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TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20210

Top 10 ranking of the best solid fuel boilers for a private home. We have selected for you good models of solid fuel boilers for long burning. The rating of the best rating of the best solid fuel boilers is based on user reviews and expert opinion. The top 10 rating of solid fuel boilers, in terms of price-quality ratio, includes models of different price categories.

Before we look at our ranking of the best solid fuel boilers of 2022, I would like to answer a number of important questions that will help many inexperienced users decide on a purchase.

First you need to decide what to choose: a single-circuit boiler paired with a boiler or column, or an analog double-circuit one, equipped with an additional heat exchanger for organizing hot water supply.

Due to the fact that our list contains an overwhelming number of cheap and mid-budget models, we settled on single-loop solutions (mostly) for several reasons: they are cheaper; in the event of a breakdown, the entire house will not be left without heating; boiler and boiler provide quick access to heating and hot water supply. On the other hand, dual-circuit models save space, as they combine two types of equipment.

In turn, according to the principle of operation, all solid fuel solutions for the home can be divided into several categories:

  1. Pyrolysis – in such equipment, fuel burns and does not burn, as in the case of analogues, as a result of which only gases are released, which in turn are saturated with heat. It is important that firewood and its products have high humidity for pyrolysis;
  2. Classic – in such systems, heat is released during the fiery combustion of solid materials, and to maintain the temperature, it is necessary to regularly update the stocks of coal, firewood and processing waste, including logs;
  3. Long burning – in such devices, heat is released slowly, which is associated with the name of the equipment. The main advantage is the burning time of firewood up to several days.

Good solid fuel boilers for a private house

This category contains mainly single-circuit boilers of the initial price category. It should be noted right away that the use of a column in combination with such equipment involves a more complex piping than in the case of using a boiler. Speaking of dual-circuit solutions at the same price, it must be said that it is a priori difficult to find them – in our opinion, only a few truly reliable models deserve attention. Most often, during the operation of those in the heating circuit, heating ceases, if necessary, they decide to use it for hot water supply. As a result, you still have to spend extra money to buy a storage tank.

Teplodar Kupper Practice 14

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20211

The first 10 solid fuel boilers of the economical classic model “Teplodar Kupper Praktik 14” were opened for territories up to 112 square meters. This is single-circuit equipment, as you understand, therefore, to supply hot water, you will have to think about purchasing a boiler or column. Of the technical characteristics of this equipment, it should be noted a simple floor installation, a power of 14 kW, as well as a large chimney of 11.5 centimeters. In fact, the design is solid, made of reliable materials using the latest technology. Of the shortcomings, it can only be noted that the thermostat to control this technique must be purchased separately.


  • good construction;
  • easy installation;
  • optimal consumption;
  • big fireplace.


  • thermostat sold separately.

Vesuvius Elbrus-10

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20212

If you are looking for a boiler with an open combustion chamber, you should probably pay attention to the Vesuvius Elbrus-10 model, whose power is 10 kW. The non-volatile technology has an open combustion chamber and convenient mechanical control. Note the comfortable installation on the floor and the maximum pressure of 3 bar. However, this is sufficient for the specified service area. At the same time, the design weighs only 107 kilograms and has a fairly large chimney with a diameter of 120 millimeters. For work, you can use coal, firewood and sawdust. Among the many analogues with the same characteristics, the technique has an advantageous price-quality ratio. Great for serving the private sector.


  • modest size;
  • stable work;
  • good structure;
  • affordable price;
  • many positive reviews.


Karakan 16TPEV3

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20213

This year, one of the best dual-circuit solid state boilers in terms of price / quality ratio is the Karakan 16TPEV3 model with an integrated plumbing circuit, as you understand. That is, everything is already there for hot water supply. At the same time, the manufacturer offers functional heating equipment for servicing 160 square meters at an affordable price. The equipment received a high-quality expansion tank with effective natural water circulation. It is also possible forcibly in a membrane tank. It is worth noting that the 16TPEV3 version differs from the classic modification (16TPEV) in an increase in the furnace and an increase in productivity. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the availability of the hob. As a result, users were able to load large firewood into the firebox, up to 55 centimeters.


  • steel case 3 mm thick;
  • hob;
  • build quality;
  • two-circuit principle;
  • affordable price.


  • pressure 3 atm.

Lemax Forward-16

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20214

Don’t let the name fool you, because this model has a power of 17 kW. At the same time, a good inexpensive solid fuel boiler of the classic type with a floor installation attracts with simple mechanical control and non-volatile operation. For those who do not know, it is worth remembering or telling that the Forward series was originally developed as an economical solution for residential premises, including cottages. And the manufacturer managed to cope with the task. At the same time, the equipment is distinguished by the presence of a shock-resistant and wear-resistant case. Judging by the reviews, it guarantees tensile strength, and the heat exchanger is made of special steel 4 mm thick. This indicates the long-term operation of the equipment. In addition, an inhibitory composition and a heat-resistant coating are used in the production. In the furnace, the fuel is distributed very evenly and its interior is not afraid of corrosion.


  • corrosion protection;
  • large hearth;
  • optimal power;
  • steel thickness;
  • lifespan.


  • multiple configurations.

Teplodar Kupper Pro-22 2.0

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20215

The best solid fuel boiler in 2021 for the home in terms of price / quality ratio is Teplodar Kupper Pro-22 version 2.0. This equipment works up to 12 hours on one gas station of charcoal. At the same time, in technology, you can work with wood, pellets, various supports, including wood and peat. This boiler operates at a heating pressure of up to 3 atmospheres, which is the best indicator for this class. Note that the volume of the furnace reaches 51 liters. We also note the convenient loading of fuel thanks to a well-thought-out pallet. According to customer reviews, it can be understood that the manufacturer has created equipment for our operating conditions, there is no doubt about the reliability of the invention.


  • 12 hours from bookmark;
  • for different types of fuel;
  • reliable model;
  • convenient loading tray.


The best solid fuel boilers for long burning

This category includes more expensive models of long burning, which differ from the classic and pyrolysis installations mentioned above by the duration of heat retention from 30 hours to 5 days. Obviously, over time, the savings will justify the costs. However, not all users initially have the budget to decide in favor of such a technique. With this in mind, we’ve focused on more affordable single-loop home appliances that are at least cheaper to repair and generally have better value for money than their dual-loop counterparts.

ZOTA Poplar-16VK

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20216

Let’s start with a popular product from ZOTA. Our rating of solid fuel boilers is supplemented by the Topol-16VK model. This is a single-circuit equipment with a thermal power of 16 kW, which can be understood by the name of the model. At the same time, users have a positive attitude towards the issue of efficiency, which is not surprising. Efficiency rate 75%. The strengths of heating technology include simple installation of the floor. Coal, briquettes, firewood can be used as an energy source. In this case, you can count on the maximum coolant temperature in the region of 95 degrees. The coolant pressure in the circuit can reach 3 bar.


  • easy installation;
  • high efficiency;
  • Maximum temperature;
  • fair value.


  • not the best known company.

Teplodar Kupper Expert-22

TOP 10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20217

Speaking of inexpensive, but good single-circuit solid fuel boilers, it is difficult to ignore the Teplodar Kupper Expert-22 model. The device is powered by electricity and is designed to serve an area of ​​​​up to 176 square meters. Suitable for large houses and cottages. In this case, the power of the installation reaches 22 kW. It is worth adding that the design of the device provides for the installation of a gas or pellet burner. However, they are not included. The combustion chamber is designed for a long service life. The width of the chimney is 15 centimeters, which is the best indicator.


  • good structure;
  • boiler power;
  • life expectancy;
  • reliable manufacturer.


  • gas burner sold separately.

Heiztechnik Q HIT 11

TOP-10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20218

You have not yet decided which solid fuel boiler to choose to service a large house? In this case, we suggest paying attention to the Heiztechnik Q HIT PLUS 11 model with power from 4 to 11 kW. The manufacturer offers many different configurations to meet the needs of different categories of customers. I’m glad that the efficiency is 82 percent. Various materials can be used as fuel, including wood and briquettes. Users love this model because it combines ease of combustion control and build quality, which can also be seen from the elegant design. Cleaning the heat exchanger shouldn’t be a problem.


  • profitability;
  • elegant design;
  • good structure;
  • convenient management.


  • low power.

Zota Bulat Turbo 20

TOP 10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 20219

Another reliable heating boiler for a private house, capable of operating up to 30 hours from one load. However, the Zota Bulat Turbo 20 series model can run on a variety of fuels, including briquettes, wood, and even coal. Simple control of the model is carried out thanks to high-quality automation designed to control the circulation pump. The design uses a high-quality air blower, which also indicates a high efficiency and long service life. It is also worth noting a good combustion chamber of the chimney, the diameter of which is 15 centimeters. The power of this equipment reaches 20,000 W, which is enough to serve up to 160 square meters.


  • high power;
  • the combustion chamber;
  • for different types of fuel;
  • burning time.


Teplodar Kupper MEGA 20

Top 10 solid fuel boilers - Rating 202110

The best long burning wood boiler in 2021 is the Teplodar Kupper MEGA 20 model, which has a burning time of up to 36 hours. The features of the equipment include ease of use – it is enough to remove the damper to transfer the boiler from the upper combustion mode to the lower one. At the same time, the volume of the furnace reaches 80 liters, which is an excellent indicator. If necessary, you can purchase an additional heating element, a simple control panel and a draft regulator. The power of a solid fuel boiler is enough to serve up to 160 square meters with an equipment power of 20,000 watts. Chimney diameter 150 mm.


  • hearth volume;
  • build quality;
  • burning time from one refueling;
  • build quality;
  • manufacturer’s experience.


How to choose a good solid fuel boiler for your home?

In fact, this list is not enough to answer all sorts of questions from different users who have visited our resource. Given this, as well as the fact that many potential buyers of heating equipment do not know how to choose a solid fuel boiler for their needs, we suggest paying attention to the aspects that you should know:

  1. Installation method. According to the type of installation, such equipment is divided into wall and floor boilers. The former must be mounted on the wall (this is important if there is not enough space), and the latter are easy to install, but take up more space. There is also a railing, but this installation is only applicable to gas models.
  2. heating area. This is a key feature that can always be found in the description. But it should be understood that the designation of a particular model does not mean that the indicated value is applicable to certain climatic conditions, which must be clarified with the manufacturer, speaking about specific operating conditions.
  3. Fuel bunker. Solid fuel boilers are not complete without such a constructive device. This is, in fact, a large capacity, the size of which determines how large the firewood can be placed. It should be added that modern models often support the setting of a number of parameters, including a full-day duty cycle. The hopper can also be fitted with automation, which requires minimal user supervision.
  4. The combustion chamber. If you do not know how boilers with open and closed combustion chambers differ, try to pay more attention to this problem. We will only cover the main features. Boilers with an open top or chimney require the intake of air from the environment for their operation. In this case, the products of combustion are brought out through the chimney. This justifies the affordable price, but also some complexity. So, for example, you need to take care of the presence of good ventilation in advance. It is advisable to consider having a humidifier to restore a favorable climate in the house. Closed or turbo models are completely insulated from the inside, so they use the air from outside.
  5. Protection systems. Modern equipment has many sensors and technologies that maintain a high level of security and their presence cannot be ignored. It is important that the equipment has a system of protection against overheating of water, from extinguishing a fire. When choosing a boiler with an open chamber, it is worth paying attention to the presence of protection against lack of draft, so that on the street there is constant monitoring of the correct quality of the removal of combustion products. If the equipment is operated on the basis of (controlled) electricity, it is advisable to take care of the presence of protection against power outages. Otherwise, the equipment may fail during power surges.

Which solid fuel boiler is better to buy in 2022?

In the assortment of the best manufacturers of heating equipment there are many models with an open and closed combustion chamber, operating according to different principles (pyrolysis, long burning, classic) with one or two heat exchangers. In general, without a responsible approach to the study of this problem, it is difficult not only to choose what, but also to understand which model is needed at all. Once you understand these questions, analyze the market. We hope that we helped at least partially decide which solid fuel boiler to buy. Finally, we summarize our personal opinion:

  1. The best single-circuit solid fuel boiler – Vesuvius Elbrus-10;
  2. A good double-circuit boiler – Karakan 16TPEV3;
  3. Elegant and powerful boiler – Heiztechnik Q HIT 11;
  4. The best solid fuel model for long burning is NMC Magnum KDG 15 TE.

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