Nowadays, upgrading housing is not just a useful thing, in some cases it is simply irreplaceable. If you decide to make your home “smart”, you can’t do without a special controller. And this is where Z-Wave technology comes to your aid, a technology thanks to which you do not need to program anything and specially equip the wiring for this.

The advantage of Z-Wave is that you can add many additional functions to your home without much effort. This is done with the help of a controller that will provide control of all gadgets, create tasks for them and monitor their execution. The control center can be a PC adapter or a ready-made controller.

The PC adapter looks like an ordinary flash drive with a built-in Z-Wave chip. It provides sending and receiving commands of smart home systems. The only downside is that such a device requires special software, which is usually designed for more experienced users.

Ready-made controllers are much more convenient and easier to use. They look like a mini-computer with a built-in Z-Wave module. The controller provides smart home functions without additional settings. The software for it is free and, importantly, all gadgets support it.

Which controller to choose depends on your needs and capabilities. You can find exactly what you need here: https://www.moyo.ua/gadgets/umnij_dom_i_iot/


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