In everyday life, smartphones have almost ousted other music players from the market, but for a real music lover, one phone is never enough – you want to have gigabytes of the best music with you and always be able to enjoy clear sound in excellent quality. It is for connoisseurs of real music in its pristine sound that we have selected a list of devices that will provide the opportunity to listen to your favorite bands and performers.

  • Smartphone HTC 10
  • This smartphone appeared back in 2016, but we remembered it for a reason. In the HTC model line, it became the fifth flagship device focused on high-quality audio playback. Compared to other, even very high-quality smartphones, the sound on the HTC 10 sounds really impressive. Despite the fact that the smartphone has a chip from Qualcomm, the company went the other way than usual and installed its own audio codec on the HTC 10.

    The BoomSound system has been specially designed to provide a unique sound. Unlike the other speakers, the HTC 10 has a dual front speaker at the bottom. Amplifiers, signal processors and even software are all aimed at improving sound quality.

    Crystal-clear highs, deep bass and smooth vocal reproduction even at high volumes are the hallmarks of the HTC 10. So you can safely call HTC 10 the ideal smartphone for a music lover.

  • Player Astell&Kern AK70 64 GB
  • Those who are truly sound savvy will agree with the fact that the mp3 format is not enough to hear the music properly. That is why premium players exist. One of these devices is the Astell&Kern AK70.

    This is a very handy player with a color LCD touch screen. The body of the player is made of metal, and many note the unique stylish design. On the side it is equipped with a wheel to adjust the volume. Astell&Kern AK70 supports playback of the most common audio formats – MP3, OGG, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, WMA, WAV. Thanks to bluetooth, you can synchronize it with both a wireless speaker and wireless headphones. The Astell & Kern AK70 weighs 132 grams, and the assembly and quality please fans. The player is equipped with Wi-Fi, and it also has an SD card slot. Although it is worth noting that he already has a lot of memory – 64GB is enough to download hundreds of your favorite songs. And Astell & Kern AK70 will take care of the quality.

  • Google Chromecast media player 2015
  • Any music connoisseur has faced an irresistible desire to watch concert recordings, clips or videos from youtube. To do this on the big screen, it is not at all necessary to pull out a laptop or trudge to a desktop computer – with Google Chromecast, all this can be done while sitting in front of the TV on the couch and using a smartphone. Google’s media player connects to your TV and lets you watch movies, play games, or use your browser without the need for additional devices. Three built-in antennas give Google Chromecast the ability to connect to your home network, and the device supports Netflix, Youtube, Huluu, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music and Chrome.

    You just have to get comfortable, stock up on high-quality speakers, select a concert or video and enjoy high-quality playback.

  • Headphones Marshall Major II
  • When choosing headphones for music playback, any fan of pure sound knows for sure that it is best to trust a trusted manufacturer specializing in audio technology and professional music equipment. That’s why Marshall is the music lover’s first choice. Marshall Major II is the second generation of the legendary headphones. This model has improved ergonomics, added headset functions and a cable that can be connected from either side. The 40mm drivers handle the highs and lows perfectly, allowing the listener to experience their favorite tracks in a vivid way.

    The appearance of the headphones does not disappoint either – a classic retro design with the logo of a famous company, a neat appearance and discreet fittings – all this looks very impressive.

    Marshall Major II headphones are available in three colors – striking black, gorgeous white and stylish brown. They will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of music and disconnect from the annoying noises of the outside world.

  • Portable speaker Xiaomi Mi Round 2
  • A music lover needs music always and everywhere, and we want to listen to it not only in headphones, but also at full volume, infecting everyone around with the drive of our favorite performers. This is where Xiaomi Mi Round 2 helps us. A small portable cylindrical speaker is able to synchronize with a laptop, smartphone or player, while its range is up to 10 meters, that is, you can put it anywhere in the room and it will easily fill room with the sounds of your favorite music.

    On the top of the speaker housing are controllers that control sound, playback mode, and so on.

    Mi Round 2 gives clear and high-quality sound both at home and in nature. You can take it with you on vacation, on a trip, to the country house, to the car. It does not take up much space and, thanks to its discreet design, will fit perfectly into any interior. Mi Round 2 is a great gift for music lovers who are always on the go.

  • Zoom H4n Pro Audio Recorder
  • Of course, music lovers often find themselves at live concerts, and often they are faced with the need to record sound at the notorious concerts. And this sound should not sound like horrible, but of high quality. An ordinary smartphone, voice recorder or camera is not enough in this case, so you have to turn to special audio recorders for help. Zoom recorders have long made a name for themselves in the recording world, and the Zoom H4n Pro continues that tradition.

    Conveniently placed XY microphones are capable of capturing ambient sound without missing anything important. In addition, you can connect an external microphone to the recorder. The H4n Pro handles up to 140dB SPL and records 4 tracks simultaneously, making it ideal for recording any genre of music from hard metal to soft classics. An easy-to-read display lets you stay informed about battery life, recorder space, and more.

    Zoom H4n Pro will record clear and high-quality sound for you.

  • DAC with headphone amplifier SMSL SD-793 II black
  • Not everyone knows what a DAC is, but those who have a sensitive ear and for whom fundamentally high-quality sound have long been familiar with digital-to-analog converters. That’s what the SMSL SD-793 II is for. The SMSL SD-793 II uses the DIR9001 chip, which allows it to receive 24bit/96K signals. The transducer has an aluminum housing with a steel rear panel to provide protection from external damage. It has a volume control, a power button, an input selector, and a headphone jack.

    If you prefer analog sound to digital, this device is just for you – it takes up little space, is easy to transport and operate, and comes with a 9-volt power supply. You can use it with an audio player, computer and any audio equipment, and the result will definitely suit any connoisseur of quality music.

  • Car radio DVD 2DIN with monitor Pioneer SPH-DA120
  • On the road, many also prefer not to be bored, but to listen to their favorite tracks or watch videos (of course, everyone except the driver). The car radio can provide passengers with such an opportunity. DVD 2DIN with Pioneer monitor is specially designed for iPhone users – with its help you can listen to music, view photos and videos, run applications or navigator, charge devices via USB or turn on flash drives. This radio is distinguished by high-quality sound, which is very important for those who like to listen to music in the car.

    The Pioneer SPH-DA 120 will not leave you without the ability to stay in touch, allowing you to read messages, make calls and much more. In addition, a rear view camera can be connected to the radio.

    In a word, this device is incredibly versatile and, even if you don’t count music, it will be very useful for your car.

  • Car speakers Morel MRC-Tempo-6 Two way
  • For many of us, a regular car radio is not enough, to really get the most out of the sound in the car, we need powerful speakers. These are the speakers that Morel offers us. MRC-Tempo-6 Two way is a set of car speakers that provide high-quality and loud sound. The kit includes a tweeter, midbass and two crossovers. Thanks to unique technologies, the speakers cover all sound ranges, creating surround and loud sound. Treble sounds clear, bass and mids are clear and smooth.

    Car speakers Morel MRC-Tempo-6 Two way will transform your car into a real concert hall and even on the road you can still enjoy loud music with high-quality sound.

  • Audio-Technica AT-LP5 turntable
  • Of course, digital music has taken a huge step forward in the last couple of decades. However, the number of fans of true analog sound, which can only be heard on vinyl records, does not decrease. On the contrary, the number of those who prefer vinyl is growing rapidly and now a new generation is buying up big records. You can listen to them without much difficulty on the Audio-Technica AT-LP5 player.

    The stylish design of this device combines a touch of retro and modern fashion trends, it will perfectly fit into any interior. High-quality workmanship guarantees a long service life of the Audio-Technica AT-LP5 turntable. And of course, with it you will have the opportunity to appreciate the analog sound of your favorite songs.

    Now music lovers will definitely have something to think about, and everyone else will know exactly what kind of gift their friends – fans of high-quality sound – are waiting for. The main thing – do not forget about your patient neighbors and try not to sing along too loudly at night!


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