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Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking0

Against the background of plugs (vacuum headphones), the demand for earbuds is gradually falling. – In addition, as they are also called, inserts, drops or are less convenient in their form factor. However, in our ranking of the best in-ear headphones of 2021, you’ll be building a headset that still holds its own. Of course, not the last role in this is played by Apple and other popular giant companies, which the segment is simply amazing products, despite their frankly, weaknesses. As you can imagine, the dynamics, characteristics and ability to level many form-fanners. In the budget segment, the earbuds even have advantages against the background of gags, but let’s talk about everything.

The best cheap in-ear headphones

No matter what anyone says, the vast majority of budget earbuds outperform in terms of bass. – You are here: Naturally, we are talking about wired headphones, because we are considering solutions for the initial price with ketira

Panasonic RP-HV094

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking1

Our Top 10 in-ear headphones opens with the entry-level model of the Panasonic RP-HV094 series. Of course, it would be strange to use such a headset to connect to an Apple smartphone, but still. The headset received the most advanced dynamic radiators in its price category, a horn. Support for a frequency range from 20 to 20 thousand Hz is provided. Of the strengths, it shows good volume, which partly levels out poor sound insulation. The connection is made through a two-way cable and a 3.5 mm Jack connector.


  • good volume;
  • sensitivity level;
  • probably the best speakers for this price;
  • good construction.


  • soundproofing.


Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking2

If you are looking for inexpensive earbuds with a good microphone, you should pay attention to the climax. This headset has a neat, aesthetic design. On the cup of the headphones you can sound guides, compensation holes and metal holes. The controls were put on the wire leading to the right earpiece. With its help, volume control is carried out, you can receive / end calls, transferring modikimodikimudimumu In terms of control and sound quality, the model can be inferior only to a couple of lines of the South Korean contra. But they are more expensive.


  • good microphone;
  • excellent management;
  • good sound;
  • the price is low.


  • Ergonomics are not for everyone.

Samsung EO-EG920

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking3

Another model of affordable, but good in-ear headphones, which came to taste huge. In general, this is not surprising, because the developer is the South Korean manufacturer enlectr. The developer himself positions this headset as an entry-level product with basic functionality and good dynamic drivers for this class. The drivers are 12 mm in diameter with an impedance of 32 ohms. Judging by the goods of buyers, the headset allows you to enjoy a good volume even with a low output stage power due to frequency amplification. This is a huge plus of the Samsung EO-EG920 against the background of analogues, which, when connected to weak teleons, are nothing. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a long cable 1.2 meters long with a durable straight schmteker.


  • sound amplification;
  • good speakers;
  • resistance level;
  • build quality.


  • not detected.

Xiaomi Dual Unit

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking4

If you’re still undecided about which good low-cost earbuds to choose, you should probably consider Dual. This headset is Hi-Res Audio certified, which indicates quality sound. In addition, the earbuds operate in the frequency range from 20 to 40 thousand Hz. If you believe the sellers, the device perfectly reproduces the upper and smooth frequencies. For convenience, a good control panel is implemented, as well as a built-in microphone. Thanks to the L-shaped plug, maximum comfort is achieved in operation. The design raises no objections.


  • frequency range;
  • flat bottoms;
  • build quality;
  • Hi-Res Audio certified.


JBL T205

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking5

The best budget in-ear headphones of 2021 are the JBL T205. – The manufacturer offers four options for the design of the headset to choose from. The design of this headset has emitters of 12.5 millimeters. Judging by the frequency response of the actual tests, the headphones are great for modern electronic and digital cameras. The rugged construction and thoughtful controls make it easy to use, with a single multimedia button to play music, stop and switch songs.


  • Pure Bass support
  • large; speakers
  • the cable does not get tangled;
  • simple control.


The best in-ear headphones for price and quality

This section introduces TWS earphones (no wires), which are priced so imnamanogonmamanamamanam Therefore, an excellent noise reduction system is implemented.

JBL Tune 225TWS Ghost Edition

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking6

Complementing the average rating of in-ear headphones is the price category model from JBL’s Tune in-ear model, the Case, in turn, has 850 mAh. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the headset. Battery life without a case reaches 6-7 hours, depending on the intensity of use. Among the shortcomings, one can note a noticeable pressure in the auricle when pressing the buttons. However, this is a common occurrence for this type of headphones. The main “highlight” of this series can be called JBL Pure Bass. It feels like it is extremely difficult to understand what kind of genre the product is being created for listening to. In our opinion, for pop music, this is a great option, considering the price.


  • JBL Pure Bass technology;
  • good case;
  • good brand;
  • price-quality ratio.


  • button press pressure.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking7

When looking for good wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones, many buyers prefer a simplified version of the well-known Samsung Galaxy Buds line, which has a more affordable price tag, but the actual sound quality is the same. The headset of the South Korean brand has 12 mm dynamic drivers, which are amazing to play back. There is support for the AAC codec, and a good noise reduction system pleases. In addition, the manufacturer paid due attention to the quality of the microphone. If you believe the comments of buyers, then the battery life lasts 6 hours. Fast charging is provided (5 minutes for 1 hour of autonomy).


  • autonomy time;
  • fast charging;
  • excellent bottoms;
  • AAC codec support.


  • middle (pop) notes.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking8

this model hardly needs a presentation among music lovers, because the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 TWS earbuds have excellent noise reduction, good sound of different frequencies. 2 At the same time, the powerful Bluetooth 5.1 standard is implemented, which transmits music at a distance of up to 10 meters. The battery capacity is only 4 hours, as a compact 30 mAh battery is implemented. But thanks to the 410 mAh case, you can extend the autonomy, od 20 hours. A USB-C charging cable is provided to charge the battery. There are no complaints about the active noise cancellation system.


  • large; speakers
  • new Bluetooth 5.1 standard;
  • active noise cancellation;
  • autonomy with a case.


  • autonomous work without a case.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking9

We are talking about new high-quality in-ear headphones, which are positioned as ungane-negative rinirinirinirinir. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic The diameter of the speakers is 14.2 mm with a resistance of 32 ohms. The balanced sound can also be explained by the support of a wide frequency range: from 20 to 20,000 G. The headphones work based on the current Bluetooth 5.0 version module. It is worth emphasizing the support for AAC codecs, as well as SBC. Claimed range is 20 meters. The microphone has an excellent noise reduction system. Without a case, this headset can work for about 5 hours.


  • support for different codecs;
  • balanced sound;
  • speaker size;
  • autonomy time;
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support.


  • not detected.

Apple AirPods 2

Top 10 Best In-Ear Headphones - 2021 Ranking10

The best in-ear headphones of 2021 are the premium Apple AirPods 2. The updated version of the already legendary line is powered by the energy-efficient Apple H1 processor. Indeed, this is one of the most stable and powerful headsets on the market. Battery life has not actually changed compared to its predecessor. As before, the gadget can work up to 5 hours with the active level of listening to your favorite music. As part of the conversation, 3 hours of autonomy develops. Talking about the frequency response in this case is useless, because the sound quality of these headphones has no compress. Note more options. In particular, a voice call is now available through the intelligent assistant Siri.


  • improved functionality;
  • good stable chip;
  • amazing sound;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • stable performance over time.


How to choose the right in-ear headphones?

It should be noted right away that it is necessary to start directly from the price tag. The sound source is an old or inexpensive smartphone without support for modern codecs, including aptX HD or LDAC. Among other things, you can watch reviews of headsets, where bloggers share fakimi tests while listening to different types of inclusions. You can also pay attention to the technical specifications:

  1. Resistance (ohm);
  2. Frequency range (Hz);
  3. Sensitivity (dB).

Which connection is better: wired or wireless? Today, wired models with a high cost are rarely found. In this sense, they have an advantage over Bluetooth headsets. Previously, many experts believed that a wireless network could achieve the same sound of such a sound. Models with support for the aptX codec are in no way inferior. What is the best sensitivity rating for earbuds? Here it is necessary to build on the fact that the human ear perceives frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, so it is clearly not worth trusting brand marketing and indicators higher than those stated. You just won’t feel the difference. It is optimal that the headphones maintain the frequencies as close as possible to the possibilities of perception. Which noise reduction to choose? Actually, choosing between passive and active noise reduction technology is not difficult. Obviously, passive insulation in the form of seals is inferior to more advanced active insulation, but such pleasure is more expensive.

What are the best in-ear headphones to buy in 2021?

In this way. Our conclusion:

  1. Best cheap in-ear headphones – JBL T205
  2. Budget model with a good microphone – Xiaomi Dual-Unit;
  3. Good in-ear headphones for sports – Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
  4. Best premium in-ear headset – Apple AirPods 2

This is solely our opinion and may not be your expectation or feeling. Therefore, please join the discussion and survey so that other users can compare:

Panasonic RP-HV094 9.09% HUAWEI AM115 6.82% Samsung EO-EG920 5.68% Xiaomi Dual-Unit 3.41% JBL T205 13.64% JBL Tune 225TWS Ghost Edition 10.23% Samsung Galaxy Buds Live 6 .82% HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 13.64% Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S 15.91% Apple AirPods 2 14.77% Voted: 88


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