Analysts from Savings, a site dedicated to ways to save money and all sorts of coupons and discounts, conducted an annual survey of iPhone users before the release of the new version. Their task is to find out how many people plan to upgrade to iPhone 14.

To do this, they interviewed more than 1,500 visitors to the resource online. An analysis of the results showed that despite the planned increase in the cost of smartphones, 14% of respondents are ready to upgrade, and 32% are not yet sure whether they will do it. For comparison, last year only 10% wanted to buy a new phone, and 26% had doubts.

At the same time, 36% of those who want to change their phone are now using an iPhone bought no more than a year ago. Another 36% use their smartphone for 13-24 months, and only 31% of respondents last changed their iPhone more than 2 years ago.

The researchers also found out what improvements can convince users to change their smartphone:

  • Faster memory – 37%.
  • Faster processor – 36%.
  • Satellite communications (for emergency calls) – 33%.
  • New 48MP main camera – 28%.
  • New front camera – 27%.
  • Titanium case (lighter and stronger) – 20%.
  • Reduced display notch – 8%.
  • Other – 7%.
  • Nothing will convince you to upgrade – 32%.

The list is based on expected innovations that we heard about from the leaks, survey participants could select multiple answers. The results are consistent with last year’s study: users are more concerned about what’s on the inside of the smartphone than on the outside. In particular, in 2021, new colorways were the second-to-last most popular reason.

Are you going to buy iPhone 14? If so, what do you expect from the new model? Tell in the comments!


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