Do you like to show your creativity and do not want to live within the framework of standard sets? Create what you want yourself with the Polaroid Play 3D pen!

The 3D Polaroid Play pen is on sale at .ua. Create masterpieces without limiting yourself in space – this pen is capable of three-dimensional models.

Polaroid Play uses hot nozzle technology to melt plastic filament. At the same time, you can choose the thread feeding speed that is comfortable for you.

You can use templates with contours or act on inspiration – in any case, you will be satisfied with the result. And with the Polaroid Play Trace App, you can turn any photo into a stencil. Agree, the exclusive 3D keychain is cooler than any standard magnet!

To get to know even more freedom of creativity, be sure to buy an additional set of plastic for printing with 20 colors. With it, you will be able to convey all shades and emphasize the originality of your creations.


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