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15 best blenders - Rating 20210

To this day, many buyers underestimate the scope of blenders, believing that they can only be used to grind fruits and vegetables. After all, modern models allow you to perform a larger list of operations, comparable to the capabilities of a food processor. You can verify this by looking at our assessment of the best blenders for 2021 for the home, which contains the following types of devices:

  1. Inexpensive blenders – designed for making sauces, smoothies, vegetable purees and other simple tasks;
  2. Immersion blenders are more powerful and compact, but they can splatter food because they don’t have a protective bowl. However, such units are also inexpensive, but they can have sharp blades, good equipment and high power of the power plant. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the design and user reviews in order not to make a mistake.
  3. Stand blenders are the most popular and versatile solutions for blending, chopping, chopping and chopping food. They can vary significantly in terms of protection system, power, mode of operation, design, price and configuration.

As in the case with the selection of faucets, we did not pursue novelties, as we understand that in this segment of kitchen appliances there are many products of previous generations that are not much inferior to analogues that have not yet been tested in practice.

The best immersion blenders

The advantages of hand blenders include their compact size and the ability to prepare small portions of food. True, there are a number of shortcomings against the background of stationary counterparts. In particular, there is a possibility of encountering food splashes, and it is also necessary to hold the device in your hands. With this in mind, experts recommend choosing lightweight models with a good and comfortable grip.

5. Bosch MSM 66130

15 best blenders - Rating 20211

Let’s start our reviews of good immersion blenders with the entry-level Bosch model. The MSM 66130 series is part of the CleverMixx range designed for home use. There is a high-quality metal knife with 4 blades. QuattroBlade blades combined with an optimized bowl shape effectively grind food without splashing. Capacity of 600 milliliters is enough for the preparation of mayonnaise, sauces and other products. There is a measuring scale on the bowl. The speed can be adjusted in 12 modes. It is worth noting the quality of the rubberized handle, as well as a durable holder, with which you can safely install interchangeable nozzles.


  • click on the gear mechanism;
  • glass;
  • 12 adjustment positions;
  • pen quality.


  • budget coverage.


15 best blenders - Rating 20212

This model compares favorably with analogues in the presence of a chic package, which can explain the higher price. In addition, the REDMOND RHB-2974 has entered our top of the line blenders with its high power of 800W. Given the presence of two bowls, as well as a wide range of applications, we did not encounter any disadvantages (other than high cost). There is a standard capacity of 500 milliliters and a large bowl of 600 mm with a measuring cup. Judging by user reviews, the device does an excellent job of preparing a variety of fruit and vegetable juices, sports cocktails and soups. You can also grind large and hard foods. 3 circular knives are used at the same time, which can be used to chop, grate and cut vegetables and fruits.


  • high power;
  • good equipment;
  • two containers included;
  • hardware quality.


  • relatively young brand.

3. Philips HR2652/90 Viva Collection

15 best blenders - Ranking 20213

If you do not know which blender to choose for your home, pay attention to the Philips HR2652 / 90 Viva Collection series. The device stands out from the competition with the support of SpeedTouch technology, which allows you to adjust the speed of the device with a light touch of the main button. Satisfied with the ergonomic design and light weight of the product. User reviews indicate that the product is easy to clean. Another plus is the ProMix steel blade. According to the manufacturer, they managed to implement a well-thought-out design that minimizes the possibility of food splashing. There is a chopper Philips XL and a whisk for working with cream and protein. The power of the installation reaches 800 watts. This is also enough to grind nuts and other thick ingredients.


  • coating quality;
  • good nozzles;
  • compact size;
  • high power.


  • he makes a lot of noise.

2. Tefal HB 833132

15 best blenders - Rating 20214

A definitely reliable immersion blender is the Tefal HB 833132, which has a power of 600W. This is not the highest figure, but for using the device at home it is quite enough. The capacity of the bowl is 500 milliliters. 16 speeds are available, there are smooth adjustment, pulse and turbo modes. The set also includes an 800 ml grinding jar that can be used as a measuring jug. Users were satisfied with the quality and quantity of accessories: there are whisks, a blender leg, a meat grinder knife. The device works, as you understand, from the network. No one has any complaints about the design and build quality.


  • implemented 16 speeds;
  • there is a turbo mode;
  • excellent equipment;
  • good construction.


  • low power.

1. Silanga BL800 Universal

15 best blenders - Rating 20215

The best immersion blender of 2021 is the Silanga BL800 Universal, which has a good motor and a solid build. In particular, this includes the use of environmentally friendly materials and Japanese steel knives. The manufacturer is probably confident in their product, as they offer a 1 year warranty on blenders. By using a 15,000 rpm motor, a wide range of applications is achieved. It is worth noting that the engine has an improved protection against overheating. The ability to adjust performance has been implemented – 2 modes of high-speed operation are available.


  • Japanese steel knives;
  • powerful engine;
  • overheat protection;
  • environmentally friendly material.


The Best Smoothie Blenders

This category includes portable blenders for making smoothies and shakes. Such models are bought, as a rule, for cooking on a business trip, when going to the country and, of course, for sports. Such products allow you to quickly prepare not only fresh, but also sports nutrition.

5. Kitfort KT-3003

15 best blenders - Rating 20216

If you are interested in an inexpensive blender for smoothies and cocktails, then be sure to pay attention to the Kitfort KT-3003 model. The compact appliance can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen without worrying about saving space. The small smoothie blender is powered by a rechargeable battery via a USB cable. In the box with the device, you should find a charger. It is worth saying that this device is very easy to disassemble, it is easy to clean it from dirt. The glass was made from BPA-free tritan. At the same time, the blades were made of durable and wear-resistant stainless steel. The power of the unit is 15,000 revolutions, which allows you to quickly solve the tasks in the shortest possible time. There is a rubberized strip on the glass so that the device does not fall out of your hands.


  • quality of materials;
  • good performance;
  • compact size;
  • light.


  • small capacity.

4. Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Cup

15 best blenders - Rating 20217

The list of portable blenders has been replenished with the Xiaomi model from the 17PIN Star Fruit Cup series. The main advantages of this device include protection against accidental fire when the lid is removed, as well as double pressing: a powerful start for chopping food in 30 seconds. The compact device comes with a rather ergonomic 400ml beaker, but the usable volume is actually 300ml. There is a modest but powerful electric motor in the lid. A motor built on the basis of three knives made of AISI 304 steel is responsible for the rotation of the knife block. The battery capacity (750 mAh) is enough to prepare 15 servings of smoothies. Charging takes about 2 hours.


  • there is a battery;
  • good engine;
  • cover quality;
  • appearance.


  • effective volume.

3. RAWMID Portable RPB-03

15 best blenders - Ranking 20218

Judging by customer reviews, RAWMID Portable RPB-03 is a good blender for baby food and simple household chores. The design of this device includes two 2000 mAh batteries at the same time, which can be charged using the Power Bank while traveling. However, the actual battery capacity is also sufficient to achieve battery life of several days. The rated power of the device reaches 222 W, which is enough to work with berries and herbs. A steel knife is capable of making up to 25,000 revolutions per minute. The set includes two knives, a whisk and two glasses. Against the background of the previously mentioned analogues, this is a truly functional device with a wide range of applications. The design weighs only 1.2 kilograms.


  • charge indication;
  • whisk and two glasses;
  • high power;
  • two 2000 mAh batteries.


  • charges 5 hours.

2. Xiaomi Deerma Fruit Cup DEM-NU05

15 best blenders - Rating 20219

Definitely a high-end blender in terms of price / quality ratio, this is the Xiaomi Deerma Fruit Cup DEM-NU05, which does a great job of juicing. As stated in the customer comments, the shaker has enough power to prepare 2-3 servings of smoothies in one session (400 milliliters). The rated power is 140 W, which is enough to organize a performance of 20 thousand revolutions per minute. For travelers, this device is attractive due to the presence of USB for recharging the battery. The device can be a great gift, because it has a stylish design and reliability.


  • good power;
  • simple refueling;
  • excellent design;
  • compact size.


1. Silanga BL550

15 Best Blenders - 2021 Ranked 10

The best smoothie blender of 2021 in our opinion is the Silanga BL550 Smoothie Maker. The shaker of this series has a power of 300 W, and the volume of one glass reaches 550 milliliters. In addition to excellent technical characteristics, the high quality of the Japanese engine, equipped with an effective burnout protection system, should be noted. In addition, strong and wear-resistant knives made of Japanese steel are used. Sufficiently large bowl is made of TRITAN eco-plastic. It is worth noting the elegant design of the product, as well as a number of positive reviews about ease of use.


  • Japanese steel knives;
  • eco-plastic bowl;
  • powerful engine;
  • elegant design.


  • simple functionality.

The best stationary blenders

5 Philips HR2602

The 15 Best Blenders - Ranked 202111

The rating of the best blenders for home use has been replenished with a fixed model of the Philips HR2602 series, which attracts with its stylish appearance and good performance – in the region of 28-29 thousand rpm. The rated power of the unit reaches 350 watts. The cooking bowl is made of safe and environmentally friendly SAN plastic and has four internal ribs. In turn, the thoughtful design ensures uniform and thorough mixing of the ingredients. Removable parts, according to the manufacturer, can be washed in a dishwasher. The set includes a travel cup with a lid with a hole.


  • good plastic;
  • easy cleaning;
  • silent model.
  • build quality.


  • low power.

4. RAWMID Professional RPB-01

15 Best Blenders - 2021 Ranked 12

This model is one of the professional blenders with great power and sharp blades that won’t wear out over time. The RAWMID Professional RPB-01 series is suitable for both home and commercial use. The power of the unit reaches 4 hp. Stainless steel multi-station knives are used, a noise-protective casing is used. As a result, users get a really powerful and quiet device, which can also be used in cafes and restaurants. The control panel includes the ability to select one of four operating modes, including “Juice”, “Smoothie”, “Soup” and “Ice”. The volume of the jug is 1.5 liters, it is made of tritan.


  • good power;
  • volume;
  • optimal capacity;
  • knife quality.


3. Philips Viva Collection HR 2162

The 15 Best Blenders - Ranked 202113

According to customer reviews, Philips Viva Collection HR 2162 is listed as a reliable home stationary blender. The device has a stylish design and two bowls: one for minced meat, the second for 2 liters. The stationary device boasts a high-quality ProBlend 5 knife, made using a special technology that implies the presence of 5 wear-resistant serrated blades at the same time. At the same time, the power of the device is 600 W, which indicates that the product belongs to household solutions. Of course, a pulse mode is provided, with which even ice and other hard products can be crushed. The main components can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • excellent blades;
  • pulse mode;
  • easy cleaning;
  • bowl capacity.


  • not much power.

2. Braun JB 5050

The 15 Best Blenders - Ranked 202114

Definitely practical stationary blender – Braun JB 5050 power up to 1000 watts. The product significantly saves time compared to analogues. We are satisfied with the high-quality and thoughtful design, which was created taking into account the best technologies of the manufacturer. At the same time, 11 speed modes are implemented. They turn on the pulse. There is a special program for quick ice crushing and other limited procedures. Another advantage of this device can be called a large bowl that can hold 1.6 liters of food. Users praise the removable parts and build quality, which speaks volumes for the ease of cleaning.


  • many modalities;
  • bowl capacity;
  • level of reliability;
  • quality of parts;
  • high power.


1. Silanga BL1500 PRO

The 15 Best Blenders - Ranked 202115

The best blender of 2021 is Silanga BL1500 PRO, which attracts with its sleek design and thoughtful construction. The features of this device include the presence of 6 sharp blades made of Japanese steel, created using X-blade technology. The motor (also Japanese) has a power of 1200 W, which is enough for grinding various ingredients and even for making puree soup. The grove is made from TRITAN (imported from the USA) – it does not contain BPA and other harmful impurities. Three programs and a speed controller are available. The motor is protected from overheating, the warranty period reaches 1 year.


  • overheat protection;
  • power 1200W;
  • bright design;
  • 6 steel blades;
  • Ease of controls.


How to choose the right blender for your home?

In fact, we do not want to focus your attention and waste time on shades that everyone understands. If you do not know how to choose a good blender, then focus on products from well-known manufacturers. If you need to save money, be sure to take into account the opinion of buyers. As for the main parameters, what exactly should be considered:

  1. bowl volume;
  2. bowl material;
  3. Strength;
  4. Variety of nozzles;
  5. Dimensions and weight;
  6. Network cable length;
  7. Protection systems;
  8. Number of modes;
  9. manufacturer’s reputation.

Of course, the priorities of these characteristics are different, because by purchasing a product of a well-known brand, you will already save yourself from the need to take into account other risks.

What is the best blender for home to buy in 2021?

To make the right choice, you must first decide on the set events, decide what you will cook (cocktails, a wide selection of dishes or baby food). If you don’t know which blender to buy, pay attention to the difference in prices of different brands. As for our conclusion:

  1. Best Budget Immersion Blender – Philips HR2602
  2. Powerful professional model – Silanga BL1500 PRO;
  3. Affordable price and quality model – Philips HR2173 Viva Collection;
  4. Best budget blender – Xiaomi Deerma Fruit Cup DEM-NU05
  5. Reliable submersible model – Silanga BL800 Universal.


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