known company took care of the presence of a steel knife and a spool of 2.4 mm wire. Air cooling is used to prevent premature wear. You will not find shortcomings in the high-quality implementation of electronic ignition. Fuel tank capacity 1.2 liters. It is worth noting the simple height adjustment of the handle, as well as good equipment. The package contains a shoulder strap, mounting tools, disc (knife), reel and documentation written in plain language. Of the shortcomings, only an increase in the noise level in the region of 110 dB can be distinguished.


  • protective covering;
  • simple adjustment;
  • high power;
  • good record;
  • light


  • he makes a lot of noise.


10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - 20213 Ranking

If you have not decided which lawn mower to choose for your summer house or garden, you should pay attention to the CHAMPION T433-2 with a power of 1250 W or 1.7 horsepower if you want. Performance is sufficient for cleaning grass on flat areas. The capacity of the T433-2 fuel tank is 0.95 liters. For domestic needs, it is no longer necessary. The manufacturer figured out a convenient U-shaped handle with a split-type straight rod. The length of the structure reaches 1.49 meters. It is worth noting the cable thickness of 3 millimeters and the low level of vibration compared to analogues – only 15 (m / s2). The noise level is quite high – 120 dB, which is typical for many high-end budget solutions.


  • high power;
  • cable thickness;
  • comfortable handle;
  • ergonomic model;
  • reliable engine.



10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20214

The Huter GGT-1500TX is positioned as a good gas and lawn mower with a 1.5 kW two-stroke engine. There are enough performances even for large areas. Despite this, the weight of the tool is only 6.78 kilograms. Thanks to the foldable design and the light panel, even an inexperienced user without any skills and abilities will be able to handle this device. At the same time, a reliable and high-quality backpack-belt is available, the set includes goggles to protect the operator. The device received a reliable engine, wear-resistant design and convenient control from the engineers of a well-known company.


  • powerful engine;
  • backpack strap;
  • compact size;
  • light;
  • comfortable bar.


  • edition not found.


Top 10 Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20215

The best inexpensive lawn mower in 2021, in our opinion, is the PATRIOT PT 3555 ES model, which differs from many analogues with an all-metal forged shaft and high performance. There is no doubt about the reliability and durability of this tool. The brand has already earned a reputation as a responsible manufacturer of garden equipment. In fact, there is enough power to mow a grass lawn – an excellent model for giving, a personal plot. Even on an uneven surface, the device demonstrates efficient and stable operation. At the same time, a pleasant bonus is the anti-vibration system, as well as advanced controls implemented in an ergonomic handle. Many users appreciated the easy access to the air filter, the quality of the spark plugs and the high level of service.


  • 4-blade knife;
  • convenient management;
  • high power;
  • lightweight construction;
  • anti-vibration system.


The best gas trimmers for the home in terms of price and quality

In this section of our publication, you can find more powerful four-stroke models whose power justifies a wider range. At the same time, due attention was paid to practicality, fuel consumption and reliability. It should be said right away that, in our opinion, Shtil is a leader in the production of semi-professional and professional models, so they presented two models of the brand at the same time, but there are also worthy competitors, including Makita and others.

EFCO Stark 25

10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20216

The company has relatively recently begun to establish itself as a reliable manufacturer of garden tools, in which it has already succeeded. At the same time, the brand offers excellent value for money. Given this circumstance, in our rating of lawn mowers there is a fairly high-quality and affordable model – EFCO Stark 25. The main feature of the tool is the environmentally friendly Burn Right engine with good performance and a moderate level of vibration. The developers took care of the presence of a fuel pump, a forged shaft, a large fuel tank. As well as a two-handed handle, easy access to the filter without the use of tools. Operating power is 1.0 hp and fuel consumption is reduced by 40% compared to the previous generation.


  • rapid brand development;
  • start the engine;
  • economical engine;
  • low vibration level;
  • reliable engine.


  • not the best producer yet.


Top 10 petrol trimmers - Rating 20217

Many people know that STIHL is one of the leaders in the field of garden tools, and the range of brush cutters from the manufacturer is extremely diverse. At the same time, I would like to note the quality of workmanship of the truly reliable STIHL FS 55 lawn mower for the garden. This model is suitable for both the surrounding area and lawn care. The tool can be safely attributed to the category of semi-professional devices, which is manifested both in performance and in practicality. The design features ergonomic appearance, good handling and wear-resistant motor. Sophisticated gardeners will appreciate the 2-blade disc and powerful motor.


  • sharp blade;
  • compact size;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • vibration level;
  • cheap technology.


  • There are more efficient models.


Top 10 Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20218

Where practicality matters, users choose MAKITA. In particular, a reliable home gas mower deserves attention – this is the EBH341U with a thoughtful design and a reliable four-stroke internal combustion engine. Cylinder volume – 33.5 cubic centimeters, power – 1.07 kW. Productivity is enough to clear the bush in the surrounding area. To solve these processes, you can use a fishing line (2.4 mm in diameter) with automatic thread adjustment or an expensive steel three-blade knife. In addition to good equipment, the technique attracts with a thoughtful and compact body with an adjustable handle. Judging by customer reviews, the equipment is affordable, reliable and justifies the price.


  • good power;
  • ease of use;
  • build quality;
  • good knife;
  • famous brand.


  • still too expensive.


10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers - Ranked 20219

In terms of price and quality, the ECHO SRM-2655SI model is, first of all, a solid model that attracts with a good price / quality ratio. The power of this unit is 900 watts. It is easy to understand that this tool works on the basis of a rotating cutting system. At the same time, the width of the handle reaches 43 centimeters. User reviews testify to economical fuel consumption, high-quality blades and fishing line spools. At the same time, the equipment operates on the basis of a two-stroke engine, but is resistant to wear, and the volume of the fuel tank reaches 0.5 liters. It is worth noting a thoughtful and effective vibration reduction system, as well as a cutting width of 43 centimeters. No obvious deficiencies were found.


  • fair value;
  • good efficiency;
  • simple adjustment;
  • good power;
  • reliable brand.



10 best gas lawn trimmers - Ranking 202110

The best lawnmower for the home in 2021 is the STIHL FS 120, which boasts a high level of user-friendliness and a powerful 1800W transmission. At the same time, the equipment received a well-thought-out two-handed handle for cutting vegetation for a long time without noticeable fatigue of the operator’s hands. You can mow weeds, small growths, shrubs. There is a wear-resistant and efficient cutting tool, the sharpness and quality of which is enough even to remove thin trees in a summer cottage (reviews confirm this). However, the maximum noise level rarely reaches 110 dB. The design weighs about 6.3 kilograms. Total length 176cm.


  • leading manufacturer;
  • good tank volume;
  • low vibration level;
  • reliable engine;
  • cutting element;
  • light.


How to choose the right gas trimmer?

Therefore, even two-stroke models of this type look quite solid against the background of electric trimmers, although they make a lot of noise, are often much more expensive, and provide additional maintenance and fuel costs. But in terms of service over large areas, efficiency and stability, they are unmatched by the competition. Of course, if you have a good model. If you don’t know how to choose a good lawn mower for a summer house or garden, then you should understand at least the basic criteria:

  1. Engine’s type. Petrol models are equipped with two- and four-stroke engines. The first option attracts with less weight, but gas mowers with this power plant are loud, consume a lot of fuel and produce a large amount of harmful emissions. Four-stroke engines are less efficient, but in these parameters they do not have serious drawbacks. There are more advanced models that have practically no less power than their counterparts, but such solutions are more expensive.
  2. Engine power. Here you need to proceed from the set activities. Household trimmers rarely have a volume of more than 1 liter. With. However, for the processing of plantations, one cannot do without 3-3.5 liters. With. Considered a 2.5 horsepower professional finishing tool;
  3. Volume of the tank. This parameter is determined by power and goals. The volume of the fuel tank can vary from 0.3 to 1 liter. As you understand, the more, the less often you have to be distracted.
  4. Barbell. Inside this structural element is a shaft that transmits force from the unit to the working head. The bar can be straight or curved. The first option is more reliable, but less ergonomic. For the home, as a rule, devices with a curved shape are chosen, but this is a very subjective feature. It is more important to have a belt and a comfortable handle, which we will talk about later.
  5. Additional services. According to our assessment, you can already understand that the comfort during the operation of such equipment is determined by the anti-vibration system, as well as the weight of the structure. Obviously, four-stroke models weigh less, but often have a poor anti-vibration system, which negates their advantages over their counterparts.

Types of handles lawn mowers

The ease of use of a lawnmower often justifies the type of handle that you should immediately pay attention to. Handles are of the following types:

  • T-shaped – resemble a steering wheel and attract with the ability to perform sweeping movements (a good option for long-term work);
  • D-shaped – are used, most often, on household lawn trimmers for precise work with a lawn, personal plot. The presence of such an element in the design provides for the possibility of working with the tool with one hand;
  • J-shaped – mainly used in compact and lightweight gasoline trimmers for the home. Such inventions are great for quick and easy movements. For the convenience of the operator, all controls are usually located on the boom.

Choice of working equipment

As a cutting element for both household and semi-professional / professional brush cutters, linear knives (also called cords) and / or a blade (the number of blades varies). The choice of cutting system depends on the tasks, the thickness of the vegetation, the amount of work. It is worth noting that modern models in 90% of cases have a fishing line head, that is, a reel suitable for winding fishing line. According to the method of feeding this component, all types of trimmers are divided into:

  1. Mechanical – you have to constantly pull the ends of the fishing line, and this is extremely tiring;
  2. Automatic: when the speed is reduced, the lengthening of the ends of the fishing line occurs without the participation of the operator, and this is convenient.

What is the best gas trimmer to buy in 2022?

Of course, you can’t help but compare different models if you don’t know which lawn mower to buy for home or commercial use. It is necessary to pay due attention to all the lines and products of the main manufacturers, to look at the offers of new brands from the corner of an eye (there are often “pearls”), to study important parameters and points on which novice buyers often make mistakes. We have tried to collect useful information and we hope that it will be useful for you. As for the opinion of “PriceQuality”, the conclusion is:

  1. The best economical gasoline lawn trimmer – PATRIOT PT 3555 ES;
  2. A good brush cutter in the price / quality ratio – ECHO SRM-2655SI;
  3. The most reliable gasoline brush cutter – MAKITA EBH341U;
  4. The best petrol brush for the home is the STIHL FS 120.


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