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Top 10 walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating of 2021

´╗┐In the middle of the season, on sale you can find a huge number of walk-behind tractors for summer cottages and gardens, both between diesel and gasoline, and electric models. The former run on the fuel that lives up to its name, have good low-end torque (great for plowing and hauling), but cost more, as does maintenance. Network counterparts, frankly, are rather weak, although they are easier to maintain. Given this circumstance, in our ranking of the best walk-behind tractors in 2021, compiled taking into account reviews from independent buyers, gasoline units are mainly represented. The list is subjective: get acquainted with current and popular models, but only you can decide!

The best walk-behind tractors in terms of price / quality ratio

The entry-level category includes low-emission, low-weight two-stroke petrol models as well as fuel-efficient four-stroke counterparts. Regardless of the type, such models are characterized by mobility, fast refueling and ease of maintenance. At the same time, two-stroke power plants are more affordable than four-stroke ones, but they are noisier and need to be filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, while not forgetting the exact proportion. Of course, this creates certain difficulties in terms of usability.

Hammer Flex RT-20

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20211

Let’s start with an overview of the representatives of the budget line. The top 10 of our petrol walk-behind tractors is opened by the Hammer Flex RT-20 model, which is ideal for working loose soil, digging soil in the garden, working grass, and also suitable for working the soil around bushes and various trees. Sufficient performance for work on construction sites up to 600 sq. At the same time, the working width is 250 mm and the depth is 23 cm. The low weight and compact dimensions are simultaneously due to the use of a two-stroke engine that complies with the EURO-II / EPA standard. According to the manufacturer, the power plant has a longer service life and a weightless level of emissions of harmful substances. In addition, there is a high-quality air filter that prevents piston wear. At the same time, a sufficiently high-quality and wear-resistant muffler is responsible for the low noise level. Additional comfort is guaranteed by a folding handle, thanks to which the equipment is convenient to transport and store at home.


  • compact size;
  • light;
  • air filter;
  • good muffler;
  • minimum emissions.


  • it’s not the most powerful engine.

Huter GMC-2.8

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20212

Many home masters have managed to appreciate the merits of this good lightweight walk-behind tractor for giving, which attracts with good power and a large radius of action. Model Huter GMC-2.8 is suitable for loosening flower beds, flower beds, top dressing. The power of the unit is 2.8 “horsepower”. At the same time, the features of the equipment include a convenient folding handle, which simplifies the transportation of the model and helps save space. Processing width 280 millimeters. Judging by customer reviews, the device is easy to disassemble, good maneuverability, comfortable speed control and low oil protection.


  • relatively simple maintenance;
  • flexible model;
  • good performance;
  • compact size;
  • weight without weight.


  • you need to make a mixture.


10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20213

Another economical cultivator model, the DDE V380II-2S, has an attractive price and good performance. We are talking about an inexpensive but good walking two-stroke tractor that can be used to work near trees, in flower beds and under various bushes. The device is easy to maintain and operate. Adjustment of the handle on height is carried out by thumbs. At the same time, a good canning coulter involves adjusting the plowing depth. I must say that the design weighs only 14 kilograms. The body houses a durable 52cc DDE engine. See processing width 30 centimeters. The declared motor power is 2.5 horsepower or 1840 watts. Of the shortcomings, only 1 speed can be distinguished.


  • light;
  • good engine;
  • affordable cost;
  • simple adjustment;
  • build quality.


  • only 1 speed.

Daewoo DAT 2000E

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20214

Speaking about the best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages and gardens, it is worth mentioning the Daewoo Power DAT 2000E model. This is a lightweight cultivator that weighs only 29 kilograms and has an engine power of about 2.7 horsepower. For a networked machine, the performance is pretty high, and it’s definitely a useful model. There is no doubt about the reliability of the control unit. At the same time, the cultivation width reaches 55 centimeters with a plot processing depth of around 260 millimeters. At the same time, the technique attracts with a good indicator of maneuverability and ease of use. As you can imagine, electric walk-behind tractors are easy to maintain. This rule is also relevant if a manufacturer such as Daewoo is involved in the assembly.


  • engine quality;
  • good power;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • light.


  • weaker than petrol models.


10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20215

The best motoblock 2021 for giving in terms of price and quality is the CHAMPION BC5712 model with a four-stroke engine and an excellent price / quality ratio. At the same time, the volume of the four-stroke engine is 196 cubic centimeters with a power of 6.5 horsepower. In other words, the block outputs up to 4800 watts. The 3.6-liter fuel tank and air-cooling efficiency are good news. For obvious reasons, the equipment has an impressive weight in the region of 57 kilograms. In the design, you can simultaneously find 6 advanced cutters with a rotation speed of 130 revolutions per 1 minute. This performance greatly increases the operating range of the equipment.


  • chain reducer;
  • 6 good cutters;
  • high power;
  • inversion;
  • wheel quality


The best four-stroke gasoline walk-behind tractors

This category includes gasoline walk-behind tractors with four-stroke engines. Such engines are more complex and more expensive, but cheaper than two-stroke counterparts. They attract with a silent level of operation and ease of maintenance, because oil and gasoline in these power plants are poured separately.

Huter GMC-6.5

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20216

The Huter GMC-6.5 model is included in the 2021 motoblock rating, which is great for working even with remote areas from a power source. The petrol model is equipped with six advanced engineering cutters capable of effectively working the soil in a short time, removing it from weeds. The upper parts of these structural elements are protected by special shields, which exclude the possibility of damage by the user. In addition, there is a convenient height-adjustable handle. At the same time, the main feature of the device is a durable internal combustion engine, the power of which is sufficient to work on wastelands, including on hard ground. The power plant has a capacity of 6.5 horsepower, and the fuel tank can hold up to 3.6 liters of AI-92 gasoline.


  • adjustable opening;
  • powerful power plant;
  • tank capacity;
  • build quality;
  • adjustable handles.


  • simple lid.

Zubr MTB-300

Top 10 walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating of 2021

If you are interested in a good four-stroke walk-behind tractor, the Zubr MTB-300 may come in handy. This is a very powerful model, equipped with a cast iron gearbox and a chain gearbox complemented by a hardened hexagonal shaft. It is worth noting that the device supports 2 speeds forward and 1 reverse – this is enough for comfortable operation of equipment on any terrain. It is worth noting the high quality of mounting the bracket, the diameter of which is 30 millimeters. There is a reliable take-off pulley that increases the range of operation of the equipment: you can connect a snow blower, rotary mower or brush. From the description, it can be understood that the coulter is integrated with wheels, which makes it easy to transport the equipment without damaging the lawn. The handle of the walk-behind tractor makes it easy to set it in a vertical position. Access to rotating parts is limited by a sturdy protective cover.


  • model maneuverability;
  • volume of operation;
  • good power;
  • protection system;
  • 5 year warranty.


  • massive apparatus.

Hyundai T800

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20218

Considering the segment of reliable and affordable gasoline walk-behind tractors, it is difficult to ignore the Hyundai T 800 model. It is worth noting that the equipment of a well-known Korean manufacturer is affordable, but only 1 speed ahead. Satisfy the depth of processing and width: from 300 and 300 to 600 millimeters, respectively. The design received the support of 4 high-quality cutters with a rotation speed of approximately 114 rpm. The power of the unit is 5.5 horsepower (four-stroke engine), and the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. Provides plant protection, excellent coverage. Judging by user reviews, the model is not afraid of harsh operating conditions. He weighs about 50 kilograms.


  • proprietary engine;
  • powerful power plant;
  • build quality;
  • tank capacity;
  • elegant design.


  • overall equipment.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - rating 20219

In search of a gasoline walk-behind tractor, both economical and powerful, many users have opted for the Neva MB-23B 10.0 model. There is also a premium version, but the classic one has a more affordable price with almost the same technical characteristics. The equipment is equipped with a productive gasoline unit for 10 horsepower, and the volume of cylinders is 305 cubic centimeters. The tank holds up to 4.5 liters of fuel. It is worth noting the presence of practical handles, as well as high-quality and convenient control of this model. Among other things, the walk-behind tractor pleases with good maneuverability, justified by the presence of an advanced gearbox with a wide range of speeds. In addition, the developers of a well-known company equipped the model with pneumatic wheels, complemented by a deep tread. You can connect accessories to increase the working range of garden equipment.


  • high power;
  • volume of operation;
  • pneumatic wheels;
  • Transmission;
  • build quality;
  • operational period.


Patriot Kaluga M

10 best walk-behind tractors for summer cottages - 2021 rating 10

The best gasoline walk-behind tractor of 2021 is a model with a powerful power plant for 7 horsepower or 5150 watts. Due to the presence of such a unit, the range of equipment is limited by the operator’s imagination. In this case, the processing width is 85, and the width is 32 centimeters. At the same time, the Patriot Kaluga M model of the Low Gear series is distinguished by an affordable price and an affordable transmission. Includes 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. First gear is lowered for better interaction with other accessories. It is worth noting the high build quality and excellent service. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the availability of an affordable design, as can be judged by the abundance of positive customer reviews.


  • comfortable model;
  • volume of operation;
  • service maintenance;
  • good details;
  • reliable assembly.


How to choose a good walk-behind tractor in 2021?

First of all, you need to decide on specific tasks, and then proceed from your preferences in terms of operating such equipment. If you do not know which walk-behind tractor to buy for a summer residence, pay due attention to power and dimensions. Here it is worth considering the following:

  1. If you need a lightweight walk-behind tractor. In this case, finding a suitable diesel model is quite difficult. As a rule, consumers are leading gasoline counterparts with a cheaper price and power plant power in the region of 6-8 horsepower. Devices of this type are sufficient for cultivating land at medium depth. The unit is cooled, as you understand, by air. At the same time, it is possible to connect additional equipment, including a lift, a plow and other parts, to a potato digger. As a rule, such tools are purchased for plots whose size does not exceed 20 acres.
  2. If you need a great walk-behind tractor. For large territories, they buy more expensive and functional units, respectively heavy and large. Such inventions have powerful steel wire cutters.

At the same time, when thinking about buying a walk-behind tractor for a summer residence or a plot, it is necessary to take into account the territory that you will serve. A vegetable garden or garden is unlikely to require more than one tool. But for the implementation of maneuvers, the reverse will certainly come in handy. Do not forget that the ability of the cutter to move depends on the quality of the box.


  • economical models have a light part of the gear, it is precisely because of the limitations of the movement of the cutter that it is not possible to work with hard soils.
  • walk-behind tractors with a large number of speeds are suitable for harrows, potato diggers and other equipment, thanks to the possibility of choosing a suitable gear.

Among other things, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Start type: The traditional and most popular option is manual. Yes, it’s a little tricky, but they’re more affordable than electric start models.
  2. The differential lock is a useful option for maneuvering. In addition, the presence of this aspect indicates a rapid turn of a heavy vehicle.
  3. Pneumatic wheels are the best option for working in the field and in the garden. Such a base indicates a simple transportation of the device.

Tips for choosing and operating walk-behind tractors

For those who still do not understand how to choose a good walk-behind tractor, we will try to understand a number of key points, not taking into account a bunch of functions that may turn out to be completely useless. Like:

  1. If you have a huge area or hard ground. In this case, it is worth focusing on heavy class models on a diesel unit. It is important that the device is equipped with saber knives, stands for adjusting the width or depth. In this case, a 3-4-speed gearbox is a must. Among the useful options should be noted differential lock and quick start with an electric starter.
  2. If the average plot is up to 30 acres. In this case, it is definitely better to stay on the gasoline model, as it is cheaper. At the same time, the engine will be enough to complete the tasks.
  3. If the cottage is up to 20 acres. In this case, a light walk-behind tractor will be enough, but it is more rational to use them on loose (previously plowed) soil).


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