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10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20210

You can talk in detail about the functions, types of construction, the operating system of readers, but I would like to start with what makes them special compared to tablets and other gadgets that require reading information. It’s ink! This is a technology created by E Ink Corporation. Since then, the image on the displays of this type of electronics has only improved: it remains visible even when the power is off, is not afraid of sunlight and requires eye protection. Therefore, before considering our ranking of the best e-books of 2021, I would like to pay more attention to the terminology and directly to the types of E-Ink screens:

  1. E-Ink Vizplex is the internal name for all first generation E Ink products;
  2. E-Ink Pearl is a second-generation technology that has been used to increase contrast, the black color has become more saturated;
  3. E-Ink Triton – the third generation in which color printing has finally been realized;
  4. E-Ink Carta is the flagship and most popular class of fifth generation screens where detail and contrast have been improved even further.

Best Inexpensive eBooks

This category includes models based on E-Ink technology of different generations: from Pearl to Carta. I want to clarify that the presence of this last aspect does not yet indicate that the reader belongs to a high level. In fact, a lot depends on the processor, software, memory, features and capabilities. Therefore, in some cases, for reasons of economy, it makes sense to look at products of previous generations if a stable and durable device is required. In general, everything is indicated in our reviews of models.


10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20211

The list of good inexpensive e-books opens with the DIGMA e63S model, which works on the basis of E-Ink Carta technology, which is rare for this price category. In addition, we paid attention to a decent processor with a clock speed of 600 MHz, while the manufacturer used 4 gigabytes of permanent memory for data storage. The battery is a 1500 mAh battery that takes about 2 hours to charge. The display resolution is 800 x 600 pixels. In fairness, we note that the small print directly indicates the status of the goods: cheap, grainy, not very convenient. However, given the cost, considering the product as a gift, at first glance, this is a good device.


  • good processor;
  • E-Ink Carta technology;
  • battery capacity.


  • fine-grained fonts.

Amazon Kindle Paper White

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20212

Our best e-readers are complemented by the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which was released a long time ago, but has not lost its relevance in the market to this day. The product is suitable for buyers who are not ready to overpay for trendy options, but want a high-quality reading device. The display is based on E-Ink Carta technology. At the same time, the screen resolution is 1072 by 1448 pixels, which ensures clear reading of even small characters. Of the shortcomings, a small number of options can be noted. In turn, among the advantages I would like to highlight the protection of the case from moisture, good autonomy and compact size.


  • electronic ink E-Ink Paper;
  • moisture protection of the case;
  • good resolution;
  • compact size.


  • old model.

PocketBook 616

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20213

Another good reader for Android, designed for users who like to spend a lot of time reading books. As a result, this device works on the basis of a new generation of electronic ink – this is E Ink Carta. According to customer reviews, you can understand that the screen has a higher contrast ratio. A clear image, in turn, is supported by a resolution of 1024 by 758 pixels. Small characters in the technical documentation are also clearly visible. Another strong point is the tactile layer, which is easy to use. A large number of supported text formats are available.


  • good resolution;
  • electronic ink;
  • affordable price;
  • many applications.


  • it’s not the most functional line.

Amazon Kindle 10

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20214

For lovers of branded goods, our readership has been replenished with the Amazon Kindle 10 model, available at the expense of the year of release (not a new gadget) and a small display. However, this budget e-reader has excellent backlighting thanks to the use of four LED components. In addition, the technicians of a well-known company took care of the presence of 4 gigabytes of internal memory, reading mode and improved display contrast. Among other things, it should be noted the compact dimensions of the device and low weight – less than 200 grams. Audible technology involves connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a device.


  • ergonomic device;
  • sound technology;
  • light;
  • good display;
  • contrast and illumination.


  • not a new model.


10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20215

Best Inexpensive eBook 2021 – ONYX BOOX BOOX Viking 6-inch 1024 x 758 pixel screen based on eInk Paper. The gadget supports a wide range of text formats – from TXT to GIF. The device runs on the Android operating system. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh, which is enough for a week of autonomy. Ergonomic player weighs about 200 grams. Among the useful options are a built-in dictionary, a Wi-Fi module. There is a microUSB port. In addition to these pluses, I would like to note the presence of a convenient built-in browser, as well as a fairly solid body.


  • integrated dictionary;
  • there is a browser;
  • good operating system;
  • display clarity;
  • many formats.


Best Premium eBooks

This category mainly includes large players that attract with good resolution, functionality and a stable operating system. Among the presented premium e-books, you can find many worthy gadgets in terms of price / quality ratio.

PocketBook X

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20216

If you are looking for a quality 10-inch reader with an adequate price and good detail, you should pay attention to the PocketBook X, which has a screen resolution of 1872 by 1404 pixels. It should be noted right away that this gadget runs on the Linux operating system, which, in our subjective opinion, is inferior to Android in terms of practicality. However, the manufacturer tried to neutralize this with many convenient options, including a library, simple games. There is a dictionary, library and even notes. Good performance is justified by the support of 1 gigabyte of RAM. Battery capacity – 2000 mAh. It was possible to reduce the weight thanks to the use of aluminum: the player weighs about 300 grams.


  • up to 15,000 page turns;
  • fast work;
  • many options;
  • big screen.


  • Linux operating system.


Top 10 e-books (readers) - Ranked 20217

In search of a premium e-reader with a large screen, many brand lovers have chosen the ONYX BOOX BOOX MAX Lumi with almost the highest performance. In addition, the player comes with a stylus and a micro HDMI port. Good performance is guaranteed by the modern Android 10.0 series OS, as well as 4 gigabytes of RAM. Long battery life is due to the support of a 4300 mAh battery. Of course, this negatively affected the weight of the device, as well as the large 13.3-inch screen – 570 grams.


  • there is a stylus;
  • resolution 2200×1650;
  • amount of RAM;
  • there is micro HDMI;
  • big screen.


PocketBook 740 Color

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20218

A good option for a child is the PocketBook 740 Color reader with support for a 7.8-inch screen using eINK technology. Image resolution 1872×1404 pixels. Declared resource – 800 pages (flyers). In addition, there is a color temperature adjustment and the ability to store files through proprietary cloud storage. The purpose of the gadget is also indicated by its low weight – only 210 grams. In fact, this can be explained by the use of plastic at the heart of the design. Good battery life is also good news, as the well-known company’s engineers used a 2900 mAh battery. The RAM of this device is 1 GB.


  • good display;
  • battery capacity;
  • light;
  • claimed resource;
  • color photo.



10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 20219

The leader in the color e-book segment is ONYX’s high-quality premium product, the BOOX NOVA 3 Color series. The device is equipped with a 7.8-inch eINK screen with a beautiful MOON Light 2 backlight. Simple player control is implemented with buttons, there are sensors. Among other things, it should be noted excellent multimedia capabilities, support for data transfer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Many formats are available, including DOCX and PNG. There is a dictionary, a browser, many additional applications that can be downloaded from a well-known market. As a result, this model works with the Android 10.0 operating system. Good autonomy is due to the presence of a large 3150 mAh battery.


  • there is a stylus;
  • image quality;
  • color print;
  • self-employment;
  • “Cool operating system.”


  • expensive model.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

10 best e-books (readers) - Rating 202110

The best e-reader of 2021 in terms of value for money is the Amazon Kindle Oasis, with consistent performance, stunning visuals, and ease of use. In particular, this can be explained by excellent resolution, an expensive matrix based on E Ink Carta and a backlight with an expensive touch layer. Options allow you not only to enjoy reading books, but also to keep a good library at hand. Despite the 7-inch screen and remote control buttons (for ease of operation), this device is modest in size. According to buyers, the battery life can reach 1.5-2 months depending on the intensity of reading. With the help of individual buttons, you can not only view pages, but also select individual fragments of text.


  • simple control;
  • expensive screen;
  • good autonomy;
  • the price of money.


How to choose a good reader for reading?

In fact, we have already found out that the main parameter that you need to pay attention to if you do not know how to choose an e-book is the type of e-ink. Today it makes no sense to consider IPS screens for a simpler reader or even TFT. Getting a more functional tablet is easier if there are no requirements for readability and eye protection. As for the rest of the options:

  1. Backlight: Yes, E-Ink screens have many advantages over their counterparts, maintaining a clear image even in direct sunlight, but in low light, all advantages are negated if the light source or backlight does not process them. Fortunately, modern readers can also be equipped with several LED elements;
  2. Page refresh rate – here a lot depends on the processor and the amount of RAM, because watching a video or dynamic animation on a simple chip will be difficult. The release date of the gadget already plays an important role in this matter;
  3. Power and memory. In the case of simple e-ink readers, there is no need to pay special attention to performance. This is important if you’re buying a premium device for playing heavy technical documents, browsing the web, or listening to audiobooks. In this case, you will need not only a good processor (preferably 4 cores), but also 2 gigabytes of RAM and, of course, additional memory for storing files. It is advisable to check with the seller in advance whether the selected reader supports a high-speed memory card, which also affects the overall performance;
  4. Supported formats. Again, a lot depends on the goals of the users. To work with presentations, it is important that the template supports .pdf resolution, for office documents – .doc. Do not forget that some manufacturers equip equipment with their own formats, which allows you to speed up the work. In particular, Sony has models that support the proprietary lrf resolution;
  5. Grayscale is an important feature for monochrome e-books as it indicates the rendering and detail of the font. Optimal from 16 shades of gray;
  6. The size of the player is optimal – from 6 to 10 inches, and the choice here is a matter of taste. Obviously, the larger the display, the higher the resolution (detail) should be and the higher the power consumption will be;
  7. Battery life varies by size, technology, optional extras such as Wi-Fi and processor. If you plan to listen to audiobooks, use additional devices, go online, then it is better to focus on large batteries (capacity is measured in mAh);
  8. Resolution: indicates the details of the image (characters), so it is better to aim for high values. Even for small screens, 800 x 600 pixels is not enough.

Which reader is better to choose in 2021?

First of all, I want to say that too old Android models lose their relevance over time, as the list of applications available for them decreases. At the same time, I would not recommend very large players, because the detail depends not so much on the size, but on the resolution and quality of the software. If you do not know which e-book to choose, listen to our opinion:

  1. Cheap but good e-reader: Amazon Kindle 10;
  2. The best budget reader is ONYX BOOX BOOX Viking;
  3. Leader in all respects: Amazon Kindle Oasis;
  4. The best electronic color reader is ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 Color.

Friends, in your opinion, which device deserves the first line in our evaluation in terms of price / quality ratio?

DIGMA e63S 6.45% Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7.53% PocketBook 616 6.45% Amazon Kindle 10 8.6% ONYX BOOX BOOX Viking 16.13% PocketBook X 6.45% ONYX BOOX BOOX MAX Lumi 4.3% PocketBook 740 Color 12.9% ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 Color 9.68% Amazon Kindle Oasis 21.51% 93


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