Announcement of the appearance on the Ukrainian market of impressive new products – ultra-modern gaming monitors 27GK750F-B and 32GK850G-B from LG. An expanded arsenal of functions, an incredible viewing angle and optimization of the gameplay are what the developer promises to potential consumers. The monitors have already appeared on the counters of popular retailers and on the pages of catalogs of online stores.

LG 27GK750F-B is a gaming device, the key feature of which, of course, is the frame refresh rate, which reached a record 240 Hertz. It is worth noting the convenient dimensions of this monitor for gaming (27 inches), a high-quality modern matrix, coating, “reflecting” reflections and an excellent viewing angle. Now, fans of Call of Duty, Stalker, WoT, which have long become the basis of the gaming industry, can not worry about the delay in displaying the picture. Thanks to the smooth flow of the game process and the Dynamic Action Sync function, all attacks will be instantly reflected or prevented.

The optimal black depth, the “Aim” option, the response of the matrix is ​​less than 1 millisecond, as well as the presence of game modes adapted specifically for certain types of games – a guarantee of comfortable gaming that brings only pleasure.

The cost of a functional novelty in Ukraine (according to the recommendations of the LG brand) is 15,999 hryvnias.

The second novelty, which also did not go unnoticed, is the LG 32GK850G-B monitor. It is adapted to the requirements and tastes of fans of role-playing games and strategies. The functionality of the device and its technical characteristics allow you to feel like an integral part of the virtual world.

A frameless screen with a high resolution, a scanning frequency of 165 Hertz and the possibility of setting the settings to the maximum are optimal conditions for a pleasant time in the game. The monitor is equipped with a special circular Sphere Lighting and many innovative functions that are not available on most modern monitors. The cost of the product in Ukrainian stores is approximately 24 thousand hryvnias.

Both the LG 32GK850G and the LG 27GK750F-B have all the features needed for smooth gaming. They are equipped with ports for connecting third-party devices, a standard connector for audio equipment. In addition to technical properties, the advantages of the monitors include a stylish design, a convenient form factor and a stand for convenient monitor installation.

At the moment, the above-described novelties are a real discovery for the gaming equipment market, but the LG company does not plan to put an end to this achievement and is rapidly moving towards the improvement and expansion of the range. So, according to the forecasts of company representatives, soon the market of innovative technologies expects another replenishment – more affordable monitors for games sold at a budget price.


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