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10 best webcams - Rating 20210

Along with the increase in the number of professions related to remote work, the demand for webcams has also increased. And this applies not only to office gadgets, but also to advanced devices based on CCD matrices. When evaluating the best webcams of 2021, we propose to take into account not only cheap solutions based on CMOS sensors for streamers, but also professional gadgets.

If you do not know how to choose such a device, then try to decide what exactly you need. Obviously, streamers need a gadget more expensive than the office needs. However, we will not consider cheap devices, because they integrate in most cases even with simple laptops.

Our selection includes the best gadgets in terms of value for money and the highest quality premium webcam.

The best cheap webcams

Even in the budget sector today there are many models with support for a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. We recommend starting with an FHD image and a sensor of at least 2 megapixels. The presence of such a device will allow you to forget about updating for at least 1-2 years.


10 best webcams - Rating 20211

The top 10 webcams are opened by the mid-range FHD model of the CBR CW 870FHD series. This device is fully compatible with operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 10. We have no information on compatibility with other operating systems. It is also worth noting that the gadget has a good CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2 megapixels, which is an excellent indicator for the economy class. Connection to a PC is via USB 2.0. It is also worth noting that the device received a high-quality case and a durable (non-removable) cable with a good braid. The cable length is sufficient for comfortable work. Among the useful options are autofocus and white balance characteristic of the premium segment.


  • there is autofocus;
  • resolution 1920 × 1080 dpi;
  • durable cable;
  • white balance.


  • sometimes buggy.

xiaomi xiaovv

10 best webcams rating - Rating 20212

Given the cheap but good webcams, we managed to find a large number of positive reviews about the Xiaomi Xiaovv model that supports different video transmission formats:

  1. WVGA – 30 frames per second;
  2. HD – at 30 frames per second;
  3. Full HD – 30 frames per second.

Autofocus and a maximum viewing angle of 150 degrees are provided. Video can be recorded in MJPEG and H.265 format. The design includes a microphone. Includes monitor stand and tripod. In this case, the cable length reaches 1.5 meters. Among the features of this device, I would also like to note the support for the user’s face detection function.


  • many formats;
  • long cable;
  • viewing angle;
  • autofocus.


  • there is a more advanced version.

Defender G-lens 2599

10 best webcams - Rating 20213

The entry-level model of the Defender G-lens 2599 series, based on a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, joins the list of good webcams. In addition to high-quality images, this camera model attracts with automatic exposure detection and good white balance. For obvious reasons, the image looks as natural as possible in any light. Another advantage of this product is the automatic sensitivity adjustment. For this reason, a good image can also be transmitted outdoors. Also worth noting is the presence of a clear microphone that transmits good sound, and a five-layer lens, due to which image accuracy is not lost even at a considerable distance from the camera.


  • good microphone;
  • five-layer lens;
  • sensitivity adjustment;
  • exposure adjustment.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

Xiaomi IMILAB Pro W90

Top 10 Webcams Ranking - Ranking 2021

Here, in fact, is the premium version of the budget webcam that we talked about earlier. This is a device of another level, which can be understood not only by its name, but also by its technical characteristics. Let’s start with the fact that the gadget is ideal for different services – from Skype to Zoom. Thousands of users are already using it for distance learning and online business meetings. What’s the secret? First, the model has a 4.5mm autofocus lens. Secondly, the necessary skill settings are missing. Without interference and graininess, you get an image immediately after connecting the gadget to a computer or laptop. In addition, the engineers of the Chinese company took care of a wide viewing angle. Also worth noting is the ease of use of the device, which is supported by the ability to use a tripod.


  • fastening quality;
  • large lens;
  • clear image without graininess;
  • synchronization with the most popular services.


Canyon CNS-CWC5

Top 10 Webcams Ranking - Ranking 2021

The best budget webcam for streamers is the Canyon CNS-CWC5, which supports 1080p resolution. Despite the relatively low cost, the manufacturer made sure to have a microphone with good sound. In addition, light correction is provided. Viewing angle 65 degrees. Also worth noting is autofocus and noise reduction, which allow you to create uninterrupted streaming sessions. Among other things, there is a tripod with which you can easily connect the camera to your Smart TV. This device supports different operating systems from Android 5.0 to macOS 10.7.


  • for different operating systems;
  • autofocus;
  • image quality;
  • good sound.


  • average viewing angle.

Best webcams for streamers

This category features premium business-class solutions and webcam streamers. Such devices have a higher price, but they guarantee the clearest image transmission with good sound.

Razer Kiyo

Top 10 Webcams Ranking - Ranking 2021

If you are not sure which premium webcam to choose, we recommend that you take a look at the Razer Kiyo, designed by famous streamers. The gadget supports image resolution 1080 (Full HD) at 30 frames per second. As a result, HD can be transmitted at 60 frames per second. From user feedback, you can understand that your conference participants will be able to see the image exactly as you see the game. The quality of business conferences deserves special attention. In particular, thanks to the support of software such as Open Broadcaster Software. The camera also supports the Xsplit app. Of the shortcomings, the sound quality can be noted, although the price is far from low.


  • useful programs;
  • build quality;
  • ideal solution for streamers;
  • famous brand.


  • sound quality.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Top 10 Webcams Ranking - Ranking 2021

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream series tops the list of webcams, positioning itself as the ideal solution for streamers. In fact, customer reviews confirm the high quality of video streaming on Twitch and YouTube. It’s important to note that streaming is in 1080p at up to 30fps. Also worth noting is the high level of autofocus. The maximum viewing angle can be 78 degrees. The C922 Pro Stream Series webcam is equipped with a light level correction function. This technology improves detail even in low light. The composition includes two microphones at the same time, so the voice sounds very clear and as natural as possible. Another advantage is proprietary software, thanks to which there is no need to resort to complex settings – in a few seconds after connecting the camera, you can do what you love.


  • proprietary software;
  • two microphones;
  • viewing angle;
  • image quality.


  • There is a 4K model.

Canyon CNS-CWC6N

10 best webcams - Rating 20218

Looking for a quality external webcam for streaming, many gamers have chosen the Canyon CNS-CWC6N with a maximum resolution of 2K Ultra HD. The camera of this gadget supports automatic portrait enhancement technology, so it is ideal for conferences. The high video quality can also be explained by the presence of a UHD lens. The viewing angle of the model is 80 degrees. Videos can be saved in MJPEG or YUV format. The gadget supports USB 2.0 and a microphone with effective noise reduction. Another advantage of this camera is image correction in low light conditions.


  • UHD lens;
  • good resolution;
  • noise canceling microphone;
  • viewing angle.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

AVerMedia Technologies Live Streamer Cam 513

10 best webcams - Rating 20219

Another flagship gadget was presented by the Taiwanese company AVerMedia Technologies. This is a premium webcam with 4K resolution and thoughtful design. The gadget can be connected to a monitor or desktop. In addition, you can use a tripod, which makes it much easier to choose the right angle. The stunning video quality comes from the R 4K CMOS sensor. I would also like to note the support for Sony Exmor technology, as well as the precise settings of AVerMedia. 4K video can be shot at 30 frames per second. Another important nuance is that you can shoot on an 8-megapixel camera.


  • camera 8 MP;
  • cool video;
  • excellent matrix;
  • famous brand.


Logitech VC Brio Ultra HD Pro

10 best webcams - Rating 202110

The best professional webcam of 2021 is the Logitech VC Brio Ultra HD Pro series, which supports Ultra HD 4K resolution. Actually, this may already explain the high price of the product, but that’s not all. The modern gadget has received many proprietary technologies, including RightLight ™ 3 and HDR. This indicates the possibility of transmitting an extraordinary image, regardless of the level of lighting indoors or outdoors. The business class model supports face recognition and 5x zoom. You can use a different viewing angle: from 65 to 90 degrees, so that only the head is in the frame, or together with the shoulders, or conference mode.


  • business class certificate;
  • maximum resolution;
  • extended dynamic range;
  • own technologies;
  • different viewing angle.


How to choose a good webcam?

As already mentioned, if you don’t know how to choose a webcam, you need to start by understanding the intended actions of the device. This will allow you to decide on your budget and the parameters that you need to focus on. As for the recommended characteristics, it is worth considering such nuances as:

  1. The viewing angle is an important indicator for those users who periodically communicate with superiors, employees or hold conferences. Usually the parameter ranges from 45 to 170 degrees. If you need the subject to always be in the frame, you should focus on webcams with a viewing angle of at least 60 degrees. It is worth noting that Logitech has many such solutions. In addition, they support tilt adjustment and many other frame width manipulations;
  2. Focus type: Budget models usually have manual focus while premium streamers come with auto focus. Also, some flagships may support background blur and face recognition. These features also help improve image sharpness;
  3. Installation Method: Most gadgets have clips that allow you to install the camera on the laptop or monitor cover. More expensive devices are additionally equipped with a desktop stand or universal stand;
  4. Microphone: If you’re looking for a cheap gadget and you’re using a headset, don’t overpay for this component. For business online conferences, a good built-in microphone with stereo sound will not hurt. There can be many of them all over the body of the webcam;
  5. Connection method: If a cable is used, it is better to focus on gadgets that support the modern USB 2.0 or 3.0 standard. Please note that some models are not compatible with all operating systems. As practice shows, only premium gadgets support Wi-Fi connection.

What is the best webcam to choose in 2021?

As a result, we were able to look at many different models for both workouts and streamers. If you do not know which webcam to choose for your activity, we recommend that you first decide on the price and other parameters presented. Our conclusion regarding the items in the collection is as follows:

  1. Economical, but high-quality model – Canyon CNS-CWC5;
  2. The best value for money webcam is the Canyon CNS-CWC6N;
  3. A good streamer camera is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream;
  4. Best Premium Webcam – Logitech VC Brio Ultra HD Pro

Do not forget to share your experience and thank you if you managed to find a quality product through the efforts of our authors.


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