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Headphones is the most popular and most purchased accessory for smartphones and computers. They are used for playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and chatting, so it’s hard to imagine everyday life without headphones.

What are the most popular and best headphones for everyone?


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The most popular choice of buyers is JBL T500BT. No wonder these are the best headphones for everyday use:

  • These are wireless headphones with a metal headband that comfortably wraps around the head.
  • These headphones are not only light and comfortable, but also stylish.
  • Installed microphone will allow you to chat with friends without additional devices.
  • The JBL T500BT is famous for its exceptionally clean low frequencies.
  • This model will allow you to hear sounds from 20 to 20,000 hertz, which is enough not only for listening to music, but also for games, watching movies and all other purposes.

Apple AirPods Gen 2 In-Ear

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For those who are smart telephones and/or computers are Apple designed custom wireless headphones:
  • Small, in-ear headphones do not fall out even during active activities.
  • Their sound range is standard – 20 – 20000 Hz – so it will satisfy all needs.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Fully charged Apple AirPods Gen 2 headphones work for 5 hours (talk time up to 3 hours), and are fully charged in just 20 minutes.
  • The set includes not only the headphones, but also a portable charger with a cable that will allow you to charge the headphones anywhere and anytime and protect them from shocks.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

This is an excellent example of price-quality ratio for high-demand headphones:

  • The best headphones for those looking for a long service life – they work for up to 20 hours on a full charge, and if you accidentally forget to charge them, a short 15-minute charge will guarantee an additional 2 hours and 30 minutes of operation.
  • Ability to control with a separate app.
  • Microphone with a clip, especially convenient for those who play computer games and want to easily turn off the microphone.
  • There are three types of connections – 3.5 mm connection, Bluetooth and wireless connections, which allow the headphones to be used both charged (wireless) and discharged (wired).
  • Standard amount of hertz is 20 – 20000 Hz.

Razer BlackShark V2 X

Razer products are the best gaming headsets. This company only competes with SteelSeries, but offers cheaper production and the same quality:

  • TriForce speakers deliver sound from as many as three points, creating surround sound that makes you feel like you’re participating in a game or movie.
  • The built-in HyperClear microphone delivers the cleanest and most accurate sound, so conversations with these headphones are taken to an even higher level.
  • A larger than usual range of sounds, creating an even higher quality and more accurate sound – 12 – 28000 Hz.
  • The long, 1.3 meter long cable is convenient for playing – if you suddenly stand up and take a step to the side, you will not break the connection.

Outstanding specifications are the reason why this headphone manufacturer is considered the best.

Samsung IG955 In-Ear

Are you looking for inexpensive, but high-quality and comfortable wired headphones for everyday use? Samsung offers the IG955 headphone version:

  • 1.2 meter long cable for convenient use.
  • Soft cushions ensure a comfortable and firm fit in the ear.
  • The cable is covered with a sliding coating, which helps to untangle the cables quickly and conveniently.
  • A standard 3.5 mm connector is used in phones, suitable for any phone with standard connectors.
  • A passive noise cancellation system that protects the environment from the sounds you hear and ensures privacy.
  • 20 – 20000 Hz sound range.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Razer BlackShark line of wireless gaming headphones:

  • A battery that lasts up to a day, after which the headphones can be connected to a computer with a 3.5 mm standard connector and continue to be used.
  • THX surround sound.
  • HyperClear technology, applied to the microphone, allows you to broadcast high-quality and clean sound.
  • The passive noise canceling system cancels out some of the noise from high-pitched sounds.
  • Standard, 20 – 20000 HZ sound range.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear

A newer version of Apple’s AirPods than Gen 2 with very similar specs:

  • Active noise reduction system that protects against both high and low volume noise.
  • Up to 4.5 h working battery (with charging case).
  • Built-in microphone.
  • 20 – 20000 Hz sound range.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro In-Ear

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The latest, greatest and best earphones from Samsung – Galaxy Buds Pro:

  • These headphones eliminate up to 99% of ambient sounds and allow you to enjoy quality music or other listening content.
  • A Voice Detect system that mutes or mutes the music you’re listening to when it hears the user’s voice, so you can communicate without taking the headphones out of your ears. This function can be disabled (ANC),
  • “Noise Free” technology helps to improve the quality of conversations during calls – it not only removes wind and environmental noise, but also improves the voices of you and the other person participating in the conversation.
  • Dolby Atmos® technology creates surround sound that adapts to your head movements – when you turn your head, you’ll hear louder sound that used to come from the direction you turned. It creates a special mood while playing games.
  • Automatic switching – if you’re watching a movie on your tablet and someone calls your smartphone, the headphones will automatically connect to the phone and switch back to the tablet when the call is over.
  • With the ANC system on, the headphones work for 13 hours, and with it off, even 28 hours.

JBL T110 In-Ear

Classic, small and inexpensive headphones for everyday use:

  • These headphones are wired – the cable is even 1.5 m long.
  • The standard sound range is from 20 to 20000 Hz.
  • The set includes not only headphones, but also two different pairs of earplugs, which can be changed according to the size of the earlobe.
  • The microphone is integrated on the cable, always in the most convenient position.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus SM-R175

The oldest released, but still very high-quality and innovative headphones:

  • 2-way sound system.
  • The operating time with the charging case reaches up to 22 hours, without the charging case – 11 hours of continuous sound.
  • A fast charging system that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted sound for an hour after charging in just three minutes.
  • Standard sound range – 20 – 20000 Hz.

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There are a wide variety of headphones – wired and wireless, in-ear or on-ear, suitable for computer games and everyday use. Go to 1a.lt and choose according to your needs – you will not be disappointed!


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