On September 14, 2019, the iPhone 13 was unveiled. Many expect a miracle from this smartphone. If you believe the characteristics, it happened! The review collected facts about the thirteenth model.

iPhone 13 review

Release date: when to expect the iPhone 13

The novelty was presented in mid-September. In the USA, the six-core gadget is on sale from September 21, 2021. In Europe and Ukraine – from the 24th of the same month. You can already pre-order.

Model range: count on one, two, three!

iPhone 13 Pro was released in two formats: normal and enlarged. It has three lenses — two wide-angle and one portrait. The smartphone is equipped with the strongest waterproof glass. It supports 5G, “cinematic mode” and real-time background blur when shooting videos.

You can safely shoot movies on such a smartphone. After all, due to the enlarged sensor, the main module shows itself from the best side in poor lighting. And the ultra-wide angle has been updated, the TV supports 3x zoom. Now the optical zoom range is 6x, which makes it possible to shoot in macro mode from 2 cm. All three cameras support night mode.

The line has four copies:

  • iPhone 13 — without any extravagances.
  • iPhone 13 mini — for women’s hands.
  • iPhone 13 Pro — with increased capabilities for a democratic cost (according to Apple standards).
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most technological model.

iPhone 13 model range

The size of the screen is the same as in the previous version: in the basic model, the diagonal is 6.1″, mini — 5.4″, as in the iPhone 12 mini. If you want a small iPhone, you can also take a closer look at the classic iPhone SE 2020.

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It’s about money: how much will the iPhone 13 cost?

In terms of pricing, the manufacturer remains true to its approach — everything is best for its customers. This is also reflected in the price of the model. The iPhone 13 in mini size is more affordable — from six hundred and ninety-nine dollars (about UAH 19,000). The price of 13 Pro Max starts at one thousand two hundred dollars (from thirty three thousand hryvnias).

What the iPhone 13 looks like: a request for elegance

Externally, the mobile phone continued the fashion for a square body, which was brought back into trend by the 12th iPhone. The dimensions of the phone are the same as the previous models. However, you won’t be able to stick on the old cover — Apple increased the size of the cameras and arranged them diagonally. In addition, the lenses are located not under the vertical ruler, but diagonally. The flashlight “moved” to the upper part of the camera unit.

iPhone 13 design

But the front part of the mobile phone has slightly changed in design. The monobrow turned into a small droplet, which became 20% smaller. The iPhone 13 managed to shine in the new season of the series from Apple TV + “Ted Lasso”. There, the notch under the frontalka has become noticeably more modest than it was 3 years ago.

If we consider the colors of the new iPhone, the company decided to regain the style of “modern classics”. In addition to the usual black, white and red case, pink and blue appeared.

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Features of iPhone 13: the power of a computer in a compact form factor

In the thirteenth iPhone, people from Cupertino updated the A15 Bionic processor. It is more productive and energy efficient when compared to the A14 Bionic chip.

The key parameters of the phone are as follows:


Technological process 5 nm
Number of cores 8
Number of streams 8
RAM (random memory), GB

  • 6 — in the basic version;

  • 8 — in the Pro series (Pro and Pro Max).
Storage in basic iPhones, GB 64, 128, 256
Permanent memory in the PRO line, GB 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1 TB

The battery is a decent source of energy. The Pro version works 1.5 hours longer than the twelfth Proshka. And Pro Max is 2.5 hours more autonomous than a similar model, which is a year younger.

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What will be the iPhone 13: differences from previous models

The main feature of the new iPhone is the absence of Lightning ports. So now you don’t need to buy a separate iPhone charger, a regular USB-C cable will do.

  key differences between iPhone 13 and previous models

A novelty with a universal USB-C plug, although Ming-Chi Kuo (the most popular Apple insider, who turns out to be right in 70-80% of predictions) predicts that the first devices without ports from Apple will not be before 2022.

It is noteworthy that users of the thirteenth iPhone will be in touch even where most mobile phones are not available. The phone is able to catch a mobile signal from satellites, which will make it a stylish and powerful replacement for large and weak, from the point of view of entertainment, satellite mobile phones.

Fans of wireless technology will definitely like the new reversible charging. Together with it, the mobile phone itself will be able to act as a small power bank for devices that support wireless charging: from headphones with a watch to other phones.

The iPhone received a display with a frequency update of 120 Hz. Now the picture will become even smoother. At the same time, it will not affect the operation of the battery. That’s why Apple “drag” for so long with changes in the display. Hertsovka will be dynamic. Depending on the task, it will change. When reading online, the frequency can drop to a minimum of 20-30 Hz, and in action games the display will show the maximum of its capabilities.

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Chips and features of iPhone 13

Apple is very particular about the cameras in their mobile phones. And the novelty is not an exception to the rules. Four chips ago — as an argument:

  1. Improved stabilization with sensor shift as in iPhone 12 Pro Max — now it is in the entire 13th line. This will allow you to run while shooting without shaking in the video itself.
  2. Redesigned wide-angle camera in the Pro-series — even more objects in the frame with less distortion.
  3. Portrait mode when shooting video — the LiDAR sensor will separate the foreground from the background with surgical precision.
  4. The increased size of the cameras makes it possible to catch even more colors. Evening pictures will be good even without “night mode”.

iPhone 13 chips

The basic model will remain with 2 cameras of 12 MP each. Pro versions received a powerful 6-element wide-angle lens with an aperture of 1.8 and autofocus. Portrait photos will become even better, because now the LiDAR sensor is responsible for “understanding” the depth of the picture.

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