Galileo Strollcycle is an innovative transforming bicycle that turns into a stroller. Now, when going for a walk, you don’t need to decide what is better to take with you – a bicycle or a stroller. With one movement of the hand, the bicycle turns into a stroller and vice versa. Everything is easy and simple.

If you are going on a trip, this miracle is very easy to assemble and takes up almost no space. It will not take up much space in the trunk of a car, unlike a regular bicycle or stroller. If you’re flying, just drop this wonder into the plane’s baggage compartment. The bike is very light, it weighs only 6.5 kg. All materials are safe for children and are of high quality.

The ergonomics of the bicycle are thought out to the smallest detail. There are several modes that can be switched on the fly according to needs. In the sitting mode – the backrest can be adjusted closer or further from the steering wheel. In sleep mode, the back of the chair reclines back to support your child while he naps. In safe driving mode, with one push of a button, you can neutralize the steering wheel control, all control goes to the parent. Parents can also control the operation of the pedals. The pedals can be used as a stand for the child’s feet or fixed on the front wheel so that the child can turn them.


Controlling the bike is very convenient and manoeuvrable. The handle is telescopic and can be adjusted individually. The manufacturer took care of both the child and the parents, you can learn more about the characteristics and purchase this miracle by following the link: https://www.moyo.ua/trehkolesnyyi_velosiped_galileo_strollcycle_siniyi_g-1001-b/358481.html


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