Nokia 3310 is a model for those who are nostalgic for the days of playing “Snake”, 5 dollars, 30-second ringtones, “Territory-A” and the strength of bricks. If you haven’t caught this time and you don’t know what the 3310 is, you’re unlikely to be impressed by its features.

The phone was improved, but it did not become a smartphone. The first improvement is a color screen. It would probably be too weird in 2017 to release a black and white phone. The size of the screen is 2.4 inches, it is covered with curved glass with a special layer that provides good readability even in bright sunlight, so nothing will stop you from setting a new record in the snake. According to the company, the updated model has a modern filling. If you, like my grandmother, do not use Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS, and you are not afraid of the fact that the phone does not support these functions, you can read on. If it’s important to you, just look at the pictures.

For those who still decided to read to the end, let’s talk about killer features. The novelty is equipped with a USB port, supports microSD cards up to 32 GB. And the most interesting thing is that there is a slot for two Micro SIM cards, you can safely throw away your iPhone and rearrange the SIM card in the new 3310.

The phone is equipped with a 2 MP camera – in zero you would be the most fashionable. Let’s remember my relatives again, if you are not my mother and you are still registered on Instagram, you can upload your photos to the Internet using EDGE technology. True, most likely through the web version – hello, beloved Opera Mini!

A big plus is the battery. According to the manufacturer, the charge will last for 25 days in standby mode, 22 hours in talk mode, and 51 hours in audio playback mode. More than two days in a row listening to music on a bench under the balcony!

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