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10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20210

When choosing H4 automotive lamps, consider conforming to the ECE 37 standard. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers on the market whose products comply with the standard. The problem is that there are different types of solutions with a designated base and they may differ in durability, technical parameters and price. In our ranking of the best H4 bulbs of 2021, we look at the following types of most requested solutions:

  1. Halogen H4 lamps are relatively fragile solutions that do not tolerate vibration well. As for the quality of the glow, much depends on the price. The most advanced solutions are supplied by manufacturers such as Bosch, Philips and Osram. Of course, halogen models are less efficient than their xenon and LED counterparts;
  2. H4 xenon lamps – such solutions have the highest efficiency in the region of 90% and at the same time consume less energy, they do not actually heat up. For obvious reasons, these solutions are much more expensive. It is also important to consider that replacing halogen solutions with xenon lamps will also require an auto-corrector and a washer, which is accompanied by additional costs. At the same time, handicraft installation of such products is prohibited, and the choice of such equipment is very specific, so we do not take this segment into account in our assessment;
  3. H4 LED lamps are the “golden mean” of the above options. Initially, such products were used exclusively for lighting products, but over time, advances have led to the popularization of LED lamps, including in the automotive product segment. Today you can find many good trucks. The highest quality solutions are offered by Philips, Bosch and Osram. Slightly less popular products are Sky or PIAA.

Best H4 Halogen Bulbs

In this section you will find lamps with an H4 base in the entry-level and mid-range price ranges. When compiling the category, we, of course, took into account the reviews of ordinary customers and the results of testing various reliable resources. It is worth noting that many lines are quickly going out of sale due to their popularity, so pay attention to the brands that are presented in our top.

General Electric Sportlight Ultra 50440SBU H4

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20211

The list of good automotive H4 lamps opens with the General Electric Sportlight Ultra, the luminous flux of which is increased by 30% compared to conventional lamps. The color temperature of this line reaches 4200K, which is a good indicator for this price category. In the product package, you can find two lamps with good durability. The power of this invention is 60 W at a voltage of 12 V. It is also worth noting the significant experience of the manufacturer in the production of automotive lamps. Do not question the company’s reputation. The country of origin of the 50440SBU series lamp is Hungary. We recommend focusing on the ruler with the indicated designation.


  • color temperature;
  • low price;
  • Hungarian production;
  • durable model.


  • little is sold.

KOITO Whitebeam III P0744W H4

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20212

If you do not know which H4 halogen lamp to choose for your car and do not intend to overpay for a branded product, we recommend that you pay attention to the KOITO Whitebeam III P0744W model. We emphasize right away that this is a well-known manufacturer of optics, which has only recently entered the regional market. At the same time, there is no doubt about the products of the Japanese manufacturer, because it has been working for more than a century. The products of this company attract by the absence of a negative impact on the headlight, while it has great power. The 60 / 55W WHITEBEAM series deserves special attention. The color index in this line is 4500K. The kit includes 2 lamps, into the cylinder of which it was possible to pump almost twice as much gas as in other inexpensive analogues.


  • expert brand;
  • good power;
  • 4500K color;
  • durable model.


  • some ads

Philips Vision 12342PRB1 H4

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20213

Philips Vision 12342PRB1 is one of the top 10 H4 halogen lamps with up to 30% better visibility than conventional counterparts. In addition to the good characteristics of the light beam, it is necessary to note the reputation of the manufacturer and the high level of safety of its products. Separately, I would like to note the entire line of “Vision”, which has a long range with a powerful directional light. The manufacturer conducts numerous tests before putting their product on sale. As a result, Philips has several lamps that do not last as advertised. It should also be noted a good level of waterproofing and quartz glass in the design. Even in winter (at low temperatures) there is no doubt about the reliability of products.


  • wear-resistant glass;
  • waterproof case;
  • a ray of light;
  • reliable brand.


  • there is a brighter line.


10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20214

Considering branded halogen lamps with an H4 base, I would like to note the Osram line: this is NIGHT BREAKER LASER. This is already a premium sector that combines high performance and unique features. Also in this case it is the use of proprietary laser technology. As a result, the brand was able to satisfy the brightness by 150% higher than that of simple solutions. The beam of light has become longer than 150 meters. According to the results of the test, the light is 20% whiter. Among other things, this series attracts with the presence of an exhaustive number of positive reviews. In fact, this is not surprising, because the company is one of the leading developers of automotive lamps.


  • best producer;
  • laser technologies;
  • increased light beam;
  • build quality.


Philips WhiteVision Ultra 12342WVUSM

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20215

The best H4 lamp in 2021 in terms of value for money is Philips WhiteVision Ultra with a color temperature of 4200K, which is a decent result for halogen products. At the same time, a reliable brand has conducted a huge amount of testing and testing of its product, while not forgetting the correct price tag of a product sold in wide circles. In fact, the goal has been achieved. The elegant WhiteVision Ultra halogen lamps are ECE certified. Of the features I would like to note an improved overview. In addition, it was possible to increase the light range by 60%. The superior efficiency is also due to the presence of quartz glass, the precise positioning of the filaments, UV protection.


  • filament position;
  • durable model;
  • color temperature;
  • quartz glass.


Best H4 LED Bulbs

In this category, LED lamps are presented, which have more advanced technical characteristics, but also cost correspondingly more. With this in mind, we have tried to build on the optimal price / quality ratio, taking into account current requirements, standards and reviews.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED H4 2pcs

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20216

The classification of the H4 lamp is complemented by the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED model, which can be safely attributed to the premium segment. In particular, for the reason that this product has a 250% increase in brightness compared to simple counterparts. In addition, the engineers of one of the leading companies in the production of automotive lamps have taken care of the presence of a color temperature of 5800K, and a lifespan of up to 5000 hours (don’t forget the error). The luminous flux reaches 1500 Lumens. The indicator is above average, as can be understood from the characteristics, but the price is much higher than that of simple solutions.


  • guaranteed service life;
  • increased brightness level;
  • famous brand;
  • color temperature.


  • not low price.

Omegalight Ultra H4 OLLEDH4UL

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20217

Another good low and high beam LED lamp, attractive at an affordable cost and a good working life. The Omegalight Ultra H4 OLLEDH4UL line has a good color temperature of about 5000 K. This is a pretty good indicator considering the price category of the invention. In this case, the power is only 25 watts. Due to the 12V voltage, it can be concluded that this product is intended for use in passenger car headlights. It is also worth noting the significant experience of the manufacturer in the production of lamps and other optics. The company constantly monitors and improves the quality of its facilities. This can explain the long uptime of the vast majority of the brand’s lines.


  • good producer;
  • affordable price;
  • color temperature;
  • low power consumption.


  • unpretentious parameters on a premium background.

Narva Range Performance LED H4 2pcs

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20218

There is no reason to doubt the reliability and relevance of another high-quality LED lamp Narva Range Performance H4 2pcs H4. This line is designed for dipped and high beam headlights. The advantages of the product immediately include a uniform and fairly accurate light beam. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the heat removal system, because there is a built-in fan. This in turn ensures a longer service life. Another advantage is the ability to connect to different vehicles (12 V and 24 V power supplies are supported). The color temperature level in this model is 6500K.


  • there is cooling;
  • color temperature;
  • support 24V;
  • excellent brightness.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

Philips Ultinon LED 11342ULWX2 H4 P43t-38

10 best H4 automotive lamps - Ranked 20219

If you are aiming for the premium class, we recommend that you consider the Philips Ultinon LED 11342ULWX2. This is a reliable H4 LED lamp with a color temperature of 6000K. It should be noted right away that this is a powerful education. Therefore, if errors occur on the on-board computer, it may be necessary to install an additional resistor. The proprietary technologies of the leading manufacturer of the automotive equipment in question deserve special attention. In particular, the engineers of the well-known brand managed to equip the lamps with more expensive LEDs that maintain a color temperature of up to 6000K.


  • brand technologies;
  • brighter glow;
  • expensive LEDs;
  • color temperature.


Osram LEDriving HL H4

10 best car lamps H4 - Ranking 202110

The best H4 LED bulb for 2021 is the Osram LEDriving HL with a compact design, high color temperature and advanced LED technology. The device is suitable for cars and trucks, thanks to the support of 12V and 24V networks. According to the manufacturer, each set of this lamp is designed for up to 5,000 works. The LEDriving HL range has a color temperature of 6000K. However, this is a simple solution with a number of headlight improvements. Achieved excellent brightness. When it comes to product reliability, one of the most successful automotive lamp manufacturers is clearly not the case.


  • reliable lamps;
  • elegant design;
  • color temperature;
  • work resource;
  • the price of money.


What to consider when choosing a lamp with an H4 base?

To choose the right H4 luminaire, it is necessary to understand not only the differences between different types of products, but also the main technical characteristics. Let’s take a look at them in more detail:

  1. Voltage: car needs 12V. If you want to buy a H4 lamp for a truck, then focus on 24V solutions;
  2. Power – in this segment of automotive products, this parameter indicates only energy consumption. Please note that some overly powerful products require the use of additional hardware to keep the on-board computer from slowing down;
  3. Color temperature is not brightness, but only the color of light. The higher the element, the more blue you will see on the roadway;
  4. Luminous flux: indicates the effective efficiency of the lamp and its brightness, respectively. For a lighthouse, try to choose at least 4-5 thousand lumens;
  5. Coverage angle – applicable for LED lamps and optimally from 270 degrees.

Halogen H4 bulbs

At the moment, manufacturers offer many modifications of good H4 halogen lamps for cars and trucks. Some models have received a special coating, which makes them difficult to distinguish from xenon light: they emit a bluish tint at a better price. The word “xenon” is commonly used to describe such inventions.”

If you see the marking “DayLong” in the description of the lamp, it means that it has a longer resource. The word “All Weather” indicates the duration in case of bad weather. The designation +30% or +60% indicates a higher light output due to the use of a special filament material and chemicals to fill the bowl.

However, even the most advanced models, all other things being equal, have a maximum efficiency of 10% and a shorter life than their xenon and LED counterparts.

Speaking about the main manufacturers of such inventions, I would like to highlight the advantages of Philips and Osram, as well as a number of lines from Optima, Bosch, PIAA, HELLA.

Xenon H4 bulbs

Progress does not stop, and “a lot of water has passed under the bridge” since the introduction of the first halogen lamp. Over time, the craftsmen were able to understand that instead of a spiral, it makes sense to use a mixture of certain gases. Under pressure, such a composition was placed in a flask with electrodes and set on fire. As a result, we obtained gas-discharge models.

The main advantage of xenon lamps is their huge efficiency in the region of 90%. They consume less energy, practically do not heat up, but are much more expensive and are sold, as a rule, in packs, so there is less demand for them.

To work with any xenon lamp, you need an ignition unit called a ballast. As a rule, it takes around 25 kilovolts to start. At the same time, when replacing halogen lamps with xenon ones, one cannot do without additional costs that are required for the purchase of an auto-corrector and headlight washer.

According to the editors, the main manufacturers of this class of equipment are Philips and Osram. PIAA is slightly less popular.

LED H4 bulbs

Due to their low power, LED lamps were originally used as light sources for small lighting fixtures. Now on sale there is a wide range of good H4 LED bulbs for trucks and cars, respectively.

The principle of operation of the LED lamp is based on the emission of light by a conductive crystal under the action of a current of the required polarity. There are no restrictions on the size of the light source.

The advantages of LED lamps include high efficiency, long service life and durability. Compared to halogen lamps, LED models last 10 times or more longer.

At the same time, certain requirements are imposed on the LEDs for the polarity of the connection – they immediately deteriorate with a greater load. It is important to consider the voltage range. Another problem is the clarity of the light. Bad kits usually don’t focus well.

If you can’t decide which H4 LED bulb to choose, we recommend Philips, Bosch, PIAA and Osram. You can’t go wrong with Sky or Narva deals. But it is better to avoid little-known manufacturers with a more acceptable price / quality ratio.

Which H4 bulb is better to choose for a car in 2021?

Therefore, we tried to take into account the interests of different buyers, brought important standards and recommendations for choosing. We sincerely hope that the time spent will allow you to understand which H4 car bulb is best for you. Our opinion:

  1. Best budget halogen lamp – KOITO Whitebeam III
  2. An excellent solution for price and quality – Philips WhiteVision Ultra;
  3. Good, but economical LED lamp – Omegalight Ultra H4OLLEDH4UL;
  4. The best LED lamp with H4 base is Osram LEDriving HL.

Here we propose to summarize our assessment. Join the discussion of current products, share your experience with other readers. Advertising comments will be deleted!


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