The Swedish company Urbanista has announced Phoenix fully wireless headphones, the case of which can be charged both via USB-C and solar energy. Exeger Powerfoyle panels are used for this.

Urbanista Phoenix

The headphones themselves work up to 8 hours without recharge, and with the battery in the case – up to 32 hours. Every hour in direct sunlight adds another hour to listening to music.

The charging status of the Phoenix case can be monitored in the companion Urbanista app, which also offers headphone EQ and touch controls.

Urbanista Phoenix

Among other things, the accessory is IPX4 waterproof (the headphone is not afraid of drops of sweat and rain), Bluetooth 5.2 support, active noise reduction, transparency mode, and the ability to connect to two sources at the same time.

The Urbanista Phoenix will go on sale in the fall of 2022. You can buy them for $149 (≈9,000 rubles).

Urbanista Los Angeles

Also note that Urbanista previously released a full-size Los Angeles model that had a solar charging pad built right into the headband.


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