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10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 2021

Top 10 ranking of the best 50-inch TVs. The rating of the best 50-inch TVs is based on user reviews and expert opinion. The top 10 rating of 50-inch TVs includes the best TVs in terms of price-quality ratio. In this ranking of the best TVs, we will try to help you choose and buy the best TVs from the best manufacturers.
Of course, if you have the budget to buy a new generation QLED TV from Samsung or an OLED model from LG, the purchase becomes easier. But not everyone is ready to pay for the latest developments, which often do not justify the high expectations from bright advertising. Our list of the best 50-inch TVs of 2022 includes premium and budget models. The choice was made taking into account an adequate price / quality ratio in the analysis of current technical characteristics, customer reviews and expert opinions. It’s worth noting right away that all models have 4K resolution (in the description), but in fact you need to understand the following:

  1. 4K is 4096 by 2160 pixels;
  2. Ultra HD is 3840 by 2160 pixels.

In the case of TVs, we are talking about true Ultra HD, although the manufacturers point to 4K.

Best cheap 50 inch TVs

In this category, models of little-known brands or past generations of leading manufacturers are presented. You should not expect an AI processor or a very bright image from such solutions. It is important to have a good viewing angle, Internet access (Smart TV), simple controls and an accessible menu. There are many models in this class with good surround sound. In this case, as a rule, inexpensive types of backlight are used, and the brightness during the day is much lower than on premium TVs.


10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20211

The top 10 50-inch TVs are opened by a relatively new product from the KIVI 50U600KD series. The brand has made great strides over the past year, including being licensed to use Android. Although it is still difficult to determine the ideal software, which is offset by low cost and a fairly bright and clear image. For people looking for an inexpensive solution, this might be the perfect solution. The device includes a Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) module and Bluetooth v 4.0. The TV is based on a VA-matrix with support for direct LED backlighting. Image resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. It should be noted support for HDR10 technology.


  • direct LED backlight;
  • modern modules;
  • HDR10 support;
  • VA matrix.


  • not perfect software

BBK 50LEX-8171/UTS2C

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20212

This TV is one of the brightest in the sub-50″ segment with 300 cd/m². The viewing angle is 178 degrees. It is smooth enough to comfortably watch TV shows, including sports. The resolution of this model is 3840 x 2160 pixels with a maximum consumption of 120 watts. This indicates a good cost-effectiveness of the technology. Not only do they like the high resolution, but also the excellent coating that shields the panel from daylight. It is not surprising that this device can be found in the open spaces of many bars and even restaurants.


  • sharp image;
  • good processor;
  • brightness level;
  • glare protection.


  • image smoothness.

Hisense 50A7300F

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20213

This is a good 50″ 4K LCD TV. The model supports HDR, which indicates a good level of brightness. True, the backlight at the level of LEDs is much lower than that of the two options described above. The refresh rate is 60Hz, which is average. However, watching sports programs is quite comfortable. Especially considering the price of the item. Support for Smart TV is provided, which indicates the possibility of working on the Internet. The operating system is convenient (VIDAA U4.0), all navigation elements are intuitive. Also noteworthy is the good sound, supported by the presence of speakers with a total power of 16 watts. Sound quality is complemented by DTS Studio Sound technology.


  • good sound;
  • speakers;
  • good brightness;
  • excellent navigation.


  • simple lighting.

Hyundai H-LED50EU1311

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20214

If you do not know which 50-inch TV to buy, we recommend that you pay attention to the Hyundai H-LED50EU1311 model. The device has a high resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) with a brightness level of 300 cd/m². Another feature is an effective static contrast ratio of 5000: 1. Among the shortcomings, a response time of 9 milliseconds can be noted, which, of course, is not enough to connect a game console, for example. Compatible with modern communications equipment including Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) and Bluetooth v 4.0. The sound power is 20 W, the speakers are integrated using Dolby Digital Plus technology. The interface includes three HDMI modules.


  • static contrast;
  • good volume;
  • number of ports;
  • brightness level;
  • powerful sound.


  • response time.

LG 50UN73506LB

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20215

The 50-inch TV with the best picture in 2021 in the budget category is the LG 50UN73506LB. This model, in addition to 4K resolution, boasts good smooth viewing of sports programs and the LG ThinQ AI function. The device supports user voice recognition, which provides additional comfort when using. This solution is great for the Home IoT ecosystem. A good processor is used, which actually disables anti-aliasing. The result is a more effective immersion in what is happening on the panel. High dynamic range technology available including HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro.


  • many applications;
  • large ecosystem;
  • good resolution;
  • AI feature in LG ThinQ.


The best 50 inch TVs for price and quality

This class includes more expensive solutions with advanced matrices and, most importantly, processors. For TVs in this class, upscaling technology is important, which allows you to increase the quality and detail of the image up to 4K. This means that you can enjoy decent videos even when using unpretentious content (in terms of footage). In addition, we have paid attention to Smart TV quality, brightness and image enhancement technologies so that you can enjoy a variety of content – from fast-paced action movies to thrilling adventures.

Samsung UE50TU8510U

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranked 20216

The rating of 50-inch TVs has been replenished with another model based on VA-arrays, but with a chic Edge LED backlight. The 10-bit pseudo-matrix with FRC technology has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. At the same time, the main feature of this line is the powerful Crystal processor, which can correct the image in 4K UHD. High-Dynamic Range technology is also implemented. This device runs on Tizen 5.5 operating system. Judging by the comments of customers, the Smart Hub base fully meets expectations, and the universal One Remote is also implemented. There are no complaints about convenience. Another plus is support for AirPlay 2 technology, which Apple gadget users will appreciate, as they can be used to control.


  • SmartThings app
  • AirPlay 2 support;
  • edge LED lighting;
  • good sound.


  • 8-bit VA array.

NanoCell LG 50NANO796NF

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranked 20217

In terms of price / quality ratio, the 50-inch TV model looks good on the LG NanoCell matrix of the 50NANO796NF series. In addition to the more expensive IPS technology, we may also see support for gorgeous RGB backlighting. It is important to note the presence of a powerful and intelligent quad-core processor that can effectively eliminate noise, which provides more dynamic colors and better contrast. Low resolution picture can be resized to 4K. It is worth noting that this television collection has been tested for photobiological safety, which indicates the absence of damage to the retina. At the same time, good brightness is implemented, which is explained by the support of HLG and HDR 10 technologies. At the same time, the line has become more accessible after the release of a new generation of more advanced, but expensive NanoCell TVs.


  • high brightness;
  • sharp image;
  • good sound;
  • scalable up to 4K;
  • color rendering level;
  • eye safety.


  • past generation.

Philips 50PUS8505

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20218

Philips 50PUS8505 is a typical mid-range model (based on LCD technology). Of course, this matrix cannot be compared with OLED or QLED. The body looks very elegant. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the wide viewing angles – 178 degrees, which is the maximum indicator. Thanks to its 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution, it can also be used in the vastness of a large room. HDR technology is provided, providing a good level of dynamism when viewing active content. The total power of the speakers is 20 watts. Great sound with Dolby Atmos support.


  • powerful sound;
  • viewing angle;
  • high-quality sound;
  • elegant design;
  • quality price.


  • cheap array.

LG 50UP75006LF

10 best 50-inch TVs - Ranking 20219

If you’re looking for a good 4K TV with a good processor and HDR without focusing too much on the latest arrays and new technologies, we recommend looking at the balanced LG 50UP75006LF series. This model has excellent color reproduction and a wide viewing angle. The color level is 17 million dots, which means that you can get the most enjoyable experience when watching various types of content. FILMMAKER MODE™ technology eliminates motion smoothing in practice, not just on paper. The processor handles noise very well, making colors more vibrant. The contrast level has increased. LG ThinQ technology provides support for voice control.


  • smart technologies;
  • balanced image;
  • viewing angle;
  • excellent color reproduction;
  • FILMMAKER MODE™ technology.


QLED Samsung QE50Q60AAU

Top 10 50-inch TVs - Ranking 202110

The best 50-inch TV in 2021 is the Samsung QE50Q60AAU based on QLED technology. At the moment, this is an advanced matrix, comparable only to OLED. True, in the daytime, Samsung products attract with a higher level of brightness (at least visually). On the other hand, this model is inferior to its LG OLED counterparts in terms of economy. We chose this collection for clients who want to get the most out of the listed price. The model works on the basis of Smart TV (Tizen) and pleases with extremely simple control. As for equipment, there are 3 HDMI connectors, Ethernet and two USB interfaces.


  • expensive matrix;
  • brightness level;
  • good sound;
  • Smart TV system (Tizen);
  • AI processor.


How to choose a good 50″ TV?

If you can’t decide or don’t know how to choose a 50-inch TV for home use, there are a few simple options to consider:

  1. Backlight. At least Direct LED is desirable, but Edge LED is even better.
  2. Matrix. It is important to understand that conventionally all technologies can be divided into liquid crystals and organic light-emitting diodes. In addition, we are talking only about varieties of IPS and VA matrices. These models of quantum dots and other advanced technologies are just more advanced versions of them.
  3. Viewing angle. For such a form factor, 178 degrees is considered the norm, which, in fact, is achieved even in the case of simple IPS panels.
  4. Update frequency. This metric has long been used as a marketing tool. Even 60Hz is enough for a smooth image. Other improvements, denoising and upscaling (upscaling to 4K) are provided directly by the processors.
  5. Contrast. It is important to look not at dynamic, but at static contrast, but at a rate of 3000: 1. Manufacturers give phenomenal numbers, realizing that many users do not take into account the difference.
  6. Brightness. For the budget segment, 300 cd/m² is the norm without high dynamic range technology. The premium class can use the most advanced versions of HDR, up to HDR10+.
  7. SMART TV. It should be said here that pure Android offers the ability to download various applications, but LG and Samsung proprietary OS have access to the world’s leading services by default.

What is the best 50″ TV to buy in 2022?

Therefore, we tried to show the most interesting solutions from different brands. If you are not sure which 50-inch TV to buy for your home, pay attention to the basic parameters. Our opinion is the following:

  1. Best budget 50-inch TV – LG 50UN73506LB;
  2. A good model with 4K in terms of price-quality ratio is Philips 50PUS8505;
  3. 50″ latest generation TV – NanoCell LG 50NANO796NF;
  4. The best QLED model is Samsung QE50Q60AAU.


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