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For years, external hard drives have come to the rescue in all sorts of situations. Although technology is developing at a tremendous speed every day, to transfer or save large files and documents, one of the best solutions is still an external hard drive. If we compare the latest models with those that were sold a dozen years ago, the progress is really great. So let’s talk a little about what are the reviews of external hard drives and how to choose one.

Why do you need an external hard drive?

All portable and stationary computer have hard drives. Since the computer is powered by complex programs, they need a certain capacity. If, for example, the computer is old, the capacity in it may not be enough for the growing needs of users, so external hard drives have to be used.

They also perform the function of mobile capacity very well. For example, to transfer work documents, movies, even games. Of course, memory sticks are also suitable for such situations, which are cheaper and extremely compact. However, it should be emphasized that their speed and capacity are lower, and data protection is worse.

How do they work and how to use them?

The performance of an external hard drive depends greatly on its type. Fully electronic SSDs work solely with the help of transistors and other electrical components. Well, standard HDD external hard drives record information mechanically to a floppy disk. More on these two types a little later.

Using an external hard drive is extremely easy – as soon as you connect it to your computer, you will see a table that will allow you to open the drive. All you have to do is upload your chosen files inside and they will be safe.


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Do not get confused, we are not talking about the capacity of the disk, but about the size of its case. In fact, apart from the dimensions, the numbers 1.8, 2.5 and 3.5 do not mean much. With the development of computer technology, it became possible to fit the same memory in a smaller body, so various sizes gradually appeared on the market. The 2.5-inch model is roughly three inches wide, while the 3.5 is four.

It should be kept in mind that weight also contributes to this, since smaller hard drives are also lighter. So, a small and light model may fit in your pocket, while a larger one will likely need a compartment in your bag.


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Everyone who buys an external hard drive is interested in the reviews of HDD and SSD external hard drives. These are two types of discs that have their own pros and cons.

The HDD type is older and, as mentioned earlier, works partially mechanically. These drives are slower and usually have larger enclosures. However, the price of HDD hard drives is much lower and the capacity is higher. If capacity is more important than speed, then you should choose HDD!

SSD external hard drives use newer technology. They usually can’t hold that many files, and if they can, the cost of the drive is prohibitive. However, compactness and several times higher speed attract more and more buyers.

Data protection

When choosing an external hard drive, you will notice that data protection is often emphasized, the levels of which are named as Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6 and Raid 10. The data protection algorithm itself is complex and usually consists of data duplication, so part of the memory is sacrificed.

If the data on the disk is not important to you at all, then you can also choose Raid 0. Otherwise, you should apply for higher protection levels. The most optimal solution is Raid 5 or Raid 6. Raid 10, of course, will take care of data protection in the most appropriate way, but it is expensive and not necessary for an ordinary user.


The most important and frequently asked question is “what capacity hard drive should I choose?” There is really no single answer to this question, so everything should be evaluated based on your needs. The capacity should not be very relevant for those who will use the disk for documents, small files. However, for games, movies, and media lovers, capacity should be extremely important.

Connections and speed

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When buying an external hard drive, you should also consider the built-in connectors. The main and most common connection is USB. However, it can also be in several versions, depending on the speed of operation.

USB 2.0 is an old standard. If you plan on doing more than the usual small file transfer, avoid it. USB 2.0 speeds are limited to 480 Mbps, which is really low these days. These connectors are usually colorless (black, gray, white).

USB 3.0 or 3.1 is the recommended choice, as its speed increases to 5 Gbps. Also, USB 3.2 connections with speeds of up to 20 Gbps and Thunderbolt 3 – up to 40 Gbps are already available on the market. This is 100 times more than USB 2.0!

Will you use it for games?

If you are buying an external hard drive for video games, immediately reject any HDD models. When it comes to games, speed reigns supreme, unless you plan to store only game installation files on the drive.

Although desktop and laptop users usually opt for improved internal memory to enjoy video games, external drives are also a solution. An SSD drive connected with a modern connector will cope well with streaming video games.

However, even more often this type of memory is used by console owners. Some consoles have a built-in memory limit of 500GB, so only up to 10 games can be stored. So, instead of buying another console, you can simply connect an additional external hard drive.

Be sure to pay attention to the speed of the hard drive and make sure it is compatible with the console’s specifications.

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Can the phone be an external hard drive?

While reviews of external hard drives are great, sometimes the best option is a simple but fast alternative. And if you’ve ever wondered if you’re smart telephones can be used as an alternative to an external hard drive, yes they can.

You can buy a memory card of the desired capacity for your phone, and connect the phone to the computer via USB. Choose to connect your phone as a media device and you can easily transfer the files you want to or from your phone.

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