Watches have long ceased to be just a piece of clothing or a device for measuring time. With the advent of smart watches, wrist devices began to help you stay in touch, monitor your health, monitor physical activity, and much more.

And, if earlier a high-quality tracker watch was very expensive, now this has changed. It is not for nothing that affordable Mi Band 2 bracelets with a display, clock and sensor have gained such immense popularity. But today this watch has a serious competitor – Iwown i6 Pro.

The Chinese company Iwown is gradually making a name for itself in the fitness bracelet market, rapidly creating new watch models. They already have models i5 Plus, i6 HR and i7. Finally, the budget model of the i6 Pro fitness tracker, created specifically for tracking physical activity, has appeared on the market.

Appearance and equipment

The design of this tracker watch is reminiscent of some Fitbit and Samsung models. They are made of metal and plastic. The 0.73-inch black and white PMOLED touchscreen display is covered with glass, and the strap is made of thick rubber, with a comfortable and durable lock. There are three watch options available for sale – with a blue, black or orange strap.

The watch is waterproof and can be worn for swimming, showering and washing hands. Iwown are designed specifically for constant wear, they are comfortable on the hand and you can get used to them very quickly.

On the reverse side of the display are sensors and a counter for the charger.

The watch comes with a charging cable that can be connected to any USB adapter.

When unpacked, the watch is ready for use. All functions are easily accessible by swiping up or sideways with your finger. You can select a function with a long press.

Smart Features

The Iwown i6 Pro watch is equipped with some smart watch features. They are able to receive and store up to 8 messages from different messengers and notifications. The clock displays both Latin and Cyrillic. The only thing that is not displayed is emoticons. But short messages are shown in their entirety, and long ones can be scrolled to read in full.

In addition, Iwown is synchronized with the calendar, reminding you of the plans made to it.

However, one of the most convenient features is the phone finder: just press and hold the find phone icon and your smartphone will instantly respond with a beep.

The watch face display can be selected from several options, from the classic round dial to digital.

Thanks to the gyroscope, Iwown responds to the rotation of the hand and recognizes the position of the wrist at which a person looks at the watch. The display lights up instantly and is ready for use.

The watch also has a useful EasyCamera function, which allows you to take pictures by pressing the display.

The Iwown watch also responds to calls, it is impossible to receive them without a smartphone, but you can reject them. Either way, this feature comes in incredibly handy when you accidentally forget your phone in a room or office.

Fitness functions

The word Fit in the name of the application for this watch is not just that. Most of Iwown’s features focus on tracking workouts and routines. That is why the watch has a built-in heart rate sensor. It works very quickly and shows a beating heart on the screen for a minute, after which it shows the result. All data and indicators are stored in the application, which we will talk about a little later. The heartbeat is measured throughout the day.

Another feature is tracking workouts and calories burned. In this regard, Iwown closely monitors physical activity, and the application collects data and makes recommendations.

Iwown is also equipped with sleep tracking: the watch remembers when you go to bed and wake up and transmits the data again to the application.

Once at a certain time, the watch vibrates and a chair icon in a circle appears on the screen: this means that you have been sitting in one place and it’s time to walk or work out.


The iWOWNFit app is downloadable from the AppStore or Google Play. Accordingly, the watch is synchronized with Android and iOS using Bluetooth. The app is available in English and Chinese.

On the iPhone, data from the Iwown app is also transferred to the Health app, so you can use one or the other. You can measure weight and distance in international format (kg/km) or western format (lbs/miles).

After synchronization, the watch will begin to transfer all the information to the application.

The iWOWNfit app contains 5 tabs: alarm/calendar, calorie counter, pedometer, sleep and heart rate.

The alarm/calendar tab allows you to create reminders and set an alarm. Both are triggered by the vibration of the watch.

In the calorie counter, you can not only use its direct function, but also set a goal. In this case, the application will mark whether the training plan has been completed, how many days and calories are left until the goal is reached.

The heart rate tab provides background information on ideal heart rates during training and at rest.

The indicators are displayed using a color chart.

The sleep tab shows the data in a pie chart, the phases of sleep are displayed at the bottom, and if you scroll down the page, tips for maintaining the correct sleep mode become available.

At the first start, the application offers to register the device and link an account to it, into which indicators are entered: height, weight, allergies and chronic diseases.

After starting work, the clock will show how much you slept.

Battery and Charging

The watch is equipped with a fast charging function. The process takes no more than an hour. A fully charged battery allows the watch to work without recharging for about 5-6 days, subject to constant synchronization with a smartphone and notifications turned on.

Iwown i6 Pro is a comfortable and lightweight watch/fitness tracker that greatly simplifies many daily activities. Simple, stylish and concise design allows you to wear them in any situation. Due to their lightness and comfort, they are suitable for everyday wear. The watch appeared on the market quite recently, but has already managed to win a large number of fans. The advantage of the Iwown i6 Pro watch is also its price: the cost of this watch model is about 2500, but the number of functions and features is definitely equal to more expensive models. There is no doubt that this watch will get huge popularity.


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