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15 best coffee machines for home - Ranking 2021

The topic of coffee is closely related to many people, and some do not even suspect how large the volume of grains consumed by society every day. Unfortunately, often without due respect for the drink. Today, only in the open spaces of our kitchen there are 3 coffee pots at the same time (2 geysers, one of which is terracotta, and 1 drip). We regularly use two, so when evaluating the best coffee makers of 2021, I would like to consider different models, since the choice should be based on the experience and characteristics of each type of equipment. Otherwise, you can spend a fairly large amount of money until you find a suitable option. Currently, the following types of home coffee makers are in demand:

  1. Geysers are the cheapest option, which involves a completely manual cooking process. It should be noted here that there are electric models (it is very difficult to make delicious coffee with their help) and clay models (designed for experienced users, because it is difficult to make a good drink without skills).
  2. Carob: works with ground coffee, can be equipped with many options and additional parts, including a cappuccinatore. The most expensive option among other home coffee makers, which is easily explained by high quality (preferably with a metal horn) and ease of maintenance.
  3. Droppers are the most popular models for the home user, due to the affordable cost and good quality of work. It is important to determine the optimal power so that the drink is not too strong and does not release hardness, which is typical for the budget segment due to the lack of temperature.

If you did not find a suitable type of equipment in the description of varieties, we recommend that you pay attention to the rating of coffee machines, since many devices confuse not only buyers, but also store catalogs.

The best geyser coffee makers for home

To be honest, we tried different models of coffee makers: from geysers to coffee machines. Premium models are well calibrated and don’t always live up to expectations. On the other hand, working with geyser solutions requires experience and a willingness to experiment. At the same time, you can save a lot if you really like to make delicious coffee. We tried to find not the cheapest, but convenient models for business implementation.

ENDEVER Costa-1010

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20211

The list of good coffee makers opens with a budget model, similar to a geyser, from a Swedish company that has gained extensive experience in the manufacture of coffee equipment. This electrical device, for example, has been popular for three years and does not lose its relevance due to its excellent characteristics and the most affordable cost. Power of 480 W is enough for preparation of strong coffee. According to reviews, many buyers use this product to work with vacuum-packed ground cereals. The 300 ml capacity is enough for 3-5 servings, depending on your preference. It takes about 3 minutes to work.


  • simple preparation;
  • careful design;
  • Swiss manufacturer;
  • optimum power.


  • old model.

Rommelsbacher EKO 376

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20212

Another good geyser-type electric coffee maker, developed by experienced engineers from the well-known company ROMMELSBACHER. The model is positioned as an excellent solution for making espresso. The product has a decorative glass jug, which is enough for 3 cups of drink. The elegant model received a good stainless steel filter element. It is worth noting the presence of a safety valve and a backlit switch. The device can turn off automatically, there is protection against overheating and boiling of the drink. Among other things, the manufacturer took care of the presence of a built-in tensioner. The stand is designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees.


  • automatic shutdown;
  • overheat protection;
  • safety valve;
  • thoughtful position.


  • not low price.

De’Longhi EMKM 4

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20213

Another premium geyser coffee maker that attracts with quality elements. The De’Longhi EMKM 4 is easy to use and has a good 400ml capacity. Power consumption (not estimated) reaches 450 watts. This product is designed to prepare ground coffee, up to 4 servings can be prepared at a time. The advantages of the product include a high degree of protection and compact dimensions. With a little skill and experience, you can make truly delicious coffee. Do not forget that this manufacturer is considered one of the best in the production technology of this drink. Judging by user reviews, the high price is also fully justified not only by the reputation of the brand, but also by the quality of the design of the coffee maker.


  • excellent design;
  • four cups of coffee;
  • brand experience;
  • degree of protection.


  • not underpriced.


15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20214

We are talking about a practical and relatively inexpensive electric coffee maker, suitable for making oriental coffee, that is, taking into account the experience of real professionals in their field. A mid-range product can be found in the open spaces of many offices. The power of 850 W is enough to create non-acidic coffee, created, among other things, on the basis of ground beans. The 400 ml capacity is enough to prepare 6 cups of coffee. The body of the present invention can be rotated 360 degrees for ease of use and cleaning. The use of expensive stainless steel can be attributed to a long service life. Attracts in this model and the presence of a stable base, complemented by rubber feet. It takes about 2 minutes to boil the product.


  • fast heating;
  • rotating bowl;
  • excellent support;
  • number of servings.


  • it’s not the cheapest model.

Bialetti Moka timer 6

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20215

The best geyser coffee maker, according to the Central Committee, is the Bialetti Moka timer 6 model, manufactured by a reliable Italian company that understands the production of this type of equipment. Sales of this line are incredible and worldwide. And even the fact of the relatively high cost does not surprise anyone. The advantages of this particular electric model include support for a programmable timer, automatic shutdown at the end of cooking and sound indication. Among other things, there is a coffee warming function that works for 30 minutes after the completion of the operation. There is also a solid base that allows you to put the coffee pot on the table without worrying about damaging the oilcloth or other coating.


  • espresso quality;
  • Italian quality;
  • warm up the bowl
  • convenient design.


The best drip coffee makers for home

Drip coffee makers, regardless of cost, have a similar design, usually limited functionality, simple filtration, and the principle of operation. What is the difference between budget solutions and premium ones? In fact, there are a huge number of budget models that are in no way inferior to their expensive counterparts in terms of efficiency. At the same time, there are many cheap and low-quality products that convey the taste of plastic, have an insufficient level of water heating, and this cannot be determined by power. It is important that when coffee and hot water come into contact, the temperature of the last component reaches 93 ° C. Do the producers write about this? No. We have collected time-tested models, focusing on different price categories.

Scarlett SC-CM33018

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20216

The top 10 coffee machines for the home are opened by the economical drip model of the Scarlett SC-CM33018 series with a capacity of 600 watts. The device is made of inexpensive plastic, so the first cooking cycles may be accompanied by an unpleasant smell of polyethylene. The simplest solution to this problem is just a few runs without the use of raw materials: it all starts with water. After 2-3 applications, this smell will no longer be, judging by the reviews. It is worth noting the built-in heating plate, which is a rarity for the entry-level segment. The volume of the coffee maker is 750 milliliters. There is a reusable filter, water level indicator. The disadvantages also include the length of the electric cable – only 80 centimeters, so you should think about the location of the equipment in advance.


  • good power;
  • there is heating;
  • water indication;
  • volume of the water tank.


  • the first time the smell of plastic;
  • short cable.

Bosch TKA 3A031

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20217

Another cheap but good drip coffee maker with automatic shutdown (after 2 hours). There is good filtration, heating cups. Up to 10 coffees can be prepared in one cycle, which indicates good performance. The design weighs around 1.6 kilograms, the good quality of the construction pleases. The power consumption of the device reaches 1100 W, so real gourmets of coffee drinks should get ready for a good price for a surcharge against the background of analogues. It is worth noting a clear classic design and ease of cleaning surfaces from fingerprints and other contaminants.


  • good power;
  • build quality;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • warming cups.


  • not in this class.

REDMOND SkyCoffee M1509S

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20218

This model differs from other competitors in a wide range of functions. A good smart drip coffee maker is part of the SMART HOME series and supports remote control via smartphone. A useful feature is a removable and reusable filter, as well as minimal power consumption. There is a delay start for 24 hours, you can choose the strength, turn off the sound indication, turn on the parental mode. The high comfort of use can be attributed to the support of the Anti-drip function, which prevents the loss of aroma. Understanding the Ready for Sky app is child’s play. It should be noted the presence of a reed switch RG-G31S, a smoke detector RSD-01S and a motion indicator of the RG-D31S series.


  • many sensors;
  • security level;
  • simple control;
  • There is drip protection.
  • delayed start.


Gorenje ATCM730T

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 20219

If you do not know which high-quality American coffee machine to choose, pay attention to the reliable model of the Gorenje ATCM730T series. This is an elegant and compact device that has not only a bright, but also wear-resistant body. The volume of the container is only 0.27 milliliters, so this is clearly not an ideal option for a large family. There is an automatic shutdown, indication and backlight. It is worth noting the high quality of the Strix thermostat used, as well as the storage compartment for the network cable. The manufacturer has taken care of the presence of durable rubber feet that guarantee stability even on slippery surfaces.


  • good stability;
  • elegant design;
  • reliable assembly;
  • proprietary thermostat;
  • excellent indication.


  • small capacity.

CASO Coffee Compact Electronic

15 best domestic coffee makers - rating 2021

The best drip coffee maker for home in 2021 is the model of the CASO Coffee Compact series with simple operation and practical design. The model has a truly spectacular design that allows you to fully reveal the aroma of ground coffee. At the same time, the volume of the water tank reaches 600 milliliters. Features include hot water for tea making and auto shut off. Customer reviews speak of the good quality of the controls, represented by durable buttons. The plant power reaches 600W, but the performance is good.


  • automatic shutdown;
  • hot water supply;
  • build quality;
  • reliable assembly;
  • optimum power.


The best carob coffee makers for price and quality

When choosing an espresso coffee machine, you need to pay attention to the pump, pressure, sound signal and a number of other factors. We note right away that today there are models of boilers on sale that do not have a pump and even with high technical characteristics they supply water in a natural way, without increasing pressure. As a result, 2-3 bars are generally not enough to make espresso. We do not recommend such models, but the choice is yours. In our assortment there are coffee makers with carob pumps, which are time-tested and have many positive user reviews.

Kitfort KT-702

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 202111

The rating of home coffee machines has been replenished with the Kitfort KT-702 model with a very pleasant appearance that will decorate any interior. The coffee machine is great for making first-class espresso if you have experience making drinks. You can also make coffee and milk-based drinks. Satisfied with the high-quality control panel with a metal frame. The kit includes a good support, as well as an advanced filter cream, with which a fragrant foam is prepared. True coffee lovers will definitely appreciate the Double Espresso mode, which can be “optimized” using the manual cappuccinatore. Power 1100 W. The pump provides an output pressure of 10 bar – real, i.e. effective. The device will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.


  • simple control;
  • appearance;
  • optimal power;
  • functional.


  • everything has to be done manually.

Garlyn L70

15 best coffee machines for home - ranking 202112

In terms of value for money, the reliable mid-range coffee maker from the Garlyn L70 series looks good. A feature of this model is an excellent Italian pump that accelerates the pressure to 15 bar (the output is lower, but sufficient for a delicious espresso). The arsenal of functions includes a large number of automatic programs, including the ability to prepare a double portion. Coffee can be served 2 cups at a time. It should be noted the good quality of the cappuccinatore, which can be started with a single button. In this case, you can independently select the amount of foam using the rotary control. Experts who understand that the quality of the foam depends on the duration of whipping, the level of fat content, the temperature of the milk, using this technique can create just a great cappuccino. It is worth noting the programming of the number of servings, the self-cleaning function.


  • programming;
  • the quality of the cappuccinatore;
  • good pump;
  • good outlet pressure.


  • more suitable for professionals.

De’Longhi ECP 33.21

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 202113

First of all, this model attracts with the status of the manufacturer. De’Longhi is one of the top coffee maker brands and the ECP 33.21 series is a great example. The device attracts with its modern design and balanced technical characteristics for making rich and aromatic coffee. To perform this operation, the user requires a minimum of effort. At the same time, the tank capacity is 1 liter, which is enough to serve the whole family. An automatic shutdown system is implemented, there is a double pallet.


  • leading manufacturer;
  • big tank;
  • quality of drinks;
  • reliable assembly;
  • good pressure.


  • too expensive for the brand.


15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 202114

Among the whole variety of good desktop coffee makers, the desktop espresso model from the VITEK VT-1514 series deserves attention. It’s elegant, efficient, and relatively affordable at a premium price. The model works with a working pressure of 15 bar, which guarantees a wide range of applications in terms of the abundance of drinks. There is a removable 1500 ml water tank and a small 300 ml milk container. One of the main features of this series is the Perfect Brewing technology, with which you can prepare hot chocolate and latte macchiato.


  • many drinks;
  • delicious hot chocolate
  • high pressure;
  • tank capacity;
  • build quality.


De’Longhi Dedica EC 685

15 best coffee machines for home - Rating 202115

The best coffee maker of 2021 in terms of price and quality is the carob model of the De’Longhi Dedica EC 685 series, suitable for using ground coffee and tablets. In any case, it turns out a really tasty drink. It is worth noting the possibility of heating the top panel, a removable stand and a wide range of applications. It is possible to prepare different sizes of espresso, latte macchiato and other drinks. Separately, it is worth highlighting the cappuccino function, which, thanks to the correctly specified settings, perfectly solves the tasks. However, this is not surprising, because we know the name of the world famous developer. There are no complaints about the build quality.


  • power 1300W;
  • you can use capsules;
  • warm up the bowl
  • compact installation.


How to choose the right coffee maker for home use?

It should be noted right away that the approach to choosing a model of a dropper and a carob tree is fundamentally different, which is associated with different principles of operation and the design of such equipment. If you don’t know how to choose a good coffee maker for your home, first decide how often you will use this equipment, what parameters are important and how much you are willing to pay for good coffee. As you understand, we will consider the choice of each type of equipment separately and start with the budget option.

To choose a drip coffee maker, you need to consider performance, filtration, parameters:

  1. Warm-up time: It is considered normal to prepare a drink in 4-8 minutes. It is important that during the period of contact of water with coffee, the temperature of the coolant is above 90 degrees. Unfortunately, the power indicator does not regulate these parameters at all, so you need to pay attention to the reviews.
  2. Filtration – Even inexpensive drip coffee machines today come with reusable nylon filters. More expensive solutions have an extra layer of titanium nitride that provides longer life and easier cleaning.
  3. Options – in addition, some models can be equipped with a cup warmer, automatic shut-off and drip protection system. More expensive coffee makers may be equipped with a water meter function and a coffee grinder (preferably a coffee grinder).

When choosing a carob coffee maker, there are several parameters to consider, namely:

  1. Pressure – 8 bar is required to make espresso. Why, then, do budget models have 15 stripes in the description? Therefore, by the time the water leaves the pump, the indicators are completely different and must be taken into account. Indeed, high performance in the entry-level sector is a gimmick.
  2. Pump − The primary and intermediate sector uses vibratory pumps that generate pressure through the movement of a piston or piston. The problem is that such solutions do not know how to increase the pressure evenly, but this is not so critical. Because of this nuance, it is clearly not worth overpaying too much for the presence of a rotary pump, supplemented by a special electric motor.
  3. Group of breweries: the filter is the key element here. Simpler mesh solutions allow the user to understand what kind of grind they are dealing with and the skills needed to make a good drink. Large audience models have more advanced filters with a wide variety of amps, but you won’t be able to work with hand sanding.
  4. Horne: It’s more appropriate to focus on metal rather than cheap plastic solutions. The larger the diameter, the better.
  5. Management – here we will look at the main technologies that will come in handy in everyday life. First of all, this concerns the PID controller, which is responsible for the water supply temperature and the automatic dosing system. Premium espresso machines can also be fitted with a valve called a solenoid. This element is responsible for relieving the pressure of the working group and prevents drops from falling from the horn after the completion of the technique.
  6. A coffee grinder is a very important element for real gourmets who understand that the final result of preparing a drink depends on the quality of grinding.

Tips for choosing a coffee maker from experts

  1. focusing on products of reliable brands is more appropriate not only because of the use of high-quality materials, but also because they pay due attention to the correct temperature setting;
  2. For home use, it is optimal to stop at carob coffee makers with a small boiler;
  3. Some cheap Chinese models of unknown brands are equipped with cheap plastic, which always exudes an unpleasant smell. Experts do not advise to get hung up on such models;
  4. Metal horns are much better than plastic counterparts. Since it is this working group that is involved in the extraction of coffee, this fact cannot be ignored;
  5. The more complex the filtration, the less chance there is to interfere with the brewing process, but for beginners who love espresso, don’t worry about that.

What is the best coffee maker for home to buy in 2021?

Unfortunately, the recommended parameters presented in our evaluation rarely match the image we see in online store catalogs. Therefore, if you do not know which coffee maker to buy, we recommend that you rely on user reviews and expert opinion directly about temperature settings and modes. If they are balanced, it will turn out to prepare a delicious drink, regardless of other nuances. As for our opinion based on the above parameters:

  1. Best budget drip coffee maker – Bosch TKA 3A031;
  2. A good model for the price and quality is the Coffee Compact Case;
  3. Reliable premium coffee machine – De’Longhi Dedica EC 685;
  4. Italian coffee maker for 2 cups – Garlyn L70;
  5. A good geyser coffee maker is the Bialetti Moka 6 timer.
  6. An affordable model with a good cappuccino is VITEK VT-1514.

The list is far from definitive; New solutions worthy of branded manufacturers are constantly appearing on sale. As they appear, we will try to update our top.


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