At CES 2017, Panasonic showed a prototype robot companion. The design resembles a large egg, but the most interesting thing is that it can speak and move like a human.

The robot is small in size, about 50 cm in height, 29 cm in diameter. It moves quite quickly, as for such a small desktop robot, the maximum speed is 3.5 km/h. Inside this egg-shaped robot is a projector.

What will not leave anyone indifferent is the voice of the robot. He speaks in a childish voice, isn’t it cute? And thanks to the synchronous operation of the projector and voices, you begin to get used to it and become attached to it. Just don’t reject your friends and loved ones.

This little companion has built-in Wi-Fi. Based on artificial intelligence, it automatically has the ability to connect to natural language processing technology. This allows him to communicate with the surrounding world without problems. It also has access and the ability to connect to the cloud, download any information for you and communicate with you and your devices wherever you are.


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