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Top 10 PC Cases Ranked 2021

As practice shows, most users choose PC cases based on price and size. In fact, the consultants of many stores are not against this trend. In fact, in order not to be disappointed in the purchase, you need to consider the tasks assigned to the computer, the compatibility and size of the card, the cooling efficiency, the number of drives, and also think about the possibility of upgrading in the future. In our ranking of the best computer cases of 2021, we have collected models for different businesses of different sizes:

  1. Big Tower (Assembled) – the largest size, allowing for smooth future upgrades, but it is important to pay due attention to the quality of the universal support and building materials;
  2. Middle-Tower is a standard size for both simple and gaming PCs. Of course, it will not be possible to place a lot of hardware here, except for a complex cooling system, but for the average buyer this is definitely the best option;
  3. Mini-Tower is the size of a compact case for building office computers.

Best Budget Computer Cases

This category contains solutions for building simple systems for work and study, which may have a good design, but few sections and a simple cooling system.

Ginzzu B180

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20211

The top 10 good cases are opened by the Ginzzu B180 model, which attracts with its low price and good build quality. The device is Mini Tower sized and requires a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX card. The design includes standard fans, but more advanced solutions can be ordered separately. I am glad that the design has many channels for high-quality ventilation. In general, this product is intended for building simple general purpose or office computers. It is worth noting that the frame has a solid gap without many sectional divisions. It differs in only one zone designed for installing power supplies (on top under the cover).


  • good brand;
  • separate area for feeding;
  • on the side there is a place for a cooler;
  • elegant design;
  • good regular fans.


  • metal is easily deformed.

Accord ACC-3407

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20212

We are talking about a good budget case for a budget or mid-range computer, which received 5 hard drive bays at the same time. This is a really useful solution for a good office building. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the presence of three 2.5-inch hard drives. The remaining two connectors are for 3.5-inch components. You can connect expansion cards (to complete the task, 7 slots are implemented simultaneously). The removable basket does not cause any problems, so all hard drives can be easily removed at the same time. There are USB ports and audio jacks, including those on the front of the product. You can use up to 4 fans up to 12 cm in size. As you understand, the power supply is not provided.


  • many compartments;
  • good structure;
  • comfortable model;
  • clean design.


  • this is not the most famous brand.

Codegen 5822

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20213

If you are not sure which budget PC case to choose, we recommend that you look at the Codegen 5822 series Balanced Mini Tower form factor for installing compact micro-ATX motherboards. The ergonomic model has a fan slot. As for the interfaces, everything is fine here. Two USB 2.0 ports are available at the same time, and the case is made of metal. The kit includes a 450W power supply. This item is located at the top and includes two 5.25″ bays. For extension cords, 4 holes are made at the same time. It should be added that the brand is already quite well known and offers a wide range of quality products for systems.


  • many holes;
  • power supply included;
  • many branded goods;
  • compact form factor.


  • room for only one refrigerator.

ExeGate mEVO-9302-RGB

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20214

Considering cheap but good cases, I would like to draw your attention to the ExeGate mEVO-9302-RGB line, made in a compact Mini Tower format, which involves the installation of small micro-ATX motherboards. The dimensions of the power supply are standard and comply with the ATX standard. It should be noted the high service life of the device, since the thickness of the side walls reaches 0.4 mm. Of course, excellent lighting is provided. The package of this system includes a fairly powerful power supply, reaching 500 watts. Note the presence of two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.2 gen1 interface at the same time. Connectors are on the front panel.


  • optimal number of doors;
  • small body size;
  • good lighting;
  • good metal.


Aerocool CS-105 LED

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20215

The best budget case in 2021 is the Aerocool CS-105 LED, which features a high-quality fan and advanced backlighting. You can see the cooler thanks to the use of an acrylic cover – this installation looks very elegant. Despite the affordable cost, this product received a bezel made of quartz aluminum, which is not strongly deformed. It is worth noting that this line supports the use of a liquid cooling system, although there is hardly enough space to create a powerful gaming system. It is enough to install fans, I think (it is possible both in front and behind). It is worth noting that this line is available in different trim levels, so check with the seller of the goods.


  • different configurations;
  • good lighting;
  • front panel quality;
  • you can install a powerful cooling system.


Best PC Gaming Cases

This category mainly includes large houses with good cooling for building gaming systems. For fans of modern compact PCs, there are options for installing Mini-ITX motherboards.

Deepcool Matrexx 40 3FS

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20216

The rating of computer gaming cases is complemented by the Deepcool Matrexx 40 3FS model, which is made in the Mini Tower form factor. Therefore, this product is suitable for use with modern MicroATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. However, this modern series is suitable for the installation of powerful equipment, as evidenced by the numerous ventilation openings. Inside is a high-quality dust filter. To control the temperature, 3 fans are provided simultaneously, the size of which reaches 120 millimeters. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the turntables, complemented by RGB lighting. For the power supply, this case has a great bottom bay dedicated to the power supply.


  • best producer;
  • 3 chillers at the same time;
  • separate compartment for food;
  • elegant design.


  • for small motherboards.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20217

This manufacturer has long been considered one of the leaders in the production of computer components. This is evidenced by the high-quality Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB case, which stands out with brilliant ARGB backlighting. The form factor of this product conforms to the Mid-Tower standard. It should be noted here that the E-ATX type board is easy to install on the base, but the brand’s engineers provide layout details with smaller motherboards, up to mini-ITX. Graphics can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The maximum fan size can reach 16.7 cm. A high-quality unit has a good cooling system, which includes two coolers of 20 centimeters each, as well as a fan located at the back, whose size is 12 centimeters. Complements the design of many partitions and inserts.


  • many decorative elements;
  • cooling system;
  • for different cards;
  • famous brand.


  • not low price.

Gamemax Brufen C1

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20218

Looking for a stylish PC case, many users have chosen the mid-ranger for their Gamemax Brufen C1 series gaming systems. This line includes several creative and even innovative solutions, including the side wall of the visor with a magnetic closure. At the same time, the company’s engineers used tempered glass and took care of the reasonable price of the product. Ventilation includes up to 5 coolers, and reliable fans are responsible for pushing the case. Separately, you can praise the chic backlight, which works in different modes. You can control the backlight both through the motherboard and using the buttons implemented on the panel. There is enough space to accommodate cards of various sizes, including E-ATX.


  • creative design;
  • cooling system;
  • volume;
  • fair price;
  • detail quality.


  • not the best known company.

Zalman N4

Top 10 PC Cases - Ranked 20219

Zalman makes a lot of budget solutions, but a lot of flagship products have popped up lately, including the N4 series gaming case. This room is the size of a medium tower. This solution is designed for the use of 6 chillers with a size of 12 centimeters. The supplied fans have excellent illumination. The default cooling system is powerful enough to support a powerful flagship gaming system. The case features an elegant front panel, complemented by a metal mesh. At the bottom of the case there is an isolated compartment for installing the power supply. In this model, a lot of space is allocated for the processor fan, so you can use a cooler up to 16.3 centimeters in size.


  • many fans can be provided;
  • compartment for the power supply;
  • excellent front panel;
  • durable body.


Deepcool Matrexx 55 MESH ADD-RGB 4F

Top 10 PC Cases Ranked 2021

The best gaming PC case of 2021 is the Deepcool Matrexx 55 MESH ADD-RGB 4F, which has a well thought out design and a truly stunning look. The design boasts a really powerful cooling system, enough to support today’s gaming systems. The manufacturer supplies 4 fans at the same time: 3 coolers are located in front and 1 in the back. Another advantage of the hull is the high quality wire mesh used to optimize the air masses. The eye-catching design is complemented by elegant ARGB lighting. It is also worth noting that this flagship case has a display side wall made of wear-resistant tempered glass, the thickness of which reaches 4 millimeters. There is a cable management system for convenient hidden connection of various cables.


  • cable management system;
  • for all types of motherboards;
  • 4 chillers at the same time;
  • glass side wall;
  • great backlight.


How to choose a good one for PC

As already mentioned, initially you need to start with an understanding of the tasks that your computer will handle. If you don’t know how to choose a PC case, also consider that your hand should be between your device and the shelf/wall to avoid overheating and direct system operation. Then we move on to the technical aspects:

  1. The cooling system depends not only on the availability of space inside the case, but also on the correct position of the fans. Even minimal assembly requires at least two coolers. If there is room for only one fan, cooling can be difficult, not to mention the possibility of future system upgrades;
  2. Power supply position: can be up or down. In the second case, the temperature is usually lower, but the power supply will be constantly clogged with dust;
  3. Location of USB ports – if you are interested in a large number of connectors for connecting various devices, you should think about having at least a few ports of a modern format on the front panel (i.e., easily accessible);
  4. Cabling – This refers to the organization of cable routing, which allows for economical placement of cables without obstructing air circulation and facilitating system maintenance;
  5. Appearance: Here it is only worth noting that today many companies offer the development of cases to order, taking into account the wishes of users. Although this option is most popular with gamers.

What is the best case to buy in 2021?

I would like to add that today on the market there are a huge number of templates designed for different users. If you don’t know which case to buy for your computer and the whole range of products confuses you, we recommend that you first carefully study the collections of products of those brands whose models are presented in our selection. In terms of opinions on specific solutions, our editors rate the following products highly:

  1. Cheap but good model – ExeGate mEVO-9302-RGB;
  2. Best case with good cooling: Zalman N4
  3. Reliable gaming model – Deepcool Matrexx 55 MESH ADD-RGB 4F;
  4. Good for the price and quality case – Aerocool CS-105 LED.

Share your views and conclusions regarding the right decisions today.


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