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Top 10 Wireless Mice - 20210 Ranking

Which wireless mouse to choose and buy: the best wireless mouse for a computer. Top 10 ranking of the best wireless mice.

Wired models are gradually becoming a thing of the past with the advent of more affordable analogues with inexpensive sensors. This also applies to the gaming sector, which we will partially touch on in our ranking of the best wireless mice of 2022. Conventionally, all these models can be divided into several types:

  1. Optical mice: These models work with a built-in sensor that can read the position of the device, sending high-accuracy readings to a PC. In this case, the type of surface does not matter;
  2. Laser Mouse: They can generate a focused light beam and have a higher level of accuracy. The problem is that these devices only work well when using a hard, flat surface;
  3. Vertical mice are rarely used because of their high cost and special ergonomics. The bottom line is that such products can be held like a pen, minimizing fatigue from use, but high accuracy cannot be expected.

There are also air models, trackballs (a special ball is used) and other varieties that are practically not on sale due to the spread of the above analogues.

The best wireless mice for the job

What is important to consider when buying an office mouse? Firstly, such a model should be comfortable so that the hand does not get tired quickly. For the same reason, you should look for a lightweight and compact device. Secondly, the gadget must be durable, so you need to pay attention to the resource of transitions. Among other things, accuracy and value for money are important. We took these factors into account when compiling this collection.

A4Tech Fstyler FG10

Top 10 Wireless Mice - 20211 Ranking

Top 10 wireless mice opens A4Tech Fstyler FG10. There is reason to believe that we are talking about one of the most reliable office devices that can withstand more than 5 million clicks. In addition to an excellent asset, it should be noted the automatic transition to sleep mode after 0.2 seconds of inactivity. This indicates a high level of efficiency. At the same time, specialists from a well-known brand took care of the presence of non-slip pads that attract with pleasant tactile sensations. The gadget has a power switch located on the back of the mouse.


  • 4 levels of energy efficiency;
  • automatic sleep mode;
  • click a resource.


  • simple sensor

Xiaomi Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent Edition

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20212

Definitely a functional wireless mouse to work with, with a quiet ride and a smooth and comfortable wheel. In terms of durability, we note that this is an average device. To call it wear-resistant is definitely difficult. Good sensor, sensitivity 1300 dpi, I like it. To perform official duties, a higher indicator is not needed. The advantages of Mi Mouse Silent Edition include elegant design and ergonomic body of the device, made of ABS plastic. According to the manufacturer, the battery life of this mouse on AAA batteries reaches 12 months.


  • compact size;
  • economic model;
  • good sensor;
  • comfortable steering wheel.


  • not the biggest resource of clicks.


10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20213

Another high-quality wireless office mouse with an ergonomic body and a good optical sensor. Judging by the reviews, this model works stably on various types of surfaces. At the same time, ASUS WT425 is great for both PC and laptop. The composition includes five buttons at the same time and there is a separate button for adjusting the sensitivity level. The advantages of this particular series include the low noise level of microswitches, so this is just a chic option for the office. The device weighs about 65 grams, so the hand does not get tired. The radio channel at a frequency of 2.4 GHz stably transmits a signal over a distance of up to 10 meters. The sensor can be set to two values: 1000 dpi and 1600 dpi. It is worth noting that this mouse is used by many gamers for role-playing and FPS games.


  • powered by AA;
  • sensitivity setting;
  • compact size;
  • light;
  • silent switches.


  • no at this price

HP Dual Mode Black Mouse 300

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20214

If you are not sure which compact Bluetooth mouse to choose, we recommend that you take a look at the HP Dual Mode Black Mouse 300 Series gadget. The compact device works with a 2.4 GHz radio channel or Bluetooth. Initially, this product was positioned as a representative of the middle class for working with laptops and personal computers. The device has modest dimensions – only 70 grams and ergonomic design. Sensor resolution 3200 dpi. Good sensitivity to different types of coatings: wood, plastic, leather and others. To perform professional tasks, a range of up to 10 meters is sufficient. It is worth noting that a small USB receiver is used to connect via radio.


  • range of action;
  • small size;
  • sensitive sensor;
  • good construction.


Logitech Pebble M350

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20215

The best budget wireless mouse of 2021 in our opinion is the Logitech Pebble M350. This product embodies balanced parameters and a democratic price tag. With AA batteries, this gadget can work up to a year and a half in average use. The compact accessory is equipped with a simple but reliable sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi. Customer reviews testify to the good service life of this product, satisfies the ergonomics and quality of the upholstery. At the same time, we should not forget about the brand’s significant experience in the development of peripheral devices.


  • big brand;
  • good sensitivity;
  • compact size;
  • click resource;
  • cheap mouse.


  • no at this price

The best wireless mice for gaming

When buying a device for a gaming PC, you need to understand that wired gaming mice are more accurate. If you don’t want to get tangled up in the wire, it makes sense to look at premium wireless solutions with DPI settings. Equally important is the number and ergonomics of the buttons. We tried to take into account the experience of the players, the recommendations of experts and the leading technologies of the best manufacturers of such equipment in order to create the best choice for each wallet.

Logitech G G305 Lightspeed

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20216

The evaluation of wireless mice is complemented by the Logitech G G305 Lightspeed series of gaming models, which has a good level of speed and positioning accuracy. The input delay is reduced to 1ms thanks to the implementation of the patented LIGHTSPEED technology. Of particular note is the presence of an expensive optical sensor with a resolution of 12000 dpi. Do not forget that this gaming device belongs to the middle class mice. In this case, the declared resource reaches 10 million clicks, and the maximum acceleration is 10 m / s. From user comments, a modest set of device functions can be noted, but good technical parameters.


  • good acceleration;
  • sensor resolution;
  • LIGHTSPEED technology;
  • optimal ergonomics.


  • simple template for options.

Redragon Sniper PRO

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20217

Looking for a balanced PC wireless mouse, many buyers have chosen the Redragon Sniper PRO with up to 4 DPI settings. This indicates a broad target audience of the present invention. The obvious advantages of the gadget include chic elongated Teflon legs that provide good glide on different types of coatings. This series uses the well-known Pixart P3325 sensor. Attracts a polling rate of 1000 Hz. Includes receiver, cable and warranty. The structure contains 10 buttons at once, which indicates a fairly wide range of opportunities for gamers.


  • voting frequency;
  • good sensor;
  • thoughtful ergonomics;
  • many buttons.


  • design is not for everyone

Logitech MX Master 3

10 best wireless mice - 20218 ranking

If we consider good wireless gaming mice in terms of value for money, the Logitech MX Master 3 looks good. What is the reason? The model received a design specially designed for gamers. An experienced manufacturer took into account customer feedback, as well as their knowledge gained in the manufacture of devices of previous generations. This gadget is based on a laser sensor with a resolution of 4000 dp, which is the reason for the good cursor positioning accuracy. The capacity of the sold battery is enough for a long period of operation. The 500mAh battery is stable over time. Judging by customer reviews, the ergonomics are almost perfect, as is the operation of the radio module.


  • stable signal;
  • designed structure;
  • optimal price;
  • good battery.


  • not a perfect sensor

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless

10 best wireless mice - Ranked 20219

Another wireless gaming mouse from a well-known manufacturer with an excellent sensor and backlight. The SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless series product is equipped with TrueMove Air technology, and the sensor resolution reaches 18,000 dpi. The highly symmetrical device works both via Bluetooth 5.0 and via a radio channel, the frequency of which corresponds to the 2.4 GHz standard, gamers’ reviews speak of good overclocking and interesting infrared illumination. No less buyers appreciate the symmetrical shape and compact size of the product. This mouse weighs just over 100 grams. Distinctive features include a 2xAAA battery holder.


  • battery operation;
  • modern communication standard;
  • infrared lighting;
  • light;
  • good resolution.


Razer Viper Ultimate

10 best wireless mice - 2021 ranking

The best wireless mouse of 2021 is the Razer Viper Ultimate, featuring an advanced 20,000 dpi sensor. The gadget attracts not only with high positioning accuracy, but also with good technical equipment against the backdrop of a bright design. Ergonomic product connects via radio interface. In addition, there is an additional USB port. Obviously the price tag implies the presence of macro settings. Thanks to the internal memory, the selected user settings will be saved. It’s hard to find fault with the ergonomics and build quality of this gadget, despite the obvious claims of many competitors. Try to attract credible reviews from other buyers.


  • razer Focus + sensor +;
  • working speed;
  • macro creation;
  • thoughtful ergonomics.


How to choose a good wireless mouse for PC?

When buying such electronics, of course, a tactile reaction is important, but, as practice shows, many users choose these products in online stores. If you do not know how to choose a wireless mouse and do not want to leave your heart, we recommend that you pay due attention to customer reviews on the following nuances:

  1. Ease of use with some palm grip;
  2. The number and quality of buttons used;
  3. Sensitivity, easy to adjust.

What PPE is best for the job? There are no restrictions or optimal values. You must understand that the higher the DPI, the better the smoothness. Do I need a wireless mouse transmitter? Models with radio technology are cheaper, but a free slot is required for the USB port. However, 2.4GHz mice are susceptible to interference from other devices. In this regard, of course, the Bluetooth connection has priority. How much does a good wireless gaming mouse cost? In our subjective opinion, it is worth focusing on models of at least 3,000 rubles, because, unlike wired counterparts, there are more elements here. In particular, you should pay attention to battery life and other parameters.

What is the best wireless mouse to buy in 2022?

I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just this list, so check out our other general and specific subject ratings if you’re not sure which wireless mouse to buy for entertainment, office tasks, or

  1. Best wireless mouse for work: Logitech Pebble M350
  2. Optical model in terms of price-quality ratio – HP Dual Mode Black Mouse 300;
  3. Best laser mouse for gaming: Logitech MX Master 3
  4. The premium gaming model is the Razer Viper Ultimate.

Dear friends, I want to draw your attention to your opinion and reflections (reasoning) about the purchase of such electronics.


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