On April 12, we traditionally celebrate Cosmonautics Day, which means that all eyes are turned to the sky!

Perhaps not everyone can go into space yet, but everyone has the opportunity to watch the stars and get a little closer to them!

Therefore, we have compiled for you a list of 10 great gifts for young astronomers, dreamers and stargazers!

Gifts up to 1,000 rubles

Levenhuk Children’s Encyclopedia

Price: 475 rubles

Three different publications called “Planets and Space Flights”, “Sun” and “Stars” will reveal to your child the world of space, history and fascinating facts about the vast expanses that reign beyond our planet. But how else to raise a young astronaut? In simple and understandable language, these well-made books will tell the child everything there is to know about space. And magnificent illustrations will help to easily captivate the child with reading and broaden his horizons.

Barlow lens Veber 3x 1.25

Price: 690 rubles

A 3x Barlow lens will triple the focal length of your telescope. Thanks to the high-class characteristics of this lens, the image does not lose quality. It is perfect for amateur astronomers and will help you transform your beginner telescope into a more professional instrument.

Veber Barlow lens can be an unexpected and pleasant gift for a child or an adult.

Veber Lunar Filter

Price: 230 rubles

Especially for lunar rovers and those who are fascinated by the huge and inaccessible satellite of the Earth, a Lunar filter has been created. It is mounted on the eyepiece, helping to reduce glare and better view the moon and bright stars. At the same time, eye fatigue is also reduced, which is important for long-term observation. This is both a pleasant and useful gift for Cosmonautics Day for everyone who is fascinated by space.

Gifts up to 3,000 rubles

T-ring for Nikon and Canon cameras

Price: 2 318 rubles

Especially for everyone who combines the pleasant with the even more pleasant, namely, observing the starry sky and space with photography, T-rings have been created that allow you to mount a reflex camera to a telescope. By attaching one side of the ring to the bayonet and the other to the focuser or telescope adapter, everyone gets their own mini Hubble to take great pictures.

A T-ring for a camera is a wonderful and original gift for an enthusiastic photographer!

Telescope Veber 360/50

Price: 2480 rubles

With a maximum magnification of 90x, this telescope can be used day or night. It is perfect as a gift for a child and will help develop an interest in astronomy and discover new knowledge about space. The Veber 360/50 telescope gives a direct image, and through it you can see lunar craters, Saturn, Mars and the phases of the moon.

The telescope comes with a carrying case, so you can always take it with you to nature to view the sky without light pollution.

In addition, the telescope is very easy to assemble, easy to operate and convenient to operate.

Bresser Captain’s Spotting Scope

Price: 2900 rubles

Of course, you can’t see the moon and stars through such a tube, but you can safely watch planes, ships or neighbors and dream of adventure. The captain, he is always the captain, whether his ship is space or ordinary. With an eye-catching design and telescopic design, this scope makes everyone feel like a crew leader and view objects at 12x magnification. Thanks to high-quality BK-7 glass, the image through the tube is clear and contrasting.

In addition to the pipe itself, the kit includes a napkin for glass care and a cover.

The Captain’s Spotting Scope is perfect for both young and adult dreamers.

Gifts up to 5,000 rubles

Binoculars Yukon Sideview 10×21

Price: 3 160 rubles

Cosmonautics Day is not a celebration of conquering the boundless Universe, but there is something to watch in it! And this is not only distant planets, but also our Earth! It is for those whose interests do not relate to outer space that these compact, lightweight binoculars are perfect. It will help tourists and hunters, fans and botanists, and everyone who wants to see more and better. Protective caps keep the lenses clean and safe, while a special coating on the body allows you to comfortably hold the binoculars in your hands in any weather. Give your child Yukon binoculars and discover an exciting hobby for them!

Levenhuk F4 Filter Set Solar System

Price: 3 288 rubles

So, you have already conquered the level of a novice astrologer. It’s time to move on to a more detailed study of the surfaces of distant celestial bodies. This is where telescope filters work best. The Levenhuk Solar System Kit includes 4 filters: light red, green, cyan and yellow.

Each of the filters is suitable for specific tasks. For example, red and green increase contrast, blue enhances detail, and yellow is suitable for observing comets. With this set, the astronomer will be ready for any situation!

Telescope Celestron Power Seeker 50 AZ

Price: 4 490 rubles

Especially for beginner astronomers, this simple and easy-to-use telescope was created. The kit, along with the telescope itself and a tripod, includes 3 eyepieces (30x, 50x and 150x), a Barlow lens, a reversing lens and an optical finder. Particularly attractive in the Celestron telescope is the ratio of budget price, high quality and a set of functions, which is enough to discover the world of observing the starry sky. If you are looking for a gift for Cosmonautics Day for a child, or trying a new hobby for yourself – this telescope will be a great purchase!

Gifts up to 10,000 rubles

Telescope Veber PolarStar 700/70 AZ

Price: 6 800 rubles

The Veber PolarStar Lens Telescope produces a clear, upside-down image. It is suitable for both observing the sky and terrestrial objects. Due to the diameter of the lens (70mm), its light transmission is twice as high as that of 50mm counterparts. The convenient possibility of rotation of the eyepiece part allows you to change the position of observation. The kit includes two eyepieces, a Barlow lens, a finder scope, a telescope case and an accessory case, an azimuth mount and instructions. In addition, a lightweight aluminum tripod with height adjustment is supplied with the telescope. With the Veber PolarStar telescope, it is convenient to travel out of town to observe the bright starry sky. Affordable and multifunctional, it will become an indispensable ally in the study of distant celestial bodies.

Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope

Price: 9 108 rubles

The perfect gift for a child, the Levenhuk Telescope is a whole study guide. In addition to the telescope and eyepieces, the kit includes a guide that will tell you about 280 of the most interesting celestial objects, bright posters and a disk with a virtual planetarium.

Levenhuk Strike 60 NG is an easy-to-use telescope designed specifically for beginner astronomers. It does not require pre-setting and allows you to observe the sky with a bright and contrasting image. The included finder scope makes it easy to locate targets even on the darkest of nights.

There is no better gift for any growing space explorer!

Telescope Bresser Arcturus 60X700

Price: 9 603 rubles

For those who have recently become interested in astronomy, this simple telescope from the manufacturer of high-end optics Bresser is perfect. A clear and contrasting image is guaranteed by lenses specially designed for stargazing. The standard landing diameter of this telescope makes it possible to select eyepieces for all necessary cases. The Bresser telescope is equally good for studying celestial bodies and for studying terrestrial objects. It will undoubtedly diversify the interests of a teenager or a child and will be a good gift on Cosmonautics Day!

Gifts up to 20,000 rubles and more

Meade Astronomical Observation Kit

Price: 17,900 rubles

This incredible kit, housed in a handy hard case, includes everything a stargazer might need. Eyepieces made of high quality glass provide access to almost the entire range of magnifications. In addition, the kit includes a 2x Barlow lens and a set of color filters. With this kit, you can always quickly adjust to any circumstances and view the most difficult to see celestial bodies.

Telescope digital camera

Price: 15-27,000 rubles

For those who like not only to observe, but also to create magnificent pictures of placers of stars and planets, the best gift would be a digital camera for a telescope from Levenhuk. The camera is installed in the focuser of the telescope, connected to the PC and ready to use. With the Levenhuk camera, you can not only take photos, but also record videos. A large number of available settings will provide the ability to adjust the exposure, size and format of the photo.

This gift will be appreciated by photographers who strive to create magnificent and original shots.

Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope

Price: 38,703 rubles

Another telescope from Levenhuk, but this time a professional one. The Strike Pro series is specially designed for those who have long and seriously been passionate about observing the starry sky. Thanks to a convenient tripod, it is good for both home and nature. The kit includes all the necessary elements – eyepieces, Barlow lens, filters. A separate plus is the presence of a cover for the telescope and a bag for accessories. A large number of useful materials will help make astronomy a family hobby, since both adults and children can easily understand them.

If you purchase a special adapter, you can install a SLR camera on the telescope and take pictures of celestial bodies. The possibilities of this telescope are enormous, and it will open the whole Universe to you!

If you have not found a gift that will meet your needs, or do not know what is better to choose, do not forget that you can always purchase gift certificates in denominations from 1,000 to 20,000 rubles in the Photosklad store! With a gift certificate, everyone can find what they like!

Congratulations to all dreamers, conquerors of outer space and future captains of intergalactic ships on the upcoming Cosmonautics Day!


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