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It is hard to imagine our daily life without mobile phones. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a senior – everyone has a mobile phone these days, but it is important to consider your needs and capabilities when choosing a device. For example, mobile phones for seniors should be easy to use, convenient and not overloaded with various functions that are difficult to understand.

Mobile phones for seniors with buttons

Push-button cell phones are still available in the market. Most of them are specially adapted for seniors – large buttons, the ability to fold the screen to protect it from scratches or bumps, vibrations that help you understand that the buttons have already been pressed.

Also, the uniqueness of these phones is their low price.

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Cell phones for seniors with a touch screen

Cell phones with a touch screen can also be adapted for seniors – a large keyboard, a vibration function works in a similar way as in phones with buttons. True, these devices usually have more features, such as the ability to use the radio.

Mobile phones with a touch screen are more expensive and more easily damaged (for example, broken), so if you choose this control method, we highly recommend choosing protection as well – phone case and protective glasses will help prevent losses.

Screen size of mobile phones

It is important to choose a device that is comfortable to hold – it should not be smaller than 5.6 inches diagonally. If you choose a phone with button control, pay attention to the size of the screen, because too small a screen with small written text makes it difficult to use a mobile phone.

Mobile phone battery

By choosing a high-capacity battery, seniors will not have to charge their device often – most seniors use their phones only for calls, which helps them forget about frequent charging of their mobile phones. For this reason, we recommend that you pay special attention to the battery and choose the most capacious option according to your capabilities.

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Sound system for mobile phones

  • Hearing Aids. For seniors who use hearing aids, we recommend choosing at least M4/T4 sound class phones that are compatible with hearing aids.
  • Protection against accidental sound change. If you have chosen a mobile phone with a touch screen, make sure that your ear does not change the sound during the call.
  • External noise. A good sound system ensures a lower bandwidth of external sound – this is extremely important for hearing a conversation with quality.

Other important specifications

  • Operating system. Often, the Android operating system is more convenient for seniors because of the simple controls, but the iOS operating system also has features that facilitate use and are suitable for seniors, so the choice should be made according to personal needs.
  • Camera and Internet. These functions are not mandatory, but in order to keep up with the evolving world, most seniors want to be able to take pictures and use the Internet, so consider the wishes of the senior when choosing a device.
  • Memory. If the phone has a camera, a sufficient amount of memory is also important. True, this is not the most important criterion when choosing a mobile phone, since the amount of memory is easy to increase after installation SD card.

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The best mobile phones for seniors

Mobile phones for seniors are usually easy to use, large and convenient. We have selected 7 mobile phones that are ideal for seniors.

Caterpillar CAT S62 Pro

CAT mobile phones are highly durable and shock resistant. The CAT S62 Pro mobile phone has a touch screen, a convenient USB Type-C charging port and even 128 GB of memory – enough for both photos and videos.

By the way, this device has both front and rear cameras, so the photography possibilities expand even more.

Estar S23 SS

It is this mobile phone that meets all the most important criteria of a good phone for seniors – a 1000 mAh battery allows you to use the device for a very long time, large and comfortable buttons and a screen with large text allow you to use the phone without glasses.

The Estar S23 SS mobile phone has a camera and a small 32 MB memory for its quality. The quality of the photos is not the best, but it will be enough to capture everyday, memorable images.

Doro 1360

An extremely convenient mobile phone for seniors, which makes everyday functions even easier. The 800 mAh battery lasts up to 300 hours in standby mode, so frequent charging of the device will definitely not be necessary.

The rear camera will help you keep up with modern technology, and the large and luminous keyboard of the phone will make it easier to use even at night, as the light helps you catch yourself and understand which button to press.

The 2.4-inch screen is one of the largest you can find in push-button phones.

Nous NS2422 Helper

The Nous NS2422 Helper is probably the cheapest mobile phone for seniors under thirty euros.

These phones have cameras, 32 MB of memory, large buttons suitable for seniors. Their distinctive feature is the SOS button, which when pressed, the selected persons will receive notifications about the disaster. This is especially relevant for elderly people with health problems – an additional sense of security and faster guarantee of help.

Nokia 255 4G

Nokia 255 4G mobile phones are among the best in the fifty euro price category. By choosing this mobile phone, seniors will not only be able to use the usual functions, but also play built-in games, use the Internet, and store up to 32 GB of photos or videos on a memory card, which is a very large amount for a 0.3 MP camera.

The 1150 mAh battery lasts longer than the standard sub-thousand mAh batteries of push-button phones.

eStar S20

An inexpensive yet sturdy and durable flip-up cell phone with a built-in emergency button is another device that can help in an emergency. This device does not have a camera and the ability to use the Internet, but the built-in FM radio makes up for these shortcomings for seniors who do not need the Internet and a camera.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A

A mobile phone with a touch screen for those seniors who want to keep up with technology and actively use the camera, the Internet, but do not want to invest a large amount in the latest technological discoveries. This device not only has a modern design, but also has a sufficient memory capacity of 32 GB and a battery that can work up to 816 hours in standby mode.

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Cell phones are just as important to seniors as they are to young people, providing an easy way to communicate with loved ones, stay abreast of changes and even call for help. In the 1a.lt online store, you will find many devices that meet different needs, so we invite you to visit the mobile phones section and choose the mobile phone that suits you best.


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