An important stage in the development of a child is the introduction of complementary foods. Pediatricians advise introducing the first complementary foods no earlier than 4 months of age. Children at this time still sit uncertainly or do not sit at all.

There is an option to put the baby in pillows or on his knees for feeding. Since gradually motor activity increases, these methods become uncomfortable. At this point, highchairs come to the rescue. Functional and comfortable, they will be a salvation for you and your apartment.

Wooden high chair

Wooden high chair

Considered classic. They appeared first in this category of furniture. You can find varieties of such chairs: with and without a tabletop. A model with a tabletop is preferable; if necessary, it can be easily removed.

Manufacturers advise using from the moment when the child began to sit confidently on his own (usually this is the age of six months) and up to 3 years.

Advantages of a wooden high chair:

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material. The baby is insured against exposure to toxic substances. Natural wood vapors are considered beneficial to health. However, it is worth paying attention to the method of attaching parts.

If the structure is held with poor quality adhesive, consider alternative fixing options.

  • Easy to wash. Treated wood almost does not absorb foreign substances and odors. Top covered with a protective layer. If the chair is dirty, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Democratic price. This category is one of the most economical. The low cost is due to the availability and prevalence of the material.
  • Easily fit into the interior. Wood color is universal. Wherever you put the chair, it will look concise and stylish. Sometimes there are models covered with paint. In this case, pay attention to the quality of this coating.

There are models – transformers. Includes chair and table. Can be used for a long time as tables for creativity. At preschool age, the chair is removed. It turns out the design of a small chair and table. The child is provided with an individual place for eating and studying until school age.

  • It is possible to put a chair close to the common table. When a child has lunch or dinner with the whole family, it is good for psychological health. Thus, children learn to eat on their own faster, as they see adults in front of them, setting the right example.

It is good if the children’s piece of furniture is made of beech, birch or pine. These materials are not only safe, but even beneficial for the health of the crumbs. The cost will be slightly higher than alternative materials.

Cons of a wooden highchair:

  • In contact with water, swollen “bubbles” appear. Forgotten drops of porridge and compote spoil the appearance of children’s furniture in a matter of hours.
  • Difficult to transport. There are no systems for compact folding. If the trunk of the car is small, then the chair automatically becomes stationary.
  • They take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The construction is bulky. This is especially true for models with a countertop.
  • Used for feeding only. If there is no additional table in the kit.
  • There is no option to adjust the height. Going to the store, measure the kitchen furniture.
  • Not resistant. If the baby is hyperactive, there is a risk of tipping over, since wood is a light material.

There are many reviews about a short service life. It depends on the choice of the manufacturer. There are models made from chipboard. This is unsafe for health.

High chair on wheels

High chairs on wheels

Models of this type are becoming more and more common.

Advantages of a high chair on wheels:

  • Easy to move around the apartment due to convenient wheels. You have the opportunity to do things while the baby is busy. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the child, since he is in front of your eyes.
  • Compact when folded. Easy to take with you when traveling or visiting.
  • Most models have brakes. This fact increases the degree of security. It becomes possible to use the chair outside in the warm season.
  • It is convenient to use after a caesarean section to move the baby. After the operation, you can not lift anything heavy for a long time.

Many models provide for use as a swing or deck chair. This saves the budget and makes such a purchase practical. It becomes possible to use from the moment the baby is born.

Cons of highchairs on wheels:

Great weight and dimensions.

May leave marks on the floor. Pay attention to the material from which the wheels are made: whether they stain the floor, whether they leave depressed grooves on the carpet and whether they scratch linoleum or parquet.

Hanging high chair

Hanging high chair

Attached to the kitchen table. As a result, the child sits “on weight”. The spectacle is not for impressionable women.

Advantages of hanging highchairs for feeding:

  • Saving space in the kitchen. No need to look for a separate place. Ideal for one-room apartments or communal apartments.
  • Convenient for travel. Everywhere there is a table to which you can attach a chair. But no one guarantees that he will come to this table.
  • Folds up comfortably. Pfits in the trunk of a car or even in a large travel bag. There is an opportunity to take with you to the country.
  • Low price, one of the most budget options.

Cons of hanging high chairs:

  • You need to consider the type of kitchen table. Not all tables can be hung. Going to the store for a purchase, measure the dimensions of the table and describe in detail to the consultant the type of countertop, or even better, take a picture and show him the photo.
  • Designed to be lighter than other models. This fact is due to the design, because it does not provide any additional support, except for the countertop.
  • Not suitable for tables with one leg. The chair will knock over the table.
  • If the child is active, it may not be safe.

Travel highchair

Travel highchair

Fabric pads for adult chairs. Looks like kangaroo bags attached to the backs.

Advantages of travel highchairs:

  • You can take it with you anywhere. You can turn any chair into a nursery chair with this overlay.
  • There is a size adjustment. Depending on the type, the length of the straps and the height of the main “pocket” are adjustable, which expands the age range of use.
  • Easily washable in an automatic washing machine. Plus in the case of a restless crumb who loves to play with food.
  • Miniature folded. Can be put in your pocket.
  • The child sits at the table on the same level with the whole family. At the same time, he feels like a full-fledged member of society and his family.
  • Cheap.

Cons of travel highchairs:

  • Not safe compared to others. Cloth mounts, although they hold the child, can rub and irritate with active movements.
  • For children who are insecure sitting, this variety is not suitable. Although manufacturers claim that reliable back support is provided, in comparison with other options, it is minimal.
  • The need for daily washing. It is convenient to wash the matter, but on the other hand, it gets dirty more often, and you can no longer wipe it with a cloth. In the intervals between feedings, you will have to wash, which creates additional inconvenience. From frequent washing, they lose their presentable appearance. The fabric becomes faded and washed out.

booster chair

booster chair

Compact, small version, located on a large chair. Unlike the road one, it has its own frame made of metal or plastic. By design, it resembles a car seat, fixed not on a car seat, but on a chair. There are models with countertops.

Advantages of booster chairs:

  • They take up little space when compared with a wooden or transformer.
  • Easy to clean. The covers are removable and easy to wash in the machine.
  • Mostly made of plastic, which makes these models lightweight.
  • It is easy to move with you around the apartment. Carry with you with the baby inside.

Cons of booster chairs:

Questionable level of security. It all depends on the base chair. Purchase chairs of this type only if you are confident in the strength of your own.

When choosing, take into account:

  • The presence of a basket for toys. Toys are always at hand and in their place.
  • How many wheels move freely. Maybe two or four, it dramatically affects the comfort of movement.
  • The presence of a latch between the legs so that the fidget does not fall out.
  • The presence of seat belts. There are three-point and five-point types of fastening. If the baby turns around a lot when he eats, give preference to the latter.
  • Tabletop available. There are options with double countertops. With them, it is easier to take care of the countertop.
  • Footrest available. Difficulty eating on weight.
  • Ask the seller for a certificate for this type of product.
  • Choose trusted manufacturers who have proven themselves in the children’s goods market.
  • Back tilt adjustment. You can choose a comfortable position for a child at any age.

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