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15 best mountain bikes - 2021 ranking

We have compiled a ranking of the best mountain bikes in 2022, which mainly features MTB models. That is general purpose. It is important to understand that the same category of such vehicles includes many specializations that are unlikely to interest the average buyer:

  1. A fat bike (MTB) is a type of mountain bike with wide tires. Snowdrifts pass, dirt is better;
  2. X-Country: suitable for off-road driving at high speed, light weight and long service life;
  3. The Downhill / Freeride is a professional downhill skiing vehicle. These bikes are made for their audience;
  4. Trial / Street / Mud – a category that includes stunt models. The type of bike closest to the BMX class.

As you can imagine, our category includes mostly conventional MTVs, because highly specialized models designed for professionals are selected according to a narrow set of criteria.

Best Inexpensive Mountain Bikes

In this section of the collection, mainly budget models are presented, designed for ordinary and inexperienced users. Their characteristics are enough for comfortable trips off-road and around the city. However, in terms of speed, comfort and reliability, they are inferior to more expensive cross-country or specialized bikes.

Altair MTB HT 26 1.0

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20211

The first 15 mountain bikes are opened by the Altair MTB HT 26 1.0 entry-level Hi-Ten steel frame model. The warranty for this car is 3 years. Users have noticed a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the 80mm suspension fork. The gearbox includes 7 speeds, which is quite enough for normal use. The pedals are made of steel, which indicates a long service life of the product. Among other things, it is necessary to note the good reputation of the manufacturer and the elegant appearance of the car. However, not all buyers love the seat and cover.


  • good brand;
  • 7 speeds;
  • the quality of the main elements;
  • great setting.


  • budget coverage;
  • not the most comfortable seat.

FORWARD Iris 26 2.0 Disc

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20212

If you are looking for a high quality women’s cross country mountain bike, we recommend the Forward Iris 26 2.0 Disc as a truly comfortable FWD Lady saddle. According to customer reviews, this car is also suitable for going down difficult slopes. Utilizes superior HDL-S311 FWD high tensile steel cranks. The advantages of the technology include good tires with a clear pattern, which indicates excellent wet flotation. On a mountain bike you can find Clarks CMD-21 series brakes.


  • bright design;
  • comfortable saddle;
  • tire quality;
  • expensive parts.


  • for female audiences only.

STELS Navigator 500 MD 26 F010

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20213

A good mountain bike for beginners, according to the editors, is the STELS Navigator 500 MD 26 F010. The product received 21 speeds and an expensive design that will appeal to almost any regular customer. The frame of the car is made of strong and lightweight steel. In addition, it can be freely used around the city without worrying about bumps and potholes. It is worth saying that the manufacturer offers different configurations for this series with sizes of 16 and 18 inches. The suspension fork is made of durable steel. It is also necessary to note the economical elastomeric spring mechanism, which indicates the comfort of use.


  • different sizes;
  • build quality;
  • good frame;
  • leading manufacturer.


  • not a new model.

Forward Unit 20 1.0

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20214

Among all types of mountain bikes (MTBs), the Forward Unit 20 1.0 economy model looks great, which is a really high-quality product, albeit with 1 speed. A full-fledged car is pretty much ideal for off-road driving – it uses a small, strong steel racing frame, a strong steel fork and a reliable transmission. It is also worth noting the presence of lightweight rim brakes, which also guarantee ease of use. Today, this bike model is used not only by adults, but also by many teenagers.


  • great model for a teenager;
  • steel fork;
  • good transmission;
  • light brakes.


STELS Navigator 700 D 27.5 F010

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20215

The best inexpensive mountain bike of 2021, in our subjective opinion, is the STELS Navigator 700 D 27.5 F010. The wheel size of this car is 27.5 inches. It should be added that this class uses expensive transmission equipment from Shimano, of course, the initial series – Tournament. In particular, they are satisfied with the long service life of the product and the wear resistance of structural elements. Excellent disk solutions are used for users whose height does not exceed 160 centimeters. The car weighs about 17.6 kilograms. The frame is made of steel using a semi-integrated unthreaded column.


  • quality of parts;
  • big wheels;
  • good landing;
  • optimal weight.


Best mountain bikes (cross-country)

This category includes more expensive counter-class models. In other words, they are made for fast driving. For obvious reasons, such cars have more expensive parts and a solid construction.

Black One Totem FS 26 D FW

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20216

The Black One Totem FS 26 D FW with a solid Shimano stem completes the list of good mountain bikes. This line supports 21 speeds. The characteristics of the car include the presence of a high-quality Hi-Ten steel frame, an expensive suspension fork and a good rear shock absorber. Among other things, excellent 3-blade alloy wheels are used. Vehicles weigh about 18 kilograms, and the diameter of the wheels in this line is 26 inches. The components of the Microshift TS-38 3×7 trigger series are made in the form of levers. The APSE ADC-11 disc brakes deserve special attention.


  • good investment;
  • adequate cost;
  • many speeds;
  • life expectancy;
  • excellent cross-country running ability.


  • mutant class.

STELS Navigator 610 D 26 V010

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20217

Considering the popular middle-class mountain bike models, I would like to highlight the strengths of the STELS Navigator 610 D 26 V010 model. Like many others, this car is equipped with Shimano equipment and has 21 speeds. The design features a high-quality aluminum frame, there is a shock-absorbing fork, the travel of which is 60 millimeters. The diameter of the wheels in this vehicle is 26 inches, which, in fact, is the reason for the purpose of the product. At the same time, the device weighs only 15 kilograms. Of the shortcomings, only the quality of plastic pedals can be noted – the brand has better solutions. In general, the product fully justifies the cost.


  • good steering wheel;
  • many speeds;
  • attachments;
  • light.


  • not the most expensive pedals.

FORWARD Apache 29 3.2 Disc

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20218

The mountain bike rating is updated with the FORWARD Apache 29 3.2 Disc, designed specifically for active off-road riding. This model guarantees a high level of comfort when traveling on country roads. CST C-1747 wheels and tires are completed with a stylish FWD MTB saddle. It should be noted the excellent level of maneuverability and expensive switches of the LTWOO RD-V4007 series. It is worth adding that the car received high-quality connecting rods FWD HDL-S311. Check out the high performance and durability of Clarks CLOUT mechanical brakes.


  • excellent brakes;
  • quality tires;
  • comfortable saddle;
  • for active travel.


STARK Tactic 27.5FS HD

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 20219

A definitely good full-suspension XC bike is the STARK Tactic 27.5 FS HD, a mid-range car. The wheel size in this case is 27 inches. Among other things, the product has a high-quality rear suspension. A good aluminum frame is used, which allows to reduce the weight of the product. The bike is great for pedaling on not too “killed” SUVs. On descents and descents, stability is barely enough. However, a large Suntour hydraulic fork is implemented, a chic air shock absorber. To prevent the chain from flying apart, an excellent chainring was made, complemented by high-quality teeth of different thicknesses.


  • the quality of the elements;
  • wheel sizes;
  • expensive saddle;
  • air damper.


Merida Big Nine 400

15 best mountain bikes - 2021 ranking

The best mountain bike of 2021 is the Merida Big.Nine 400, which has a number of advantages over its counterparts that are sold at the same price. This line is created using technoforming: even seams, high-quality steering column, advanced wiring. In addition, the engineers paid attention to the quality of the wing supports, footrests and did not forget about the trunk. This series received 29-inch wheels. The new car frame has a longer service life. The quality of brakes, cables, hydraulic pipes and links should be noted. User feedback confirms the fact that all output elements are easily modified and perfectly compatible with almost all popular types of wiring.


  • performance quality;
  • expensive things;
  • big wheels;
  • terms of Use;
  • customer reviews.


Good mountain bikes for kids

This category contains basic models for children and teenagers. MTV models for general use are presented, which cost up to 20,000 rubles. It should be said right away that simple cars for ordinary off-road driving are presented here. We are not trying to surprise enthusiasts with the “maximum”, but focus on ordinary buyers, offering worthy models of the budget segment, taking into account the price / quality ratio. If you do not agree with the presented solutions, share your feedback in the comments – your opinion is not indifferent.

Forward Twister 24

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 202111

The list of entry-level mountain bikes opens with the Forward Twister 24, designed for children from 8 to 14 years old. Transport received attachments from Shimano, the quality of which is extremely difficult to find fault with. In addition, 7 speeds are implemented for comfortable off-road driving. Lightness and low cost are justified by the presence of an aluminum frame, but the presence of a rigid steel fork and a high-quality FWD Double Wall rim pleases. Also, do not doubt the reliability of rim brakes. On simple paths in the forest, off-road show high efficiency. The wheel diameter is 24 inches and the weight is 13.6 kilograms.


  • good frame;
  • brake quality;
  • light;
  • low price.


  • few speeds.

Novatrack Novara 24

15 best mountain bikes - 2021 ranking

With a small 11-inch frame, the Novatrack Novara 24 joins the list of cheap but good mountain bikes. Transport is positioned as one of the best solutions for teenagers and off-road driving. The kit includes good fenders, chain protection and a simple horn/bell. Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs. Implemented 18 speeds. Wheel diameter is 24 inches. The frame is made of aluminum, which means an affordable price, as well as a small weight of the entire structure. This MTB bike has elastomer spring type shock absorbers.


  • number of speeds;
  • low price;
  • good equipment.


  • simple seat.

STELS Navigator 450V

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 202113

One of the best mountain bikes for teenagers this year is the 2019 STELS Navigator 450 V, which has received a number of changes from its predecessor, including pricier parts and 21 speeds. The bike has 24-inch wheels, a good suspension fork and a cheap aluminum frame. As you understand, this type of transport is suitable for off-road, country paths and city travel. The optimal height of the user can vary from 125 to 155 centimeters. The frame is somewhat reminiscent of the design of mountain bikes. In this case, an elastomeric spring fork with a stroke of 4 cm is used as a shock absorber, to which the front wheels are attached. The shift levers are located on the steering wheel for easy gear shifting. A simple step is available for quick parking, but there is a chain guard.


  • beautiful details;
  • many speeds;
  • volume;
  • fair value.


  • simple platform.

Giant XTC Jr 20 Lite

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 202114

This is a lightweight and comfortable mountain bike for children with optimal equipment. Transport copes with climbs without any problems, it attracts with a sufficiently strong construction that can withstand the “enthusiasm” of small riders. The model has a lightweight aluminum frame with a low top tube and a fairly stiff fork. The 20″ wheels provide good stability and feature high quality tires. Shock absorbers, as you understand, are not provided. Also worth noting is the high quality of the high-strength steel fork.


  • life expectancy;
  • good tires;
  • durable construction;
  • Shimano RS35 cuffs.


  • hard model.

Merida Matts J20 2021

15 Best Mountain Bikes - Ranked 202115

Best Kids Mountain Bike 2021 – Merida Matts J20 2021 for beginners. Not a bad option for teenagers and amateurs only. Operates on a 7 speed base. The technical part is not bad in terms of cost. The frame is made of aluminum with a good finish. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter and weigh 10.2 kilograms. Transport works on the basis of a high-quality suspension fork with a stroke of 40 millimeters. The model is great for active use when driving over rough terrain. This guarantees a sufficiently high comfort of use. The quality of chain and wear plate protection should also be emphasized.


  • good brand;
  • 7 speeds;
  • light;
  • wheel quality;
  • braking system.


How to choose a good mountain bike?

We have already noticed that a lot depends on the height of the user and the type of riding they prefer. If you do not know how to choose the right mountain bike, we recommend that you also pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Wheel diameter. Simply put, the bigger the tire, the better it rolls and the harder it is to steer. At the same time, don’t forget the size of the user. If your height is about 170 cm, 29-inch wheels are the best choice.
  2. frame type. There are really not many options: hardtail (hard version) or spring (suspension). In the first case, the pedal, but the suspension does not waste. For bumps, it is more advisable to focus on cars with good suspension, since it is able to dampen all the vibrations emanating from uneven road surfaces.
  3. Hitch. The better the implementation of this component, the less you will have to resort to the help of repairmen. You will also need to change levers and switches less often.

We will not pay much attention to the variety of accessories, pedals, frames or other elements, because everything is described in reviews of popular models.

What is the best mountain bike to buy in 2022?

If you don’t know where to start buying a good mountain bike, decide on the type of pedaling. X-country is suitable for high-speed off-road riding, downhill for downhill and off-road and off-road for city and off-road.

  1. Best Budget Women’s Bike – FORWARD Iris 26 2.0 Disc
  2. A good inexpensive teenage model is Merida Matts J20 2021;
  3. Best Cross Country Mountain Bike – Merida Big.Nine 400
  4. A good model for a child is Stinger The Bat 26;
  5. An excellent product for the price and quality – STARK Tactic 27.5 FS HD.


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